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Positivity, huh FatAl? Too bad yer a black hole of negativity with no redeeming features. Oh well, no changes in the Amberverse, ever. She'll rage quit her new schedule as soon as she realizes she's not getting the asspats she thinks she deserves, so about two weeks (cause she's slow).
Nobody cares about her 'content". We're just mildly curious about how much fatter she's getting.

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My take on her New Year vlog

Her intro will not last the year, hopefully.

Nothing says New Year like insulting a whole culture. It is ebi, not ebye. Still cannot use chopsticks, something a 4-year-old can do. Tamago is egg to which she is allegedly allergic. Her only description of the food is “so good”.

Her new schedule will last probably 1 month, 2 months max.

The schedule is:

Monday: Hauls

Wednesday: She probably will binge due to her mental issues, but she knows what works for me. She might do weight in, but she might not. Who knows?

Friday: mukbangs

For her, this amount of food is only for her. For most people, it would feed a family.

She does not make any goals of weight loss, because she does not want to fail. In reality, she already failed any weight loss in 2021.

She wants to do her things. Mostly eating I expect.

Did you know that she cannot have children? Who knew?


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Just mimic one of her idols Hungry FatChick and come out and say "I don't give a flying fuck about my life or health. I'm gonna eat what I want when I want, however much I want, and will upload whatever content I want when I want
the very fact she won't just come out and admit she doesn't give a fuck about her health is what makes her the ultimate cow. Its like when she eats with her pinky sticking out to look like a dainty gorl, or says she had a great relationship with beckys mum (or tries to convince us she doesn't sweat like other fatties). Her self image is everything to her and thats what makes it extra hilarious when something gets exposed


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Her intro will not last the year, hopefully.
I'm curious why people don't like the new intro. It's the most professional and least annoying intro she's ever had.
most peoples cancer experiences aren’t so nice, nor over so quickly.
She got lucky. The type of cancer she got is one that can be considered "cured" after removal of the uterus as long as it hasn't spread. There's still plenty of other obesity related cancers though, and she won't have such an easy time if she develops one of them. (Ovarian cancer is one, but she won't have to worry about that since they took her ovaries).

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My wish for Amber 2021 is she’ll get specific about her ‘cancer’ and it’s type, prognosis etc. Rate me whatever but I feel she’s doing a disservice to her audience who look at her and now think cancer is no big deal. She’s been super lucky (if she had it, I’m still not 100% convinced) but most peoples cancer experiences aren’t so nice, nor over so quickly. She’s made more drama over a stubbed toe.

It’s like it’s nothing and I can’t get my head around it. Even the Thumb doesn’t seem particularly bothered and her mom just DIED. She could have done something really informative and useful for once but no, it’s ‘cancer whatev’s’ and it breaks my brain. Stop gaslighting your audience you fat, ignorant cow.

(Sorry fam. Sometimes her cockroach survival streak gets annoying. My heart goes out to all the good people struggling with this awful disease).

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She's so full of herself (and food), she's making it a PREMIERE tonight!
Face it, you're already dead inside.