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Horrorcow Susan Schofield Cabana, Cory Cabana, & Michael Schofield / Schofield Productions / @bipolarnationAbuses and drugs their kids / Poster family for exploiting mentally ill children(OP updated 2/2019)

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Graffiti canvas, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. I feel physically ill watching this Carlos person with Bohdi. Ive worked with severely autistic children and adults for a very long time. This aint it. This just aint it.
    I also cant get past something even after 454 pages. Bohdi does NOT have a diagnosis of anything that would require the medications that he has taken, much less the doses given. How did that happen? I mean, I know you will say shitty doctors...but its deeper than that. If Michael has issue with Bohdi being overmedicated then why has Michael not gotten his ass on a fucking plane and showed up at that doctors office demanding answers? Or teachers? ANYONE? Its clear to everyone watching these videos that this child has been zombified with drugs. I just dont understand. I see children that SHOULD be on something PRN for anxiety. Im talking about maybe .25 xanax PRN. Tightly controlled and given 10 tablets per prescription, which is often how it is given to keep the parents from abusing it. (Which happens a lot) and they cant get them because their are so many regulations now on these types of drugs. Bohdi is on horse tranquilizer fucking doses of medications that are literally considered antiquated. How? Not to mention he doesnt even have a diagnosis that coordinates with those medications AT ALL. Something is amiss here. I feel like there is a huge piece of the puzzle that we just do not know. I feel like eventually something is going to be discovered that is even more horrifying than everything we have seen.
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  2. Good lord. I had been avoiding this thread like the fucking plague because with how fast it was moving I was sure Susan had finally killed one of her children. Glad to see it's just new kiwileaks, Bodhi off his meds, CPS investigating, and a new chance for everyone in the US to see what a fucked up manic piece of shit Susan is.

    I never thought I'd be rooting on Dr. Fucking Phil to be the hero we need. But goddamn, it's nice that this thread is no longer uniformly bleak. I just hope he lays down his ego for one fucking second and admits he was wrong a decade ago.

    But I worry that this will just scare her off the internet with no real effects on the kids' lives, so that she can carry on abusing them with no documentation.
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    Kate Farms Shill

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  3. Think that maybe Susan didn't want Bodhi to get an MRI because it would reveal just how much damage the meds have done to his brain?
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  4. Bless Bodhi's little heart I want the best for this kid.
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  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnpLOjUxekY

    Lets discuss? Ive seen numerous children with a history of sexual abuse have a later diagnosis of mental health disorders. We know there were accusations of sexual misconduct between Michael and Jani. We dont have a clue what the fuck has happened to poor Bohdi, but suspect plenty. Im interested to know other theories about this....
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  6. Some other posters said earlier that MRIs would need to be take over a period to determine the extent of damage. If that's the case, this would be a good start but not damning by itself. I think Susan just wants to cause drama as it gives her control and feeds her mania.

    I don't watch Dr. Phil, but I'm a little skeptical that'll he'll take the L here. I think the big utility of this show will be getting a forensic psychologist to look at Michael and Susan. :optimistic:, but maybe Michael called the show with the intent to fall on his sword a bit to get this done, and Susan fell into the trap in her eagerness to get on tv again.
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    Mr. A. L. Mao

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  7. Is this something Michael might be amenable to? I've always assumed any "living with dad" was off the table because of Amy and the new baby, but that sounds kinda like he's considering it as a possibility.
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    Screaming Bird

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  8. I agree with the several posters who said Dr Phil wont say anything about Jani and the focus will be on Bohdi.

    Dr Phil really likes inpatient treatment so my guess is hes going to suggest a mid term ( 30 to 90) day inpatient treatment for Bohdi at some facility that's out of state. This will be a huge win for Bohdi. I think 90 days away from Susan and hopefully without meds will do wonder for him. Susan will flip though. Shes gonna lose control over her food ticket. Does anyone know if she somehow would still be able to collect her 4k for taking care of her own son if hes inpatient somewhere, likely out of state?
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    #9068 CosmosMom, Feb 11, 2019
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  9. I meant the parents, dude. Not the kids. I meant the parents, in a very obviously sarcastic way.
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  10. Probably.

    But Jani will abruptly take "a turn for the worse" if Bodhi leaves. I guarantee it.
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  11. This is probably one of the most depressing families I have ever seen.

    I only just now started reading the thread, and I'm trying hard not to be mad on the internet, but goddamn I hate this woman; and I pray for a goddamn miracle for these kids.
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    #9071 FatFuckFrank, Feb 11, 2019
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    FatFuckFrank Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus

  12. I used Incognito window to make sure my history wasn't affecting the results, and Kiwi Farms is up to page 2 now. Also note that the Problem With the Schofields video is at the top of the 2nd page too. It's the second video when you search for videos using her name.

    ss.png ss2.png
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  13. Oh for fuck's sake. Poor, sweet kid. (:_(
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  14. M
    Just imagine what Jani might be like and capable of after a med wash. I bet her academic performance would rapidly increase after the intense fog of the anti-psychotics lifted.

    I don’t think most intelligent adults would be capable of elementary school level work if they were whalloped with the drug cocktail Jani is on.

    I’ve always felt that the environment and parenting of Susan would be the other major obstacle to overcome. Given how terribly abusive and volatile things have been for the last several years the kids might be on their best behavior if given a chance in a normal, calm, supportive and loving environment. Motivated to do their very best out of fear of returning to Susan and the filthy apt.

    I think the neglect and lack of real affection they’ve suffered under Susan might have resulted in two kids who would thrive simply given proper support and attention. They are likely hungry for a structured home environment and might now be accepting of rules and discipline (though would first test the boundaries hard before settling down and thriving due to the security rules and structure engender.)

    I know the drugs have caused damage to Jani’s brain but I think there would be a night and day difference in Jani after six months off the meds. The fact is she was an intelligent little girl and some of that could still be salvaged.
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  15. Michael was having a heartfelt talk with Jani regarding him moving back to California. He felt like she was just hanging on, between his visits, because shes so attached to him and has no life with Batshit & Dumbfuck..

    He told her he's never moving back to California, and was hoping she wasn't hanging on to that hope. She stated she was not and knew he wasn't moving back.

    She said SHE wasn't waiting for him to come back, "but Mommy is...."..

    If Dumbfuck wasn't such a despicable human being, I'd almost feel sorry for the guy. Imagine the thought process knowing your wife is still hung up on her ex....
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    Verified Kiwileak

  16. Cory probably knows it but doesn't care, because he thinks she will make him rich and famous and that's all that matters.
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  17. You know what would be incredible (but highly unlikely)?

    If after Jani got off that horrid cocktail and healed a little, if she wrote children's books about a little girl who escapes to a magical land of calini (sp?) To escape an evil witch :)
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    s0mbra *ha-cking noi-ses*

  18. That's it for Jani and Bodhi then. The one chance this fucker had to redeem himself, and he blew it big time. It might just be my cynicism kicking in, but I have a feeling that once this is all said and done with, things are not going to bode well for the both of them. Poor kids :( :heart-empty: (:_(
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  19. He doesn't have to move back to California for things to work out for the kids. They could be placed in a facility near him in Minnesota. They could both get off meds and get proper life skills. Jani could probably live on her own in a somewhat semi-supervised facility as an adult, IF she gets some life skills now.
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  20. Its gonna be a wild ride!

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