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Pepper Jack

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2021 Schedule:
  • MWF videos
  • Friday's video will be dedicated to food.
  • Monday will be a dedicated vlog.
  • Wednesday's will be a weight loss "moment"
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Smoovy Jay

Hi Marissa!!!!!!!
She's looking well, the grey pallor really makes her eyes seem deader. She's got her little tray table and pillows propped up around her so we can't see how enormous she is.

  • she won't weigh-in at all - the scale will be broken and then she'll just get mad when it gets brought up
  • her vlogs will be her sitting on the couch or sitting on that physics defying black chair - basically they'll all be sitting
  • she gives up on the 22nd
I notice no engagement ring.
So she'll stop eating for a moment?

She'll think about weight loss for a moment. Just letting the idea flitter across her pea brain. No actual pause to eating. That would be too much effort.

I really do love that Amber is the one thing I can count on in my life to never change.

Her antics are the only constant in this crazy pandemic world.

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