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    I've enabled GIF avatars across the site again. Don't make me regret this.


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They're not. It's silver now instead of green because we're on Goal 2. If that goal is reached, it goes back to 0% and turns gold.
Green/Silver/Gold on mobile?
Green/Blue/something on browser?

Just one of those weird sleep deprived things I noticed.

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So it says if you donate $20 you get perks and such. Is that $20 at once or can it be $20 over time assuming we save the receipts?


So it says if you donate $20 you get perks and such. Is that $20 at once or can it be $20 over time assuming we save the receipts?
Assuming I go the currency route, which seems likely, 2 donations of $10 will be as good as 1 donation of $20.
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What was goal 1 of the money donation run.
And how much total we need for stage 2?

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What if I wanted to donate through paypal? Is that an option?


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The charity and freedom of speech stuff are neato ideas!
As for site work, the one thing that's bugging me a lot is not being able to edit chat messages after i sent them anymore to fix typos and whatnot.

No biggie. I appreciate it. I'm very blind to my own typos for some reason.
There is a simple trick that makes typos more visible: just change the font size and type for the reread (the more difference the better), that way your brain does not leave out stuff because it saw it already a dozend times but instead can find mistakes more easily. Just remember to change back afterwards.

I like the causes people can choose to express support for, these are all quite neato. Do you only accept dollars or other currency, too?

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