Susie Green & Mermaids UK - "Trans Kid Support Charity", Susie had her underage kid get GRS


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So it's a rich tyranny chaser fetishist club disguised as charity? That is some really disturbing shit.
It's a mom with four sons, who I am guessing reaaallly wanted a daughter.

Full Streisand effect has been reached, people tweeting under #istandwithposieparker to echo the info about under aged sex reassignment surgery.
Mermaids UK is fishing for those sweet charity £s now.

Mermaids UK seems to be a handful of trustees, Susie, and two helpline operators.

By the way, mermaids UK was offering support to a mother that forced her son to pretend to be a troon to avoid cps and custody evaluations. In the ruling the judge says contact between the minor and mermaids should cease, and the boy was returned to his father to live normally. There's some good scolding of the people who should have intervened and didn't because they were afraid of being transphobic. mermaids isn't sorry and maintains that the kid is a girl.

Pink news weighs in on the "horrific abuse" of having people criticize you online after you have one of the critics interviewed by the police for hate speech:

They call it transphobic when Suzy is a dirty cis het.

Susie even advises people to just call the cops on twitter comments that are upsetting:

Absolutely no responsibility for getting her kid surgery at 16, publishing that fact in the newspaper, and then reporting people to the cops for pointing it out.

A twitter user pointed out that Susie has been claiming to work for mermaids since the kid they transitioned was 7 or so, pretty weird in 2001.
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Lets look at the staff list:

From what I gathered, all of them are professionals in all the wrong places, most of them are lawyers and bankers, which gives me a better idea of what they are actually trying to do. I don't see a single therapist, psychologists or anything of the sorts as staff, so I guess they are just paying them, psychologists and medics, to push their own agenda which is not the trans support thing but more like "we're the good guys, give us more money" stuff.
Most trans kids will desist from being trans. They'll probably grow up to be gay men. So @yawning sneasel is right when he says that they're anti-gay.

This also means that what the mermaids are doing is far more insidious as they are literally ruining children's lives for $$$, their sick fantasies, and fame.


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So there is a TV drama, which is based on a fictionalised account of how Susie cut her son's balls off in Thailand on his 16th birthday to turn him into a girl.

The TV version has fictionalised Susie & her husband supporting their transdaughter. The reality was the husband confiscated his girly toys even when he was only 4 or 5, as shown in this documentary, and they eventually split up and Susie transhausened the son on her own.

Anyway, the TV drama has the strapline 'better a live daughter than a dead son'

This violates all ethics, etc. on reporting of suicide, so the only actual reputable UK trans clinic, the NHS Tavistock gender clinic has taken the rare step of publicly criticising the show, and also by implication all the other troons constantly threatening suicide to get what they want.

Specifically they say that pre-teen suicide is very rare, so using it in the context of an 11 year old is misleading at best.

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So the Big Lottery Fund, a quango that awards grants from National Lottery coffers, is giving Mermaids half a million quid:

Child sex-change charity Mermaids handed £500,000 by national lottery

An ‘aggressive’ group that says under-16s should be allowed to alter their bodies medically plans to go nationwide

Andrew Gilligan
December 16 2018, 12:01am, The Sunday Times

Susie Green with daughter Jackie, born a boy KEN MCKAY/REX/SHUTTERSTOCK

A transgender charity that campaigns for children to be given prohibited sex-change treatment has been awarded £500,000 by the national lottery.

The payment to Mermaids has angered MPs, feminists and women’s organisations, who accuse the charity of bullying doctors, promoting falsehoods and using “emotional blackmail” to pressure parents to support life-changing medical interventions for their children.

Mermaids will use the money to create a network of 45 groups nationwide.

David Davies, the Tory MP for Monmouth, called for the grant, which has been approved but not yet paid, to be halted pending an investigation.

“I am absolutely horrified that the Big Lottery Fund are handing out a fortune to this aggressive organisation,” he said. “What they are doing is utterly wrong.”

The chief executive of Mermaids, Susie Green, who took her son for a now illegal sex-change operation in Thailand when he was 16, believes medical intervention is “absolutely vital” for children unhappy with their biological sex. Her view is disputed by NHS gender specialists who say intervention is not always right.

Mermaids also wants to overturn an NHS ban on under-16s being treated with cross-sex hormones, which cause permanent body changes and compromise fertility; those taking them require lifelong medical support. Clinicians say children are too young for such a step.

Green has said the refusal by the NHS to give children the hormones can make them “self-harming and suicidal”, and claimed attendees at the main clinic that treats gender-dysphoric youngsters, the Tavistock Centre, in north London, have a “48% suicide attempt risk”. The clinic says the true rate is less than 1%.

In evidence to MPs, Mermaids singled out a doctor at the Tavistock as “anti-trans” and demanded it conduct “a thorough audit of staff and their views”. The charity criticised the clinic for “media quotes that emphasise [the] uncertainty and complexity” of gender questions.

Green, an IT consultant, has no medical training. Responding on Twitter to an NHS psychiatrist who accused her of “making stuff up”, she wrote that “you need to f*** off. You know nothing.”

In the absence of NHS treatment, Mermaids has referred parents to a private GP, Helen Webberley, who prescribed cross-sex hormones to children as young as 12. Mermaids recommended Webberley even after she was convicted of operating an illegal gender clinic.

The number of children seeking NHS treatment for gender dysphoria has risen by 700% in five years. Michele Moore, of the Patient Safety Academy at Oxford University, blamed Mermaids and other groups for the rise, as they were “not just supporting transition but promoting it”.

Stephanie Davies-Arai, of the parents’ group Transgender Trend, accused Mermaids of blackmailing parents and said: “Funding this agenda will lead to more young people who regret such life-changing harms to their bodies.”

Announcing the lottery grant on a private Mermaids Facebook group, Green said the charity was “very excited [by the] amazing news” but was “not allowed to publicise [it] externally”.

The Big Lottery Fund, a quango chaired by the former Tory MP Peter Ainsworth, said: “We are in the process of awarding [Mermaids] £500,000 over five years to increase localised support. If concerns are raised we will always look into them. However, we do not see any reason not to fund this.”

Green said Mermaids did “vital work” and that her claims on suicide were supported by the advocacy group Stonewall.

Lots of gender criticals are understandably losing their shit about it: The Mumsnet thread has 430 replies and counting

Someone (obvious troon) asks Susie why she doesn't sue GC blogs:SusieGreen.JPG

And a twitter user called mrkhtake2 calls out Susie's dishonest answer in a great thread;
TL;DR: Susie can't sue anyone because all the criticism is evidence based, it is the truth, and Susie knows it.



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Christ. I knew a guy who was a seriously late bloomer who still thought he might be gay at 20, at 21 he finally realised he liked tiddies. Good thing his mum didn't chop his dick off.

It's common during puberty for kids, especially boys, to develop the capacity for romantic attraction before they develop the capacity for sexual attraction, and get weird same-sex crushes before they discover their orientation. The worst that used to result in was embarrassing LiveJournal posts. Now you have the risk that your parents might have you sterilized.


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Someone recorded a 'training' session delivered by Mermaids. It is fucking bullshit, as you'd expect:
Warning! The mermaid has a fucking horrific Scouse accent.
It's mostly boring pseudo science with a few howlers now and then. I'll upload a transcript when it drops, but for now here's a Sunday Times take on it:
Trans ideologists are spreading cod science
janice turner
Those who defend controversial charity’s right to a £500,000 lottery grant should really listen to what it is preaching

Are you a Princess Barbie jelly-baby who likes frilly dresses, high heels and takes ages to get ready? Or a GI Joe jelly-baby who wears boots and functional clothing? Did you know that your preference for pink sparkles or muddy sports isn’t down to societal expectations of boys and girls. No, it’s written in your chromosomes. And that’s science.
Well, science according to Mermaids, the charity for trans children, in a presentation understood to be given to thousands of teachers, health workers, police and politicians, and part-funded by the Department for Education.
I listened to a recording of this bizarre 90-minute training lecture and wish others could too. Particularly those who pride themselves on rationality and evidence-based thinking: atheists, fans of Richard Dawkins and Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science; those incensed by climate change deniers on TV or creationists in schools; the same people who are tweeting #istandwithmermaids because the Big Lottery Fund is reviewing, in the light of an outcry, its decision to award them a £500,000 grant.
On tape the Mermaids trainer tells us that humans don’t come in two sexes, male and female, sperm and ovum: “Most people still think that way,” she says airily. “But what we know now, thanks to advances in science, is that the human race has up to 42 different sets of chromosomes.”
Biological sex is on a spectrum, she says, like skin tone and (seriously) bra size. A person’s “gender identity jelly baby” has nothing to do with how we are raised: it is inside you at birth. You know you are a man because you walk like a man and like “manly” things. A listener questions why this lecture is based upon stereotypes and is told “you’re going too clever”.
Such cod science would be laughable if it weren’t so pernicious. The audience is told to watch out for little boys in tutus. We digress into clownfish reproduction, in which dominant males turn female before mating, because it somehow suggests humans can change biological sex. Then we’re on to pronouns, puberty blockers and hormones . . .
Nowhere does the trainer suggest that gender is something hammered into you by parental expectation, toys, books, movies, adverts, a sexist society. A pink and blue gendered world is taken as natural, immutable.
So it is odd to hear a Ted Talk given by the Mermaids chief executive Susie Green about how when her “effeminate” young son gravitated to Barbies and princess costumes, her husband threw all his “girl toys” away and told him to play with Action Man. Depressed and withdrawn, he told his mother “God had made a mistake”, so Ms Green took him to Thailand aged 16 for genital surgery illegal here (and now illegal in Thailand). Couldn’t being bullied by your father into believing only girls play with Barbies lead a boy to conclude he must be a girl?
Not to Mermaids. The charity rejects a clinical study which shows a link between dysphoria in girls and exposure to social media, and the idea that the majority of kids with unaligned jelly-babies will probably be gay. It maintains that a child is “born in the wrong body” and that this is a physical defect which, like a cleft lip, can be medically fixed, except by life-long patienthood, probable sterility and lack of sexual function. (Susie Green is on tape laughing that her trans-daughter’s penis was so small, because she’d been on puberty blockers, that the surgeon constructing her vagina had “not much to work with”.)
The Big Lottery Fund should be asking why Mermaids is so out of step with NHS best practice. Why, for example, does GIDS (the Gender Identity Development Service) not recommend Mermaids on its website? Indeed, its clinicians are in perpetual conflict with the charity. The NHS protocol for children is “watchful waiting” but Mermaids pushes for the US “affirmation” model in which any child who declares that they are trans must be treated as such without examining any possible underlying issues, such as frequently undiagnosed autism, depression or sexual abuse.
At a trans medical symposium in Buenos Aires last month, Susie Green tweeted approval of a US speaker that “surgery should be allowed based on competency NOT age of majority. Psychological assessment should not be needed for surgery as this is not required for cisgender surgeries of ANY type.” In other words, children should be allowed significant gender operations without counselling. In America girls have double mastectomies at 13.
Mermaids still recommends a private GP, Helen Webberley, who has prescribed cross-gender hormones for children as young as 12, who has a criminal conviction for running an unregistered practice, a £12,000 fine, and is under review by the General Medical Council.
Most seriously, the Big Lottery Fund should wonder why a High Court judge told a mother, found to be forcing her four-year-old son to live as a girl against his wishes, not to contact Mermaids further after the charity had vigorously supported this woman’s delusions.
There is no question that young people, confused by the heavily gendered world in which they are raised, need loving support through the maelstrom of puberty. Mermaids markets itself as the principal source of compassion and has won the reverence of celebrities. But as the Kids Company controversy proved, no charity should be unquestioningly lauded.
Certainly not one underpinned by rigid, spurious ideology. The Mermaids trainer declares that we should stop categorising children by their genitals because “we do raise boys and girls differently.” But isn’t the answer to change our child-raising practices, not the bodies of quirky kids? Feminists are constantly accused of being on the wrong side of history. Yet Mermaids, with its clownfish and jelly-babies, is clearly on the wrong side of science.
Mumsnetters (the total fucking heroines) transcribed the whole thing, complete with section headers:
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Just saw this tweet and now I'm mad on the internet. This dude is talking about his dead son and only part 2 of the tweet is there. Part 1 is missing. I'm assuming it was mass-reported.

It looks like he is blaming Mermaids for his son's suicide and he is not even being allowed to tell his story, because of fucking course he's not.

Susie Green is a disgusting human being, and one day everyone who supported Mermaids will cringe themselves to sleep about it for the rest of their life.

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Just saw this tweet and now I'm mad on the internet. This dude is talking about his dead son and only part 2 of the tweet is there. Part 1 is missing. I'm assuming it was mass-reported.

It looks like he is blaming Mermaids for his son's suicide and he is not even being allowed to tell his story, because of fucking course he's not.

Susie Green is a disgusting human being, and one day everyone who supported Mermaids will cringe themselves to sleep about it for the rest of their life.
Remember Susie Green is on tape laughing about the fact that the penis of her gay son was too small for penis inversion inversion surgery since he didn't went through puberty.

She thinks her son having a man-hole full of bowel tissue and bowel fluids (surgery for men with small dicks) that reeks of feces is funny.

She is a sociopath.

Jesus Christ this is horrific! Some examples below:
This is exactly how lights work. True and honest content!
Some dank memes on "biologic science"
Note that she does this talk in primary schools:
And just in case you forgot which country is responsible for this: