Skitzocow Susan Stone / David L. Stone / Dance Of Life - Petty Criminal, Autistic Dancer, Perrenial and Slightly More Feminine Version of OPL

Do You See The Similarities Between OPL and David "Susan" Stone?

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Summaries: Susan sees some country performers and doesn’t “dance” between them and the audience. He does however repeatedly face the crowd and throw his arms up as a pathetic play for attention.

And Susan sees Disney on ice. Sits about 5 rows behind everybody else, but it’s just a bootleg video of Disney on ice.
Edit: kinda lulzy
Susan acts like a total jackass dancing with a guitar hero controller. Its obvious Susan has no sense of rhythm and possibly no idea what a guitar is.
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Susan says "get busy livin or get busy dyin" and claims to still be going places as normal because as a nonconformist, she doesn't listen to what they say and we shouldn't either. I can totally see Susan going out during a quarantine/lockdown to dance and getting arrested

There's also a dance to It's the End of the World by R.E.M where Susan uses toilet paper as props lol.

Susan drives around and pulls into a random parking lot while saying "we're gonna make some calls" before cutting the camera so I wonder if Susan can't afford cell phone service anymore.

"A lot of you need to grow up and not act like a 7 year old child" - regarding people taking precautions from coronavirus

"I'll bring my boom box out there, and dance to it, you can come and see me. I'll gather every one of you, 5000 of you there, and you know something? Nothing's gonna happen to anybody cause that's the faith I have"
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