Sonichu Surviving the Dimensional Merge - For the nongoddesses amoung us

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Oh no!
Sep 8, 2015
For the purposes of this thread, assume the dimensional merge will happen either withing days or months.

I am anxious for the upcoming merge. It's evident that not everyone will survive, although I suspect all kiwi will survive the initial merge. Christine did give a few tips.
  1. Stay away from supervillains
  2. Don't fire weapons.
  3. Contact your C- 197 OC telepathically
  4. Brony OCs exist in this dimension.
There's not a lot of helpful information. A variety of cartoon universes' OCs would qualify, but I don't have a single cartoon OC. I do have OCs, but they probably don't exist in C-197 because I am an adult who didn't care about cartoon. The key to survival seem to be OCs, so my chance of becoming dead at the hands of a villain is high.

Can I do something? What does it take to ensure my survival. What would it take for an OC to exist corporeally in universe C-197? Is it too late for me?

What your thoughts on surviving the merge. Are you all prepared or doing your best to prepare?
Not open for further replies.