Horrorcow Surveillance Camera Artist - Sociopath who trolls people in real life for the lulz

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Okay, this is my first topic on a person, so if anything is off, or it's not topic-worthy, I apologize, but I just can't pass this up.

So, this guy was brought to my attention in this video that was linked to another site.

This is a good introductory video to him. In this, you can see all his behavior: his fake politeness, his offensive treatment of staff, the obnoxious girlfriend who thinks this is all okay, and he seems like a mongoloid. He's made other horrible videos and claims he's a comedian who just wants to make people laugh and cringe, but just ends up trolling everyone. As far as I know, he doesn't respond to any kneejerk reactions online or offline. His thousand yard stare and the punchable face all tell me he can't feel empathy. So if anyone's gonna try and be an eic ween, it's not worth it. However, he skirts all the rules and pretends to be your friend, while also playing dumb.

Some other videos that caught my attention

In which he mentions :autism: among other things while getting a horrible haircut

Not even the elderly are safe...

The worst one yet by far

He is active on Facebook, having his personal one, and a page for his shitty youtube channel.

His personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joelgg1
The SCA page: https://www.facebook.com/surveillancecameraartist/?fref=ts

I don't have much more to go on, but I'm just waiting for this guy to get arrested or beat up on camera.


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Oh my god, I just checked his facebook and his profile pic is so fucking weird.



He's trolling and triggering me just with all the trolefaces and other shit.

:autism:omg you posted in my first thread aaaahh I'm kind of a fan of your posts. It means a lot. :O :autism:

Based on the Hank Hill sounding "I'm gonna tear your ass up" old guy, I'm guessing he's in the south and his days of pissing off random people are numbered.
The only way you'll get shot faster is if you're black and get pulled over by the police.

If I read too much into this guy, I get hella triggered but I can tell you he's not from the south. I think he's from Michigan but don't quote me on it. Plus, a lot of southern people are up north.


He just appears to be a bad copy of Surveillance Camera Man: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLd-8dbneh6QHH2pd55u6kA

Which makes him even more god-awful. He's not even a good copy. Just all around horrible.

Did he escape from some government lab where they try to genetically engineer the perfect obnoxious cunt or something? I hate to give him any attention, since that is clearly what he's aiming for, but I really hope there is more to him than just a bunch of shitty videos.

And if anyone wants to earn a Purple Heart:
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LOL yeah I thought about linking to his stupid "army" fan page but seeing as there's only 31 followers, I didn't think it'd be that entertaining.


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Theres few things that makes me cringe this hard, and these 'lol im a yutuber comediamm i like to troll ppl' is one of them.
I want to ask something tho: Where the line is draw and speds like these can go to jail? I mean, some things we see on 'comedy videos' are outright harassment.

I don't know about the US law at all, so I'm curious.


Okay, I took a screenshot so you guys can see more videos. I can tell you straight up, the "how to make any girl your girlfriend" video is just him taking advantage of a drunk and/or high girl, and if you note in his "how to get dressed the proper way" thumbnail, his girlfriend is putting on his shoes. She's too stupid to know he's humiliating her. They did a video together where they "teach"you how to kiss and it's him, I shit you not, just sucking on her face. He tells you to suck their face. :cryblood:


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I couldn't make it through the restaurant video but I did watch the one with the elderly gentlemen squaring off with a young man 1/3 his age with absolutely no fear in his eyes, only rage at whatever this jerkoff did to bother him. The problem with the video of the older gentlemen is there is absolutely no context given as to why he is so angry, so it makes the one minute video completely pointless, all we see is an obviously angry man with no backstory or explanation.

I suppose that is where his autism comes in. He thinks it would just be funny to show an angry elderly gentlemen with no explanation given.

I think this is the problem with certain "youtube celebrities" I use that term with tongue firmly planted in cheek, and TV shows that have those fake prank set ups. Special individuals with certain mental deficiencies watch these things and say, "Hey, I have a camera on my phone. I can do that too." The thing they don't understand is, due to their lack of understanding of society or reality in general, is that these television programs are fake or largely scripted and set up.

I don't believe in giving this exceptional individual attention since that is clearly what he wants. His videos don't have too many views but appear to have ads on them so adblock is key if someone felt the need to research this idiot.

I think the best case scenario for this guy is to end with him getting blindsided by someone he bothered and having his camera smashed in the process.
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