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Do NOT hold me to this.. but I'll see if I can arrange for a Kiwi News reporter to be present for at least one of these breaking events.. sounds like the 27th will be exponentially more promising than the 28th, lololol.

I'll just have to make sure they know to park like 10-20 blocks away from the courthouse since the Dancing Susansaurus Rex is sure to be on the road & in full-blown persecution complex mode.
Any update on possibly covering the trial of the century?
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Lol the person leaving the threatening notes on Susan's door was caught on video and it was given to the police. How embarassing to get outsmarted by the fucking Dance of Life.

Also godspeed Kiwi news reporter, if he makes it to the trial tomorrow.
I was just watching this and had to check and see if it had already made it here lol Good Job. This guy is a nut for not wearing a mask and lucky Susan is a convicted felon and thus not allowed firearms.

Mr Snek
Lol the person leaving the threatening notes on Susan's door was caught on video and it was given to the police. How embarassing to get outsmarted by the fucking Dance of Life.

Also godspeed Kiwi news reporter, if he makes it to the trial tomorrow.
I feel bad because it's likely some poor guy who either has already had someone he know hurt by this lunatic or fears that he will in future.

Nurse Ratchet

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Our action news reporter may be in limbo :( I'm told he may have a scheduling conflict with a meeting time that was moved up at the last minute yesterday. Right now it's unclear whether he can wiggle out of it or not. We should know soon.. the docket is called at 8:45a & with any luck they won't call up our dancing psycho until a bit later.

We'll see.. cross your fingers, kiwis!

Edit: Well, stars have aligned because it didn't work out, BUT the case was continued to 02/27/18. I'm on mobile so can't deal w screencapping at the moment.

So, we live to fight another day!

Fun Fact: His weight in the court records is listed as 168 el bees. :lit::lit::lit:
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For your entertainment on this New Years Eve Susans experience in jail. How they made her poop in her cell and put her face in it, how everyone in town offered her $20 a piece to leave town, cut off her water and he had had to drink out of the toilet.. all because he is famous and because his dance is too good! AND the mayor sent him a letter to leave town, and then tried to burn him out of his house!
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Checked the court records today to see what happened with Susan's other cases, and on December 1st she was stopped for improper lane usage as well as driving 15-20 mph over the speed limit. So now there's FOUR pending court appearances.

January 10th - improper lane usage/15-20 mph over limit
Feb 1st - improper lane usage (this case is marked as Illinois State Police)
Feb 1st - improper turn signal, disregarding traffic control device (this case is marked as New Athens)
Feb 27th - disorderly conduct

This is a goof one! David is pissed off because he took some video at an even and then posted it on facebook. Turns out one of the people David filmed saw the post and wanted it removed, David then chimps out about how he post 900 things a day and won't be threatened! He also says that people should PAY him $25 an hour for sharing stuff!


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Please archive these videos! It's easy for him to delete them from his Facebook, and some Facebook videos aren't available unless you have an account to log in with. is a good place to start with archiving.

Sorry to be a pita, but it's frustrating when a cow deletes their greatest moments.

tranny troon

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