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Susan talks about why he tards out in public and how he's 15 years old.
I watched this last night.

"Susan" always claims that the worst insults/abuse "were not on camera".

Paranoid, and a liar. Like anyone who is not a sped would miss that.

Also, I love the way in the past vids all the cops/security people/ clerks have that look of "GET THIS TARD AWAY FROM ME!"

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I watched this last night.

"Susan" always claims that the worst insults/abuse "were not on camera".

Paranoid, and a liar. Like anyone who is not a sped would miss that.

Also, I love the way in the past vids all the cops/security people/ clerks have that look of "GET THIS TARD AWAY FROM ME!"
Yes, I noticed that at well. It's such a big coincidence that he can never catch anything actually insulting on camera. Everyone he records tries to just dance around him as the issue like he's an ugly 5-year-old that just won't leave them alone.
Dance of Life seems to think more people are persecuting him even more than Chris. Blacks, Hispanics, religious people, police, and pretty much everyone else. In the video with the guy on the subway the audio was muted when the guy was supposedly insulting Susan because what he was supposedly calling Susan was "too vulgar to share". Right.

I wish Chris would run into Susan somewhere.
Holy shit, this guy is the new Chris Chan!

Seriously, he gets my vote for best lolcow of 2017 because of this video alone. Tis a classic!
I could totally picture Chris doing this especially with the cutout Trump faces on the cardboard people. I was a little disappointed Dance of Life didn't beat the shit out of them with the baseball bat though.
After watching more of Susan's videos I really feel bad for her as she gets a lot of legitimate harassment including this video where someone literally tried to burn down her house by leaving a flaming gas can on her porch:

And that led to me finding this: a 2 hour (!!!) "movie re-creation" of the "night of the fire bomb". I have no idea what to expect from this, about to start it now. Most of the videos are so unnecessarily long it's hard to figure out what's worth seeing.

So someone made a blog post ( about meeting Susan and there were some very interesting responses in the comments section.. including someone saying he HAD SEX WITH HIS MOTHER IN A NURSING HOME. All these comments are from different people so I guess anyone in that area of town has seen or at least heard of Susan. Holy fuck I was not expecting it to get so dark so quickly.

My family and I have personally been affected by Susan Stone. She allegedly robbed my younger brother of his rosary and bible from his car when he was in high school.

he/she is from a town called lenzburg I lived there most my life.When I was young we called him crazy Dave, he lived in a trailer on the outside of town by the highway and drove an old beat up car.

Dave as I knew him lived in or on the very outskirts of Lenzburg with elderly parents in a mobile home. He drove the Charger for years. Not only were there dolls in the windows but the interior was “papered” with women’s photos cut from magazines..

My dad once got pretty worried because “Crazy Dave” was sitting outside of the local grade school in his car watching children leave. He didn’t have kids enrolled…
This is one mentally unstable and creepy person

I knew him from when he went Millstadt school. Didn’t really know him well, he was very introverted then. I don’t have a problem with him pretending to be a woman and dancing, but he shouldn’t do it when another group is performing. It’s very distracting and not fair to the group invited to perform.

As I was growing up in New Athens everyone knew “Crazy Dave” and always talked about the Barbie dolls hanging in his car and were always warned to stay away…. I always wondered about him but never really wanted to talk to him because he made me nervous…. I can handle different people but sometimes you just get strange vibes from a person that really prevent you from having a conversation, I’m not sure if it is from him in actuality or from the stories and warnings while growing up.

Susan stone is not a she ~ hes a man ~started dressing like a woman ~he has lots of mental issues he used to go to all the churches in the area always begging for money ~ car ~ etc

See my post on the topix blog. I’m not going to repeat it here, but suffice it to say he took several, several swings at my coworker and I back in the early 2000’s with razor blades when he was driving the voodoo orange charger with dolls…

Worked at a small nursing home that kept his mother before she passed. He had to be monitored when he visited. Why? Cause when she lived at home he would have sex with her. Some of the phone harassment came after she passed. He would call and just breath heavy into the phone. We all knew it was him. He didn’t like the administrator and threatened the facility. You can tell he is mentally unstable. Not just by his transgender choices. I would be weary of being arpund him alone.

David Stone lived in Millstadt & went to school there until 8th grade. Yes, he has mental issues – he was very much into almost cultist type activity. His parents were elderly & they did the best they could with him – but there was only so much they could do.

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Relatively new video from Susan where he "dances" more like walks around in circles like an exceptional individual, while stopping to strike poses and bend over showing off his ass to the YMCA while some guy in the background is singing horribly to it.
Those people who start dancing in the background at 1:07 are killing me.

Here's a story about Susan's mom catching her wearing a dress for the first time at age 13. For some reason she is in a Ghostface mask and strange black Halloween costume, wielding a giant knife and fake chainsaw, and is taking on the persona of her mother to show how she responded at the time. It's very Norman Bates.

Edit: at 7:20 into the video: "No, this isn't a representation of Norman Bates either"

I guess she told me. :(
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