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Horrorcow Susan Schofield Cabana, Cory Cabana, & Michael Schofield / Schofield Productions / @bipolarnationAbuses and drugs their kids / Poster family for exploiting mentally ill children(OP updated 2/2019)

Discussion in 'Lolcows' started by Graffiti canvas, Aug 2, 2017.

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  1. The notorious leader of the Four Chan

    super scary hacker site
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    FatFuckFrank Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaurus

  2. My theory is she was asked for explanations of why Bohdi has been prescribed each medication. He is on clozapine and thorazine which she’d presumably say is for the ‘psychosis’, and lithium to potentiate the clozapine’s antipsychotic effect. To add depakote to this mix on top of lithium is almost unheard of and my feeling is she was trying to convince the producers that it was prescribed as an anticonvulsant rather than a mood stabiliser or to potentiate the antipsychotics.

    As a side note, all of the sedating antihistamines she gives him are known to dramatically lower the seizure threshold. Every time she gives him Benadryl she is spinning the seizure roulette wheel.
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    #9442 Mega Blooper, Feb 12, 2019
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    Mega Blooper

    Mega Blooper a girl and her demons

  3. Thank you to all the leakers for these important updates. You are all treasures.

    On the one hand, I’m giddy and excited to hear Susan was ripped to shreds.

    On the other hand, I’m so, so sad Jani has to stick around with Cory and that Michael didn’t offer to take her.
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    #9443 Umaibae, Feb 12, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  4. Jani's staying with creepo?

    Hey Jani. You wanna be a vet, right? Crash course.

    Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 04.05.44.png

    This is etorphine, better known as M99, and it's used to subdue large animals that are coming at you. Don't worry, they package the antidote with the charge so if you accidentally stick yourself with it you get a do-over.
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    Kate Farms Shill

    Kate Farms Shill Sunbeam 4 Jesus

  5. Holy shit. Apparently a lot can happen in two days.

    I know the kids aren't exactly out of the woods yet, but as it stands, I feel as though a sigh of relief and celebratory drink are in order. Well done Kiwis and props to the leakers who helped facilitate this much-needed turn of events.
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    radioactive_weeb Despair Enthusiast

  6. I don't think Cory will pay Jani much heed. I don't think he likes her terribly much. Bodhi's the one he's after, be it on an abuse level or a control-based one. He'll most likely ignore Jani like the plague.

    If he DOES try to pull some shit at Jani, I hope she knows to go for the balls.
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    Alto Space Doggity

  7. I wonder if Cory has even agreed to it. I figure Bodhi’s visit could be days or a week or more. I could see Susan saying Cory will stay with Jani without Cory’s express agreement.

    I’d say Cory was pissed he wasn’t up for a free trip to Texas but maybe since it was such an evisceration he’s decided that Texas would be too much of an ego battering. They won’t be fawning over him as a wonderful step-dad or pat them on the back as mental health advocates.

    But if Cory thinks LA Psych is viable he might still believe he is a serious partner with Susan in a “documentary” about the kids. He just can’t get money off YT with the footage for awhile.
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    MirnaMinkoff Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
    True & Honest Fan

  8. Even if Korey has to live without as much money coming in from a tugboat and Susie exploiting her kids online, living in sunny California and sleeping on a mattress on the floor covered with your own cum in a room with only 2 other people is better than a halfway house full of men with their cum on the floor and shit next to the toilet in dreary Seattle.
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    hambeerlyingnreed Ordering pizza at the Weight Loss Clinic

  9. It seems like they'll only be gone for two-three days. Then it can take months for the report to come back, I hope they can expedite Bodhi's. http://pnpcenter.com/index.php/faq-s
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  10. This threads theme song should be Ducktales. Their life is a hurricane and it involved a video of Bhodi taking about cars.
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    Verified True & Honest Fan

  11. Okay, holy fuck (can I say that here?) this thread EXPLODED, people. I'm a night shift Kiwi and logged on to read 20 new pages since my last visit. It was an emotional rollercoaster to say the absolute least. A few thoughts:

    KeepHopeAlive: You're the (w0?)man for battling chronic pain to make it to the taping and report back to us like a champ. I wish I lived in the area so I could have seen Susan be eviscerated in person, it must have been amazing. Thank you for your service.

    Reading about Susan's public evisceration and Dr. Phil's analysis of Bodhi's situation and needs was the first time I've had a glimmer of hope for these kids in years. They have a chance. Not a huge obvious guaranteed chance. But Michael's action in contacting the show and getting their help may make some positive changes in Jani and Bodhi's lives and eventually lead to their removal from Susan's 'care'. The only thing I wish is that Dr. Phil had extended the offer of an extensive professional evaluation of adolescent Jani as well, but we can't always get everything we want. The mental image of scrawny potato headed, horse toothed Cory chasing after Dr. Phil who is built like a freaking Texan linebacker in a suit is hysterical. Are you..are you gonna throw a punch? He'll flatten you without wrinkling his suit.

    I moved from joy to terror reading about Susan's admission of defying the order to med wash Bodhi by dosing him with Benadryl and Ativan and Vistaril and then taking it a horrific step further by administering unprescribed and unallowed Thorazine as a sleep aid. Not only do I work in a close clinical capacity with kids who take meds to help them sleep, but I've been taking medication for insomnia since I was barely older than Bodhi. Vistaril is a barely stronger than Benadryl old antihistamine, yet rarely prescribed to kids, but if he were *not in a medwash* wouldn't be objectionable. Ativan is abominable for use in children as an addictive schedule IV controlled substance. Thorazine is not even prescribed anymore to adults with psychosis because it's a nightmare and it's never used clinically as a sleep aid, ever, because somnolence is a side effect, not an indicated use. Aside from shit like melatonin, the only real appropriate prescription med to use in a kid is a low dose of Desyrel/trazodone, which has no crazy connotations and thus isn't interesting for her. Infodump aside, Bodhi sleeps when he is with his father, in a goddamn bed in a quiet, dark room sleeping at an appropriate time. Michael also used to engage him in sensory activity to soothe him to sleep by covering him in a blanket and spinning him in his chair, spinning being a common sensory activity preferred by children with autism. Susan and Cory would never deign to try this. The first person to read that email with the proximity and authority should have immediately contacted police and forcibly removed both kids. If Susan is bold enough to blatantly admit to DCFS that she has not been following a direct order to not medicate him and that she is going to administer more potent unprescribed medication...who knows what will come next.

    It would have been so nice and beneficial if Michael could have extended his stay to oversee the aftermath of this taping, but as people have said he didn't schedule his flight and Amy is close to the end of her pregnancy. If, god forbid, something were to go awry and Amy or their son had a medical crisis with Michael states away, it wouldn't be fair to any of them, even though Michael has a responsibility to Jani and Bodhi as he also has a responsibility to Amy and his new child. Honestly Michael's willingness and Amy's acceptance of his departure this late in the game of her pregnancy is indicative of their understanding of the gravity of the situation and her compassion. A lot of women would take issue with their husband going out of state, even during a 2nd pregnancy. He's done a good job working to shape up and grow and begin to make amends here. I'm cautiously impressed, as someone who has been critical of him.

    This is more evidence of Susan's assumptions, stupidity, cluelessness about her own son, and complete unawareness of kids with autism. Unless he's verbalizing dysphoric thoughts/a blatant sexual trauma history and a deliberate desire to no longer have a penis (such as very young early gender dysphoric kids), it's not an SIB behavior for a severely autistic or autistic-like kid to tug on their junk or play with it inappropriately, male or female as long as the behavior doesn't result in, like, broken or bruised skin or tearing/bleeding in girls. Kids and adults with mental challenges or brain damage very often have an inappropriate sense of propriety re: self stimulation in the first place and don't accomplish the task in an orthodox way. I worked with a boy who would whip his junk out and either yank it around like a fleshy video game joystick or bat at it like a frustrated kitten. He wasn't 'psychotic and self harming'. Succinctly, he was playing with his junk.

    It's awesome that Bodhi is going to Texas, for absolute certain, though sucks that Batshit gets to go and potentially 'reeeeeee' at people. I know Amy and Michael read our posts, so I'd like to be totally out of line and implore them to find it in their hearts, even with a new baby and young daughter, to invite Jani to take a break from her useless classes at school and come for a vacation in Minnesota while Bodhi is in Texas instead of staying alone with Cory. Letting her be with her dad for a while and get to know Amy and her step and half siblings, eat family meals that have been cooked in a kitchen, at a table, watch movies on a couch and sleep in a bed not surrounded by clutter and trash would be such a valuable experience for her, and she's not the challenge she was as a kid. Plus with the information lovely Kelli has shared, her emotional and physical well-being alone with Cory may very well be at stake.

    Sorry to be long-winded, but 20 pages leaves a girl with a lot to say.
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    #9451 Amy Santiago, Feb 12, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  12. I think it is bad news that after this 2 day evaluation, Susan is supposed to do "medical lab kits" on Bodhi and will be the sole source responsible for continuing care. I hope the center's contact person is ready to ride her ass about everything she's supposed to do. And I hope DCFS will be watching her like a hawk. The way this is set up gives Susie Q way too much freedom.

    On another note, Michael has a Golden Opportunity on the horizon. When the show airs, people are going to be pissed for a few days. They will be googling & trying to find more info about the kids. This is the perfect time for a GoFundme so you can hire some good lawyers, Mike. Pimp the account out the day the show airs & the following week. Then get your kids.
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  13. I think they're giving Susan the carrot and the stick - mostly the stick. I have a feeling she's being watched very closely.
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  14. I hope they give her the hose.

    As in "It follows the psychiatrist and DCFS orders to the letter or it gets the hose again".

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  15. Holy shit- I am exhausted.
    24 fucking pages in just two days, and what a rollercoaster it was too!

    I went from optimistic, to overjoyed, to worried out of my mind that Susu the Munch is gonna kill Bohdi with an OD, to semi hopeful.

    I think I need sleep now. My eyeballs and brain cells are beginning to burn. >>
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    katy lied

    katy lied watch out he bit my hand

  16. I was going to post the same thing about the PNP center. Susan is incapable of doing “homework” and working therapeutically with her son. I guess we can hope she will assign the army of babysitters she has to do it.

    Unless Bodhi is either unconscious, or can behave like a totally self-sufficient adult, Susan will screech he’s psychotic. If Bodhi requires any care or attention from her she thinks something is wrong with him.

    The epic irony that if Susan could have just done minimal parenting for some years she would have two mostly independent kids at this point and would be free to do as she manically pleases. Instead she has two brain damaged kids that are utterly dependent.

    @Amy Santiago is correct. Susan claiming Bodhi is “trying to pull his genitals off” is like her claiming him looking around the room is a hallucination. It just shows Susan misconstruing everything he does to fit her manic narrative. Bodhi was playing with himself and trying out masturbation, but since he’s in a chemical fog he doesn’t have ideal timing nor technique. But leave it to Susan to see a possibly pleasurable activity for Bodhi as “self-harming” that needs to be immediately stopped with more drugs. Puberty for Bodhi is going to be a wild ride and utter hell on Susan. I’d almost fear she’d try to get hormone blockers to halt it.
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    MirnaMinkoff Mama, nobody sends you a turd and expects to live.
    True & Honest Fan

  17. I mean, all kids entering puberty try out masturbation, but of fucking course Susie thinks it's a sign of psychosis, just like breathing, eating, talking or being awake is.
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  18. The mad cow giving him Thorazine is surely going to mess up his behaviour, it's going to be different than it would be if he was drug free. What an evil bitch she is. Totally manipulative and calculated move.
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  19. Absolutely, as adults who have all survived puberty, we are all aware. But working with kids and teens with intellectual disability, it's like in many cases the urge to engage in self-stimulation is dialed up to 11 and the typical inhibition questionably present in teens is just not there without concerted efforts to teach it so, yeah, genital play happens...a lot, so you teach appropriate time and place gently and repeatedly and move on. It's like she's never met or BEEN a kid in her life.

    Edit: Plus, uh, not to be obtuse, but even considering Bodhi was pretty young when he started that behavior, a lot of young boys who are even neurotypical play with their genitals. A penis/scrotum are kind of a goofy squishy thing to tool around with and boys are weird. Susan has no understanding of kids, at all.
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    #9459 Amy Santiago, Feb 12, 2019
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  20. And poor Bodhi has no "appropriate place" because he doesn't even have his own room.
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