Horrorcow Susan Schofield Cabana, Cory Cabana, & Michael Schofield / Schofield Productions / @bipolarnation - A Tragicomic Tale of Psychiatric Munchausen's by Proxy

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( August 2019 update - Susan was determined to be neglegent by overmedicating the kids by a court hearing. The kids remain in foster/group home care. Waiting for the next hearing near the end of august) - Details at the end of the OP.


This thread contains extensive and depressing information regarding the continuous excessive drugging of 2 children by their mother and stepfather.

The mother appears to have Munchhausen By Proxy syndrome and is manic depressive, the step father gives off some extreme pedophile vibes through youtube video interactions with the prepubescent boy, and both children are on long term, insane dosages of high powered psychotropic drugs that have made them barely able to verbalize.

All of it posted on Youtube for the world to see.

The youtube channel has been taken down, but we have archived them all in the following two repositories:

https://kiwifarms.net/archive/Susan Schofield/


Because of the nature of this story and the long time frame, there is a vast amount of information in this thread, more so than can be quickly surmised in an OP without writing a novel.

Many, many users here have contributed more and more material as time has gone on. So much so that I am merely the caretaker of the OP at this point. Important things are continuously added to this post.

I have tried my best to keep it organized and create a timeline of information for you to get the complete picture without it being overwhelming. But there is just so much.

You have two options to get up to speed on this story:

1) Watch these videos created by @GreyLighten that surmises things.

And read this recent article from February 2019 written by @withoutacrystalball

(This article also contains a timeline of medication for one of the kids pieced together by other members from facebook and youtube videos through the years)

It quickly sums up past events and explains the situation surrounding the 2019 Dr Phil appearance in detail.


2) Click the spoilers below and unfold the story for yourself.

Before you do, I've added the current important links up front.

Click HERE for the lolcow wiki article on Susan

We have also had lots of verified leaks join us and provide us with inside information:

In the last several months, we've had people come forward and verify to the staff here that they are close to the Schofields and the kids. Enough to provide us with detailed information that has given us valuable insight to events. To date, there are at least 3 people providing corroborated stories and details. Please respect these people's privacy and appreciate them for their effort to bring to light inside details.

Most notably, Corey's daughter has joined us and given us a first hand account of her father's behavior and temperament.


Another notable leak is @JanusJupiter, someone who is very close to the situation and has given us invaluable insight.

@Rosa_Rojo is another leak that has corroborated several events.

I've tried to break this whole story up into a linear timeline and easier to read sections for you all.

If you're just discovering this family, you should prepare yourself. This will make you angry, depressed or possibly trigger your own emotional baggage.

This has it's roots in a community thread HERE. A few people asked about making a thread for them since they're probably deserving of one. Credit for some of this material goes to @mdrop22, as they seemed as knowledgeable about them as I am. I'll be continuously updating this OP as things appear.

Who Are They?

Susan and Michael Schofield, with their two kids (Jani and Bodhi), are the original poster family for how to exploit your kids in the media for profit and attention. Where other parents routinely post their children acting out on facebook for asspats, these two shitbags have made an entire career of putting their kids on display.

But the true depths of just how fucked up this whole thing is can only be understood when you peel back the rosy facade the media has put around them.


I first heard about the Schofields around in 2012 when I stumbled onto a youtube video showing their daughter January (or Jani for short) acting like she was possessed and seeing things. This lead me to discover the media blitz the family was currently on.

Jani was an adorably tragic little girl who, despite the obvious signs something was wrong with the parents, you couldn't help feel drawn towards and interested in her story. The talk show circuit of the early 2010's had a feeding frenzy with it and gave them quite a spotlight for a couple years.

I quickly found out that her father, Michael Schofield, had a blog detailing every day of Jani's life. Unfortunately, the early parts of his blog are now gone. Michael took it down after some events I'll detail later. But you can read most of it here from 2015 forward:

Just by visiting that blog, you're smacked repeatedly in the face to "BUY HIS BOOK". It's still widely available.


The book is 300 pages of Michael detailing how he and his wife Susan became convinced when Jani was an infant and toddler, that she was both a Genius... and a Schizophrenic. Also how during figuring this out and dealing with a "psychotic" small child, they decided to have a second kid, Bodhi. And to noone's surprise, he's a Schizo kid too.

In the book, he proudly talks about how the parents have taken the kids on every talk show and media outlet they could get their hands on. Including:

Oprah in 2009.


A Discovery channel documentary in 2010


(someone made an IMDB for this. Hilarious. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1687213/ )

Huffington post in 2012


Dr Phil (shortly after the book was published)

Even did a Reddit AMA back in 2014.


But of course... the message in all of these media appearances is



To great success, they made quite a living from it too. Below is the foundation's tax statement from 2016.


The spoiler above tells a tragic tale. But that's only the flowery, touchy-feely side of broadcast television and the story the Schofields wanted you to see.

While the humanities media had a feeding frenzy with this and gave them quite a signal boost (cause let's face it. Jani was a cute little white girl with an exploitable story), there was also quite a large outcry against them by the psychiatric and more rational communities at the time.

Michael's Book

Michael's book is filled with horrible examples of how they had no business "self diagnosing" their infant daughter and son with a disease such as this, much less profiting from it.

Michael and Susan are both clinically labeled Bi-polar and on pretty severe medications themselves. They fought constantly, had several complaints to the police for the noise in their apartment and were visited by Child Welfare services multiple times during all this. He's admitted to abusing Jani from a young age with both verbal and physical abuse.

Including shaking her violently when she was two months old.

But the most glaring example of "WTF" in his book is how Michael attempts to commit suicide by downing his entire bottle of anti-depressants after a particularly stressful day.

A review of Michael's book from a psychiatry forum.

Indeed, the author often lets us know that he’s the only one who can deal with Jani on her level, attempting to meet her where she is mentally rather than trying to get her to follow the normal rules of society, as her mother tries to do. When Jani decides she’s done with whatever they’re doing she walks away without a care, ignoring the adults’ attempts to get her to follow their rules. At these times, her father jumps up to accompany her or distract her, while her mother attempts to get her to act in accordance with the generally accepted rules of the situation. This difference in their parenting styles becomes immediately apparent, and is an obvious deep source of friction that never seems to be resolved during the time period covered by the book.

Jani’s story is fascinating and troubling, but the story of her parents is nearly as troubling, with Michael’s frustrations apparent in the way he speaks of other adults in his world, especially his wife. Readers may be surprised that the couple is still together by the end of the book, considering the level of contempt Michael seems to feel for Susan. When Michael attempts suicide by swallowing an entire bottle of Lexapro, we understand the amount of energy he’s been expending thus far, and how much of himself he’s given up to keep his daughter from falling apart. One wonders whether, if the author could have accepted more help and weren’t as invested in the idea that he’s the only one who can console Jani, he might not have been driven to the brink of suicide.

A Goodreads review of Mike's book.


I couldn't put my finger on it, but there was something hinky about Michael and Susan Schofield. Clearly this couple loves the sound of their voice. And they were clearly uninterested in hearing what Dr Phil had to say, or hearing from other parents of young adults living with schizophrenia who were also diagnosed at a very young age. I couldn't articulate what it was, but these people were very off-putting to me. And since Schofield was ultimately pushing his book, I checked it out from my public library. Praise Jesus I did not waste any hard earned money!

I am not a doctor. Nor do I play one on tv. (ba-du dum) And I have no choice but to embrace Jani's diagnosis of schizophrenia. So I have no argument with that.

But this book is 290 pages of narcissism and emotional masturbation by someone who wears his martyr hat with great pride indeed.

He is the only one who can handle Jani. No one else (including his wife, her mother) understand her! No one else protects her or loves her the way he does. Oh, woe is he! He needs help but no one else can help. Only he can save Jani. No one. No one else.

I've read the book too and the above reviews aren't exaggerated. Michael paints himself as a long suffering martyr, all while telling us how he's struggling to find a medical doctor to believe his batshit insane wife and himself.

He and Susan are narcissistic as hell about the whole thing and the book, the TV shows and articles all drip with it.

One of the biggest examples of how much they manipulated Jani for a diagnosis is this video here. It's taken during the period of the book's writing and demonstrates just how much Jani is coached on how to act and what to say by her mom, Susan.

Apparently, Jani was in a psychotic state. However, that was very far from what a psychotic state looks like. Someone in a psychotic state will throw themselves out of windows, smash glass objects over their head, and if Jani had been serious about trying to cut her hand off and she had really meant to hurt herself, she would have been sawing away until she drew blood. When they tried to take the object she was holding from her, she would have thrown a fit and tried to claw their eyes out, or something similar. She looks more or less okay, to me, in that video, and then her mom says:
"This is what we have to do to get into UCLA," pause, "because you have to be an immediate threat."

Something about this strikes me as not right, especially with the quotes from Michael's blog.


No 6 year old KNOWS how to cut their wrists or threaten themselves. Not to mention Susan flat out leads the conversation and forces it down the receptionist's throat.

They've already been the subject of intense scrutiny and there's plenty more info about them here:


Michael's Blog

Michael pulled the original Janifoundation.org website off the net along with his blog. He did this after the divorce in which you'll read about soon. But it's still on Google's listing and also in archives.

There are some very telling examples of just how fucked up things were in the snippets you can find on the internet wayback machine. At the link below, you can browse bits and pieces of his blog from 2013 to 2015.


Here's Michael shilling his TV appearances.

But this one takes the cake.

In this entry, he kindly tells us that even though he knew the risks of having defective kids due to knowing about his and his wife's defective genes, he did it anyways. And... you're responsible for them.


and here is his sign off and last blog post talking about the divorce.


Diamond Ranch Defamation Lawsuit

In 2009, Susan began a radio show called "Bipolar Nation" broadcast on LA radio station "LA Talk". She was the main host and had a rotating cast of people co-hosting it, but Micheal was a frequent participant and the default co-host. This continued up until 2014 when the show was canned by the radio station.

Links to synopsis and broadcasts:

The focus of the show was to bring attention to issues of mental disease in America and further the advancement of acceptance and treatment, but it always came back to shilling Micheal's book and how special Jani and Bodhi are.

Many of the broadcasts appear to be about how fucked up "The system" is. Topics ranged from political discussions, to how UCLA fucked over the Schofields, Interviews with other schizophrenics, and hit pieces on various organizations Susan deemed "Detrimental" to her cause.

One of both Micheal and Susan's favorite whipping posts was an organization called "The Diamond Ranch Academy" (DRA). The DRA is a pricey youth home for troubled teens struggling with life for a wide variety of reasons and offer a therapeutic environment for these kids to live in while helping them complete school.

There's a mix of reviews and information about the DRA. Some stellar, some not so stellar. But Susan and Micheal insisted, through their radio show, that the DRA was LITERALLY MURDERING YOUR KIDS.

After several of these hit pieces, the DRA filed a Defamation Lawsuit against Susan and Micheal Schofield in September of 2014.

Thanks to @RubySlipper29 for linking this blog with the lawsuit:


The lawsuit detailed that, among other things, The Schofields said:

  • That DRA “kidnaps” and improperly strip searches its students, and then requires them to shower with the door open;
  • That DRA ignores student health issues;
  • That DRA hires “unqualified” employees;
  • That DRA manipulates the parents of its students and misrepresents its services;
  • That DRA is involved in, and operates a “multi-million dollar racketeering game”
  • That DRA “intimidates”, “severely abuses”, “beats”, “starves”, “rapes”, “tortures”, and “accidentally murders” its students;
  • That DRA “murders” its students;
  • That DRA runs a “death camp”, and is involved in a “holocaust”;
  • That operates as a “holding tank” and is a “killing field”; and
  • That DRA’s operations and facilities are akin to a “Japanese internment camp”.

In their official response, Susan and Micheal deny almost everything and say they've done nothing wrong.

DRA double downed and filed a furtherance in response with more proof of slander and libel as well as suing the Schofields for 1 million dollars.

I can't find any evidence that either A) Anything happened or B) The Schofields filed bankruptcy (That shit's locked behind a paywall) but what I can say is....

...the radio show they had was shit canned immediately.

So now you know about just how unhinged the Schofields were when they were together and under the scrutiny of the media. But it gets worse, friends and neighbors... much, much worse.

So What Happened To Them?

After the whirlwind tour of "Look at how crazy our kids are", The Schofields divorced. Considering how much Michael and Susan really hated each other as talked about in the book and blog, it's no surprise.

Here's some random Google account named "No child exploitation" that claimed to be in contact with them and talks about their divorce.

Michael Schofield has gone into hiding after being caught in an affair with his kids' babysitter, and the last thing posted before Michael deleted his Facebook account was a text from a woman saying he raped her and she was pregnant. Michael Schofield announced he was taking a "sabbatical" from the Jani Foundation FB page and leaving it to Susan Schofield. Not too smart, as even their faithful cultists have pointed out. Plus, Susan's still being investigated for overdosing Bodhi before a doctor's appointment, hoping the meds would make him appear psychotic. Susan dragged Bodhi into Dr. Woodall's office three hours before the appointment and made a lot of noise - end result, Dr. Woodall called the police on Susan's screeching, manic ass and had her hauled away. Bodhi ended up in another hospital, where they found out Bodhi had been over medicated. Michael Schofield, always a coward, ran out of the hospital with Bodhi AMA - didn't even pay the co-pay. Surprise, surprise, DCFS and the police showed up at 2 a.m. pounding on the door with serious questions.

Where did I learn all of this - from the Schofields themselves, of course. They have no governors on their mouths, and they did two radio shows arguing over who screwed who over in admitting Bodhi has been overdosed. Damn, Michael sounded positively gleeful: "Now SUSAN is being investigated by the police AND DCFS!" Fat boy was laughing then, but he stopped when Susan posted all about him snogging the babysitter (who also happened to be a Jani Foundation board member) on her public FB account. People were referring to Michael as a "Douche", amongst worse things. Talk about a marriage made in hell, and they claim they're staying together for "the kids". Do the only good thing for the kids you ever have - split. How do you think they deal with losing their beloved babysitter because dad was bumping uglies with her? End the abuse, Schofields - get divorced. Hell, I'll raise the kids, I have the resources and I won't let anyone film or exploit them, and I won't beat or drug them either. They can finally have peace and stability, and a chance at a life without their scummy, violent parents.

As a result, Susan is still under investigation by the DCFS. While all this insanity with Michael and Susan was going on, Discovery was filming an "update". That's why Susan was pushing so hard for Bodhi to be diagnosed with schizophrenia, so hard that she ended up in legal trouble.

It will be interesting to see if the overdosing of Bodhi and the investigation will be in the Discovery update on May 26. Don't watch it - just wait for it to come on YouTube. The Schofields will be on "Psych week", sandwiched between hoarders, people addicted to eating chalk, and fur fetishists addicted to wearing rabbit suits in public. Exactly where Michael and Susan belong, but I feel badly for Jani and Bodhi - it isn't their choice to be exploited in this fashion. The Schofields are scummy grifters, and they're ruining any chances their kids have for a normal life if they overcome their mental illnesses. Michael and Susan blame their problems on the kids and stress - that's utter BS, they're just gutter trash.

Apparently Michael stuck his dick in their babysitter, got caught and some other woman claimed rape on his facebook. Michael has vanished from the family's lives since the divorce and appears to be living a quiet life these days, remarried to a new woman.

He's no longer involved by all accounts and has turned over control of the foundation to his ex wife and batshit insane mother Susan.

And by Susan's (loud screeching) statements, he's been a "Deadbeat dad" and not supporting his kids.






@multiverse gets credit for finding Michael's current Facebook and much of this child support drama. Michael's been keeping a low presence on the internet these days. But that hasn't stopped Susan's minions from finding him and screeching at him as well.



In a nutshell up to this point (2000-2015):
  • Susan and Michael have mental diseases like Bi-polar and Manic depression.
  • They had two kids
  • They self diagnosed them as having severe schizophrenia before they could even talk.
  • Used mainstream media to garner attention and money to help their kids
  • Have succeeded in getting both their kids on intense medications that adult bodies would have trouble handling
  • Have now split up, Micheal is gone and Susan now controls both kid's lives.
Things have not improved for Jani and Bodhi Schofield. The situation after Susan and Michael split up has only gotten more sad.

Susan's own mental issues now rule their lives, and a new creepy guy Susan is fucking can't keep his hands off of Bodhi.

They all moved in together in a small, filthy apartment together with Susan's new guy Corey Cabana.



Corey and Susan moved in together in mid 2016 and got married in 2017.

It should be noted that they all live in a dirty, 1 bedroom apartment together, sleep on mattresses on the floor and have ZERO fucking boundaries for privacy and decency with the kids.

Just to give you an idea of just how inappropriate Susan and Corey are with the kids, Susan has posted videos of her 10 year old naked in the shower and videos of her forcing Jani, a young girl who just entered puberty, to talk about her missed period on youtube.

Corey has shown signs of inappropriate behavior with Bodhi such as showing him pictures of boobs on camera, taking 14 hour naps alone with him in the same bed, and generally being a creeper. If you watch any of the videos posted by Susan with Bodhi and Corey in them, Corey can't keep his hands off of Bodhi and is always right up in the kid's personal space.

I mean, just go back and look at the picture posted above....

Given their sleeping arraignments of Jani in the bedroom and Bodhi, Susan and Corey sleeping on mattresses on the floor in the living room, it's a sure bet that Corey and Susan have done some inappropriate shit whilst Bodhi lay less than 5 feet away. Awake or not.

Corey also has quite the court record (As shown in the Dox spoiler up top). He has been evicted from multiple places to the extent that the landlord has had to go to court over it, and also has problems paying his taxes.

A good summary of how they got together is here, posted by @multiverse


Corey is a staunch supporter of Susan's antics, and frequently white knights her in youtube comments when they post videos that show completely inappropriate behavior on Susan's part. (like when Susan made Jani talk about her periods for the world to see)

It's now ALL Susan's show. Michael is out of the picture. And Susan is dedicated as ever to treating her children the way SHE thinks they need to be, rather than what the medical community suggests.

After securing herself as the "Most Suffering Mother" of two crazy kids, she's decided it's best if she creates her own production company and help other parents exploit their kids for attention and profit... to a miserable result for practically all involved.

While the media frenzy in 2010/2013 helped get Jani's diagnosis, she's not had as much luck finding a doctor to do the same with Bodhi and has resorted to dumping extreme doses of drugs into her youngest son, Bohdi.

As mentioned above in the google text post, Susan got desperate enough to OVERDOSE the poor kid on his meds in order to have him behave psychotic the day they went for an evaluation at UCLA. This lead to her getting investigated again by Child Welfare services and the police.

But that hasn't stopped her crusade to rot her son's brain with intense drugs and then point at him loudly for the world to hear about how crazy he is.

In 2015/2016, she shopped around and did a bunch of "where are they now?" follow ups with Oprah and The Discovery Channel.. ect. But she's not had the same attention success as they did in 2012.

As a hail mary... She just published her own 300 page book from HER Point of view instead of Michael's.


I don't like to give negative reviews but this book warrants one. It's clear the author is pushing for a diagnosis of schizophrenia for her overmedicated, autistic son and will not stop until she has it (currently, that is not his diagnosis). I have sympathy for her children as they are undoubtedly being raised in an extremely toxic environment. If the author meant to come across as hostile and unbalanced then she certainly succeeded.

Also, the number of errors in this book is ridiculous but honestly, that's low on list of all that is wrong with it.

Credit to @Fangsofjeff for stomaching Susan's book and reading it for us. In the spoiler below, you'll find topical quotes including:

  • Susan being mortally afraid of a 4 year old
  • Susan telling us her 4 year old is a genius and needs homeschooling
  • Susan telling us at age 5, Jani could verbalize abstract thoughts about her "mental disease" better than most adults
  • Jani had an IQ of 146 at 4.
  • Allegations that Michael Sexually Abused Jani
  • Allegations that Michael Neglected and Abandoned Jani
  • Susan admits her and Michael used to beat the shit out of each other in the home.
  • Susan thinks even their dog is Schizo.
I recommend you go through all of his snippets. There's many, many more than I've condensed here and the warnings of sexual abuse and insanity are everywhere.

They begin at this post HERE

“No. You need to use the potty. I know you have to go. You know you have to go. Just do it now and get it over with!”

“I want that pull-up,” her voice regains strength, only this time, she’s dead serious, but I’m way taller than she is so I keep my arm steady, high above me, as she reaches for it.

Her whimper turns to an angry cry. “Give me that pull-up!”


She jumps up and I’m actually getting a little scared of her.

The look in her eyes is like a crack addict. She’s going to fight me any way she can to get these training pants. Instinct takes over and I run inside the bedroom where I lock the door behind me and slide down against it, crying but safe from the furious hammering. I run to the bed, further from the pounding on the door. Why is this happening? This can’t be what other parents go through?

“January Schofield!” The teacher assistant calls her over to another desk for testing.

“NOT JANUARY!” Jani shrill-screams once again at the top of her lungs. Apparently, the assistant didn’t hear us the first time because she was working with the other kids.

“I need her over here for academic testing,” she looks directly at me now. “Jani, you need to go over there.” Jani goes over and completes the testing on her colors, letters, numbers, and shapes.

“Now, I need you to write out your full name here.”

“I’m not writing January!”

“You have too. It’s on your school records,” the assistant insists, tone now matching Jani’s adult-speak.

“But I’m not January. I’m Hot Dog.”

“She’s way too ‘out-of-the-box’ for this class,” I weeble-wobble after her. “I’m just sorry I brought her here in the first place. It was my mistake.”

The assistant follows me out. “You didn’t make a mistake,” she walks quickly alongside me. “She needs to be here. She’s a genius. She did the work these kids are doing when she was two years old!”

Do I have a choice? My daughter loves to learn but she’s not going to learn anything in this classroom. How to interact with other kids her own age.

“I’m just going to homeschool her,” I say, disappointed that I’ll be losing those three and a half hours. I go back to the school secretary and hand her the packet. “It’s not working out.”

She sighs. “I’ll keep her file here in case you change your mind.”

“Okay, but I’m going to homeschool her,” I say, determined.

“Mommy,” Jani gets off the scooter and stands up to me. “I feel like I’m living on the border between my world and the real world.”

Michael’s stepmom is coming back into the living room, but I don’t feel comfortable talking about this in front of her so I take Jani into the hallway. “That’s because you’re so much smarter than most people.”

That’s what we’ve always told her, and ourselves, even when our friends started suggesting we get her tested. Lynn’s comment at the pool about Asperger’s wasn’t the first or the last. But she was so brilliant, just like Michael, and brilliant people don’t usually fit in well. It was easier to keep believing that was all it was.

“I don’t want to be smart!” Jani yells back at me.

“What do you mean? Being smart is a great thing. You are so lucky!”

“I don’t feel lucky,” she frowns. “I feel like I’m a bird trapped in a cage at Petco. I’m trying to find the combination to the lock so I can get out.”

My mouth falls open. I’m at a loss for words. Usually, I can comfort Jani pretty easily, but I have no idea what to say about this.

“It will get better,” I promise her. “You’re five years old today! You’re going to have a brother. It will all get better.”

“I want friends.”

“I know you want friends.”

“But they don’t get my imagination.”

“That’s because you’re more advanced than they are. As you get older, they’ll catch up to you.”

Jani’s pediatrician refers us to an educational psychologist, Heidi Yellen. Michael and I are both relieved when Heidi talks to her for a while and says, “No, she doesn’t have Asperger’s, she’s way too engaging. I want to give her an IQ test.”

By this point, Jani has tons of imaginary friends, but she manages to keep them outside while she takes the test, allowing her to score an amazing 146 on the SB5 at just four years and two months old.

“There’s been an accusation against your husband when he was giving your daughter a bath.”

“Oh, my God! Michael does give her baths. So do I? We both take turns and wash her inside the tub.”

Mr. CPS studies my face, awaiting more details. “Do you want me to go on?”

“Yes.” Shockwaves ride up my throat. Had she been molested?! Maybe she’s not really bipolar at all! “So, what did she say?”

“It says here that your daughter said, and I quote, ‘When Daddy puts his finger up my pussy...my kitty cat goes meow.’ "

My heart races a million miles per minute before taking a U-turn.

“Wait a minute. Jani doesn’t talk like that? That’s street-talk. Jani’s an intellectual.”

“I know,” his voice sympathetic, “because I already went out to BHC Alhambra and spoke with her. She said Mommy wipes her 50 percent of the time and Daddy wipes her the other 50 percent of the time."

Even in the middle of delusions of 400 the Cat going under her bed, she told me this never happened. It feels like your doctor saying “you have cancer” then recanting with “Ha! Ha! Just kidding!” I’m still rattled.

“Well, then, what’s going on? We put her in the hospital to get better!” I’m crying.

“Someone said ‘she’ said this and we’re required by law to investigate.”

Later in the book...

“Did Daddy ever touch you, inappropriately?” From the earliest age, we’ve talked about this so she knows that no one is allowed to touch her private parts.

“Well, in the bath, when he was wiping me...one time it hurt.”

“Was it with a washrag or his finger?”

“A washrag.”

“Do you know what I’m asking you?” I have to move quickly with my questioning, but I need to hear my daughter say that nothing happened.

“Yes. I know what you’re asking me.”

“Did he ever touch you inappropriately?”

“No. He never did that.” I sigh in relief at her reply as Michael strolls in with Bodhi. I feel like I betrayed him, but the Mother in me just couldn’t shake this off.

“I’ve already spoken with your husband,” she gestures over to Michael, “about the report we received from a social worker.”

“I was at a baby shower with Bodhi,” I say, pointedly. “I don’t really know what is going on.”

She nods, looking over her paperwork. “He’s being accused of ‘abandonment and neglect.”

I feel myself slipping out of my body. Why is this happening?

“Jani wanted to take Honey to the dog park,” Michael starts explaining. “Central Bark, right by Central Park. At the last minute, she tells me that she doesn’t want to go because she’s afraid she’ll hit the dogs if they jump on her, so I just let her play by herself in the sand park. I know I did a really stupid thing.”

“Yes, you did,” Marla agrees. “But I love dogs and I know the layout of the park.” Her tone softens, “I know you didn’t abandon her.”

We look at each other and sigh, relieved that we’re not in trouble, but she’s still staring at us like we’re missing some other point she’s trying to make. “You realize this will keep happening."
What do you mean, keep happening? Now I’m lost.

“When you have a mentally ill child,” she lifts her head up, trying to find the right words, “This is just what happens. People who don’t understand the situation, even other social workers, call us.”

“You’ve never trusted me!”

He’s right. Ever since we got into a fight and he hit me in the back when Jani wasn’t even two, I’ve never trusted his violent streak. Even though I struck back, punching him in the jaw (in self-defense, of course), I told him that he had to get help if we were to stay together.

“Did you take your Lexapro?”

“I can’t AFFORD my Lexapro!”

I remember Honey guarding Jani in her infant car seat on the porch of our Burbank apartment. As Jani got older, she played vet to whatever pretend injury Honey had. She was incredibly patient with Jani, more so than a “normal” dog might be. After we got Friday, we came to realize that Honey, too, has “special needs” and we just automatically accommodated them. Who knew she would be this much preparation for Jani and now Bodhi too? Friday is so neuro-typical, it is weird.

On her youtube, she also posts self shot videos frequently, bragging about how high a dosage of medications like Thorazine and Clozapine the little dude is on... and bitching about how it's not enough.

This video is from July of 2017, just after he started taking Thorazine and Clozaril, two of the most potent anti psychotic drugs available to humans.


Video Archive

Susan is so fixated on displaying her kids as objects of discussion instead of human beings, that she doesn't even understand normal boundaries of privacy.

On August 23rd 2017, she posted a video on her youtube of 10yr old Bodhi naked and taking a shower. @multiverse mirrored it here in this post in case she ever realizes how fucked up this is and tries to scrub it.

Apparently her thought process was to show how normal and aware Bodhi is, but has no idea that a normal and aware 9 yr old boy would scream and be traumatized by their mother barging in and filming them in the shower.

The Youtube comments sum it up perfectly.


In another shocking display of being intrusive, Susan decides to post a video of her young teenage daughter talking about her missed period and accusing her of being manipulative.

Video Archive

When her facebook was hacked, this quality post says all you need to know about her mentality:


She's a shameless believer in exploiting anyone she can find to parrot her message. Including the people she's hired to "babysit" Bodhi.

Here she coaches one of them to agree with her that because a 9 yr old ran around at a McDonalds, he's clearly Psychotic.

Video Archive

So between 2017 and early 2019, Susan was able to pretty much have free reign on shoving whatever drugs into Bhodi she wanted.

Here's Bhodi before she succeeded in getting him on insane dosages of the strongest stuff humans have made. This was July of 2017:

Video Archive

He's aware and somewhat engaged in the world around him.

Now contrast that with a video uploaded in November of 2018, a little over a year later. Here, you can see his eyes roll up into the back of his head, an indication of a type of seizure that is a side effect of heavy doses of one of the meds he's on.

Video Archive

He's so high he can barely verbalize.

Bohdi's medication list at this time (Late 2018) is: 350 mg clozapine; 150 mg thorazine plus daily unknown PRN; depakote, amount unknown; benadryl 25 mg PRN, total daily amount unknown.

Jani's is: (increased since Susan last filled us in June '17): 350 mg clozapine; 900 mg lithium; unknown amount of thorazine PRN daily.

Susan's main message about the kids and their meds have morphed into "My kids will become psychopathic killers at this point, and Micheal does not agree. He begins taking a more active stance on their well being.

In December of 2018, We begin hearing stories of physical abuse from some of the verified kiwileaks.

Bodhi ends up with a chipped tooth and also is reportedly held in a freezing shower as punishment for crapping himself. This is all learned about through Jani to Micheal and Jani ends up in trouble for telling her father what happened.

Jani did not realize she was not supposed to say something like this to Michael. As punishment, her phone was taken away, and her calls with her father stopped. This violates the child custody agreement, which stipulates that the parents have joint custody and no restrictions on either parents' access to the children. Michael had no idea why he was suddenly unable to reach his daughter. Once Jani gets her phone back, she reveals to Michael that her phone was taken as punishment for revealing Bodhi's shower punishment.

This leads to a shower punishment of Jani's own, one which leads to injuries over both her legs and one arm at a minimum (and probably the majority of her body). While this isn't revealed right away, the Schofield-Cabana's don't cease to film during this period of time, so we are able to see Jani injured in the videos.

She was kept out of school for a while so the injuries wouldn't be questioned and by December 14th, Jani was back at school. Susan even filmed her doing her homework, and in this video the injuries to her left arm are visible, thought Jani dutifully tries to keep it hidden under the table until the very end.

But as soon as Jani returned to school, her very visible injuries were noticed by a teacher or aide on December 14th, the same day Susan filmed the video where Jani's arm is visibly injured. When asked by this person about the injuries, Jani said that she had been held in a scalding hot shower by her mother - as punishment for telling Michael why her phone "privileges" had been taken (recall: phone was initially taken for telling Mike about Bodhi's abuse.)

The teacher or aide obviously called DCFS immediately. At the DCFS home visit, Susan claimed Jani was lying re: both the burns and cutting off communication with the child's father. Jani, intimidated by her parents, told the DCFS worker she lied earlier about being burned by her mother. Susan excused the injuries claiming she left Jani lying in her own urine instead, and that the shower burns were really urine burns.

The pictures of Jani's injuries, taken by DCFS, show Jani's outer left leg, from mid-thigh to ankle, as solidly bright red. Her left forearm is less red, more splotchy. From what our Leak heard, it looked like a scald. Jani was probably burned on her body as well, though the teacher could not see. This is why Jani was limping in the earlier video - she was so injured, walking was difficult.

Bodhi's condition wasn't improving during this time either and was still having seizures.

The events described in the spoiler above finally spark the prodigal father, Michael Schofield, to get involved again. Micheal and a Child Protective Services worker want Bhodi's meds re-evaluated.

But when the day of the appointment approaches, Susan cancels it, and reschedules for 1/14/19. This just so happens to be when the DCFS agent said she'd be on vacation. Oh, and now it's only an appointment via Skype. Michael books a ticket to fly out there anyway; this is urgent.

Oh, you say you scheduled a flight, Michael? That's too bad, Susan JUST rebooked the appointment again for 1/28/19! Susan cancelled and rescheduled the appointment twice in one day, trying to shake DCFS and Michael from attending. Unfortunately for her, the DCFS case worker is available that day, and Michael changes his flight once more. This appointment stands.

But before the re-evaluation appointment can take place, Bodhi's white blood cell count and neutrophils plummet; this means he cannot take any more clozapine. The clozapine is stopped 1/22/19.

And even though Susan was directed to ween him off all meds for the sake of his failing health, she continued to admit to administering various high powered drugs whenever she wanted.

Here's a link to a video where Susan declares it's the first time he's eaten in 11 days after his heath failed him. Read the description on the right...


February 2019 - DCFS STRIKES BACK

*Michael Schofield has joined the server
*Dr Phil has joined the server

* -Moderator- Child Protective Services has joined the server
*Susan has left the server
*Corey has left the server

The spoiler below contains the 2019 Dr Phil Saga and DCFS Stepping in to remove the kids

Michael contacted Dr Phil for help, asking him to step in to help get these kid's lives in better shape. Remarkably, Susan and Corey agree and the episode was taped on February 11th, 2019. One of the Kiwileaks attended the taping and gave us this first hand account of the happenings:


Long story short, Susan's screeching at Dr Phil during the taping raised a ton of red flags for both Dr Phil and his team of trained medical professionals. And all those red flags pointed right at Susan. The public response was as you'd expect as well.

The upshot of this was that Susan and Corey had to take the entire youtube channel filled with all the videos down in order for Dr Phil to agree to helping the kids. Thankfully, some diligent Kiwi's archived 90% of them.

https://kiwifarms.net/archive/Susan Schofield/


Dr Phil agreed to fly Bodhi out to Texas from California and do a complete evaluation of him from an independent medical facility, away from Susan's constant presence and try to find out just what exactly Bhodi needs instead of what Susan insists. However this trip to Texas never happened for two reasons:

1) Susan insisted Bodhi couldn't fly because he wasn't medicated enough now that he was off clozapine.

and most importantly...



After years of documented shit, DCFS, the state of California's family services that is basically the Child Protective Service, took the kids from Susan and Corey on March 8th 2019, and gave them medical and psyche evaluations. They were initially placed with a foster mother however the foster mother rejected them because (most likely) they were too fucked up to deal with like a normal child would be.

Here's an interview with Michael shortly after the kids were taken




Shortly after the kids were taken and put into protective custody, a court hearing was scheduled. We have one person who said a leak gave them this information as to the current status:

  • Jani & Bodhi will remain in a Children's Group Home for the time being. TOGETHER.
  • CPS/DCFS has full control of their care with zero influence from Susan &Michael permitted.
  • Susan &Michael are permitted supervised visitations
  • Both Susan &Michael have been provided an effective checklist to complete in order to regain any custody, with both S&M seeking full time custody.
  • Checklist ranges from school to medical to environmental etc.
  • It remains unknown where custody will be but for now they will not be with either.
However a verified kiwi leak disputed at least parts of this:



So with things as they are, we only know that they were taken, are somewhere safe, and the State of Cali is evaluating their next move with the kids as of April 2019. Susan, Corey and Michael have gone VERY quiet on Social Media, as have the leaks. So right now, as of April 2019, we're all just waiting and hoping that everything works out for the best for the two kids and this thread has cooled off.

Here are the links regarding LA Psych that was a big deal for a couple days. Whatever this was about...
Pilot Episode and Background
Next Scenes
New Scenes from 2019

So, by April of 2019, things were in a holding pattern that lasted for several months.

The government stepped in and removed Jani and Bodhi, placing Jani in a group home and Bodhi with a foster family. Aside from a few hiccups, both of the kids appeared to almost immediately improve once their medications were managed by literally anyone else besides Susan.

Jani's weight rapidly dropped to a normal level based on pictures posted by Susan and Corey during scheduled visits approved by DCFS

Bodhi was also reported to become more lucid and able to hold a conversation.

.. literally to no one's surprise.

Due to some gag orders in place that we here fully respected, information after the kids were taken was limited to things that did not violate the conditions of DCFS and still remains that way to the date of this update segment in August of 2019.

What we were able to know was that during the initial period of separation, an evaluation took place to determine if DCFS was correct in withholding custody from Susan based on the allegations presented:

There were 4 counts against Susan:
1. Medical Neglect by Over-medication of Jani
2. Medical Neglect by Over-medication of Bodhi
3. Too mentally unstable to care for children.
4. Exaggerating symptoms of illness, exploiting the kids in the media, denying them phone access to their father and his phone access to them, failing to co-parent or involve the father in medical decisions, and exploitation of Jani and Bodhi in the YouTube videos.

This all culminated in a 2 day hearing that took place in early August to determine if indeed Susan was in the wrong and, if so, what Susan needed to do to get the kids back.

Susan went and found a hack psychologist to go to bat for her but it did little good. Susan didn't show up on day one of the hearing and her lawyer instead thought it would be a great idea to put Jani and Bodhi's foster mother on the stand to argue for Susan's case. That backfired spectacularly when Jani said she didn't want to go back to Susan OR those medications again and there was nothing favorable for Susan said by Bodhi's foster mother either.

The other main defense witness was a forensic psychiatrist - who interviewed neither Susan nor the kids - and determined that Jani is autistic and not schizophrenic, and that schizophrenia was a misdiagnosis given to Jani that Susan accepted in good faith. Even her own witnesses couldn't back her insanity.

In the end, the court ruled against Susan on all but allegation 4. The kids will remain safely away from Susan and Susan now must return to court at the end of august to learn what the conditions will be for her to get the kids back.

This post is a good leak summary of the hearing

From what we can determine from her social media and reports from people close to the situation, Susan appears to have little, if any interest, in navigating DCFS's requirements (like her own psyche evaluation) or changing anything.

Also during this time, it appears Corey, sensing his free ride on the public system was nearing an end, has apparently separated from Susan.


We're now awaiting the conditions DCFS has for Susan at the next hearing.

This is not Momsnet. Do not share intimate details or sympathy posts. Here is an example to illustrate what is generally considered good forum etiquette and what is not.
Good Post:
Detoxing off Clorizal is a nightmare. From my experiences, you shit like crazy, lose your appetite, are randomly nauseous, and are generally in a bad way. If Bodhi is detoxing off it, he's in for an absolutely awful time
This post provides concise details about something relevant to the subject's life. While the information may be based on the poster's real life, this is not lingered on. This post clarifies something about the subject of the thread by bringing in some of their life experience, without making the thread about said life experiences.
Bad Post:
Powelevel, but thought this might be interesting given that Clozaril is one of Suzie's favourite meds...
I've been detoxing off Clozaril for the last 2 weeks, here are things that have happened to me:
Near constant bathroom visits. Literally, i cannot stop shitting. I've lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks from a combination of not wanting to eat everything on the planet and the constant going to the bathroom.
No appetite. I've gone from SO HUNGRY all the time, and being unable to stop eating to not wanting to eat anything.
Nausea. Hits at random times, along with dizziness.
Psychosis, but i dont know if it's rebound psychosis or just my illness re-emerging due to the lack of antipsychotic in my system.
I am only coming off 200mg, which is obvs lower than what Jani and Bodhi are, but still. I rarely even experience withdrawal coming off medications, this is the first one that has had withdrawal. I would hate to be those poor kids if/ when the time comes to stop their meds.
Putting 'powerlevel' at the start of your post is not an excuse for anything. The poster in question deliberately links the information they are giving with embarrassing life details (shitting constantly, experiencing psychosis) in a clear attempt to garner sympathy from other posters in the thread. This draws attention away from the subject of the thread (the batshit insane lady and her abused kids) to the poster searching for a hugbox. Do not make this thread into a hugbox for your own problems. It is about a disgusting child abuser, not acting as a support group for brokebrain speds.
Additionally, please don't talk about how you got blocked on a thread subject's social media. You do not get a medal for mildly annoying some weird/gross person on the internet.
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I'll bring my comment from the other thread to the his one since it's specifically about these assholes...

I truly don't understand how these people are allowed to still have custody of these children. And how the doctors that continue to write toxic scripts for these kids haven't been investigated.

Jani was doped out of her mind on more meds than most adults in the damn psych ward before she was 6.
Susan has overdosed both children multiple times.

The schizophrenia diagnosis is absolute bullshit the meds these poor kids have been on for years is what's fucking them up.

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I truly don't understand how these people are allowed to still have custody of these children. And how the doctors that continue to write toxic scripts for these kids haven't been investigated.
It's not for lack of trying. The Schofields have been investigated repeatedly for abuse. But it's California and I'm sure their child welfare services are as impotent as a catatonic 80yr old man in a wheelchair.

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If I were Bodhi, I'd try to make a break for it whenever possible, too.

I'd wager anything that for a number of these "young schizo" kids, what's actually happening is that they're being horribly abused behind the scenes. Designating a child as psychotic and schizo is a great way to make sure no one believes them when they tell the shrink about mommy and daddy hurting them.


I used to be friends with Michael on Facebook and it was fucking AWFUL. This grown ass man was CONSTANTLY suicide baiting, saying and doing things all for attention.

Here's an important, long deleted post from their blog many years ago:

"Five year olds are still desperate for parental approval.

Yes, kids have temper tantrums. But Jani would dig her nails into my skin and pull...leaving a bloody track down my arm or face. She would grin while she did this, a demonic grin that would have scared me had I had time to really think about it. But I didn't.

We tried everything. Positive reinforcement. Negative reinforcement. Hitting her back (I won't tell you how many people told us that all she needed was a good beating). We took all her toys away. We gave her toys away. We tried starving her. We did EVERYTHING we could to try and break her. Nothing worked.

Even then, it did not occur to us that our daughter was mentally ill. Now I wonder who was really delusional. Susan and I held fast to our belief that Jani was just a misunderstood genius.

Then Bodhi was born.

The violence became so bad that at times Susan and I both lost it and hit Jani as hard as we could. We hit in impotent rage.

We got a referral to a psychiatrist.

Two months later, Janni was hospitalized for the first of what has since been four times, but in truth will be many more times.

Today, Jani is no longer a brat. Today, Jani is schizophrenic."
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I'll bring my comment from the other thread to the his one since it's specifically about these assholes...

I truly don't understand how these people are allowed to still have custody of these children. And how the doctors that continue to write toxic scripts for these kids haven't been investigated.

Jani was doped out of her mind on more meds than most adults in the damn psych ward before she was 6.
Susan has overdosed both children multiple times.

The schizophrenia diagnosis is absolute bullshit the meds these poor kids have been on for years is what's fucking them up.
There's plenty of quackery in the "special needs kid" circle preying on poor little parents who's kid got a diagnosis and is never going to be who they want them to be, and it's made worse by parents who doctor shop until they get the result they want.

Sham doctors will not only put kids on bleach as a "cure", but years before that was in the news chelation therapy was a common scam, and people died

Considering how these parents are grooming others into it or at the very least telling other desperate moms "oh this improved my kid", more kids are sadly going to be hurt by this kind of parenting.

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Wow. That bit about how he's horrified and his kid MUST be mentally ill for grinning when drawing blood, that made my blood boil.

I've had a kid look at me with a big, heartfelt grin, hug my leg, and BITE down hard enough to draw blood, and laugh his ass off when I yelped in pain. But that's little kids, dude. They're like that. They literally can't help it, they don't have empathy of any kind, and if it feels good to them it doesn't occur that those good feelings might not be symmetrical. They laugh when you yell because they are confused, one of the normal human reactions to nervous confusion is laughter/smiling (this is very common culturally even among adults in Southeast Asia -- someone who is a little frightened or very confused will often smile/laugh as a signal, and this is often misinterpreted by Westerners, who tend to discourage this trait even in young children).

Their laughter and smiles at your pain are not "demonic." They're mixed-up emotional signals that it is your job as a parent to help untangle so they can learn emotional expression in accordance with your cultural and familial traditions and norms.

So often, when you see terrible parents, they talk about how they "tried everything" and give a laundry list of techniques including a broad mix of useful, non-useful, and outright abusive ones. In general, as long as you're not abusing a kid, using ANY technique consistently so the child knows what to expect is better than changing it up every week or two. Many parents have no patience whatsoever for making a new discipline plan work, so they change it after the kid's behavior initially deteriorates, and then wonder why their kid is an erratic mess who is behaving worse and worse. Use time-outs, or long discussions, or star charts, or whatever your jam is, but work at iteratively modifying it to take into account specific aspects of your kid's behavior. Don't just switch it up every time the going gets rough.

It's rage-inducing to see these children pathologized for normal child developmental stages, and then having the fake diagnosis reinforced by a child's ordinary reaction to repeated traumatic events. These parents flat-out admit they hit their child "as hard as they could" repeatedly, while mixing that up with a bunch of positive-reinforcement techniques and random starvation, and then are so surprised she needs inpatient help. If I were her, I'd be acting nuts as often as possible. I bet the thorazine-wielding psych nurses seem like a model of compassion and kindness after being raised by these parents.

How the FUCK can child services let a kid stay in a home where the parents discuss in public starving their child and hitting a preschool-age child as hard as possible?