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If you watch this at double speed you can see all her micro-expressions/lies. If she were smart she would watch back all her videos on double speed to catch her mask slipping. But she ain't smart.

Also, gorl if you wanna feel young for as long as possible why u 600 lbs? (:_(

A trainwreck. What we're expecting is a continual trainwreck. Also new intro is a double whammy of pretentious and ugly. Probably worse than her cunty "Amberlynn Reia" intro, imo. Now she's:



"Trainwreck" is frankly too kind. The train has already been wrecked.

The past few months of her channel have not been a train in-motion of wrecking, They have been watching the slow inevitable decay of the husk of a wrecked train and the remains of its passengers. The rust spots increasing and pieces of metal flaking off; wildlife picking off bits of flesh and shiny hunks of debris.

Nothing interesting to see, nothing standing out. Just the morbid slow decay with nothing new to offer the world but the reminder of what it once was and will never be again.

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She's got her little tray table and pillows propped up around her so we can't see how enormous she is.

Struck me as well. the "tray" is a damned clear plastic storage bin. The first bowl of corner Quikie mart sushi damned near slid off it.
Cannot sit at the table and eat with any resemblance to a "normal" human being. Welcome to 2021!

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So once again, she's clearly been watching another channel and has parasitically adopted their mannerisms/way of speaking (as well as that OTT intro). Like, you can tell she's really trying hard. Does anyone know who she's copying?

edit to add: The bit where she attempts to use chopsticks and immediately her fat fingers just mangle the grip and they slide down to the food -- made me inordinately baffled. It's like watching a toddler playing with a fiddly toy before they've reached their dexterity milestones. A 30-yr old toddler.
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Nope, 9 minutes of that nonsense felt like 90. Nothing new, just recycled, mindless gibberish & I have no hopes of the rest of it offering anything. One thing she said that jumped out at me but not in the way I expect she'd want. She said something about 2020 being "too much". Clearly for her, it wasn't enough.

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I think expecting even one of the promised weigh ins is inordinately optimistic. No way she will follow this proposed schedule. Other than the eating on camera part.
She'll start it off with some MathematicianLynn logic where she won't tell us her current weight because it's based on her weight from August so this weight doesn't count because *nonsense rambling* and being off track and blah blah blah. She's not getting on a scale, she's gained so much.

Dainty posted a compilation of all her Jan 1 weigh-ins. She seemed so tolerable back in 2014-15 and then gets progressively more punchable.

this year will mark a new low point in over 7 years of amberlution.
a once mobile roughly 300lb cow developed into a 600lb behemoth of a ruminant glued to a couch trapped in a smelly apartment.
i doubt there will be any weight loss at all in 2021. she gained since her historectomy and she will continue to swell. bed bound saga is already on.
she going down a lot faster from now on. she can troll all she wants with fried sushi and weightloss wednesdays, at this point its like a greek drama. shes doomed.


a strange smell in the attic
Just mimic one of her idols Hungry FatChick and come out and say "I don't give a flying fuck about my life or health. I'm gonna eat what I want when I want, however much I want, and will upload whatever content I want when I want?" Isn't the constant promise of an uploading "schedule" similar to her inability to adhere to a low-calorie diet? She can't be expected to restrict herself or stick to anything. Just go ham because you will anyway.

Her mouth is looking pretty crusty.

I expected something slightly more interesting. I should lower my expectations.
''Like getting diagnosed with like cancer like it's like too much.. Like''. Ah yes, getting diagnosed with cancer is pretty much just like losing your toenail after a rather hard stubbing. It's simply too much.

Also why has she dedicated a day to food? Even when she doesn't eat in these vlogs she's talking about food. There doesn't need to be a ''food day''.

Where is Becky when she's filming this shit? Isn't their apartment fairly small? I will say she looks miserable. Maybe she had a shit Christmas and birthday. Fingers crossed.
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