Celebrity Suzanne Marie "Suzy" Berhow / Mortemer / Mortem3r / PsychicCircle / KittyKatGaming - potato-faced wannabe model and scam artist, Yoko Ono 2.0, wife of Arin Hanson

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So since most of the big girlcows have Kiwi threads now, I feel like we should cover the last big blind spot. What do you get when you take a slightly dumpy girl from Florida with a bad relationship with her mom, give her a deviantART account and tell her that she can be a ~star~ like she's always dreamed of being? Ladies and gentlemen, Suzy Berhow.


Not a lot of people knew who Suzy was before 2013, and even if you did all you'd probably know about her is either her makeup YouTube channel or the fact that she was married to Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson, an old school Newgrounds animator who was building up an all new base of fans with his incredibly popular channel Game Grumps. Game Grumps would arguably affect everybody involved with it for the worse, but Suzy in particular has drawn so much attention to herself that she's become the standout drama queen of the channel.

Game Grumps was actually a collaboration channel between Arin Hanson and his friend JonTron, whom you'd either know from his game reviews or the controversy over him being "racist" depending on your sensibilities. Jon abruptly departed from the channel in 2013, only announcing it in a video where he didn't even appear to be in the same room as the others while filming.

Nobody involved in the channel has discussed the circumstances involving him leaving, with a lot of them pretty heavily implying that they're legally bound not to, however little hints came out here and there pointing at different incidents as being contributing factors in the split. One hint that was not so little came from Jon's girlfriend at the time, Nicole, who had some harsh things to say about Suzy in a Twitch stream:

This prompted bitter Game Grumps fans to dig more into Suzy's past, and from that she's become one of the longest running conversation topics on places like lolcow.farm. The first trickle of drama came about in 2015 when she was caught running a scam involving her Etsy shop, very helpfully compiled by r/ConspiracyGrumps (who are kind of a cow farm in their own right).

The scheme was to buy materials off eBay and then sell them on Etsy for insanely inflated prices even though minimal amounts of work was done. Here she charged $105 for a $3 pendant on a chain.


This would not be the last scam Suzy was implicated in. She's had a thyroid condition since 2014 that she spent the next few years treating.

However followers of her on LCF found the price she was claiming the medication to be suspicious, and checked her Instagram and discovered pictures of her buying expensive sunglasses shortly before the tweet.


She's also lied about the circumstances of her failed campaign to appear on on America's Next Top Model. On an old deviantART account she discussed how she applied to become a contestant only to get beaten out by another woman, claiming her mother was abusive because she found the idea of her daughter being accepted onto the program unlikely.

However she changed her tune years later saying instead that she was approached by the show.

Suzy still meanders by thanks to the graciousness of her sugar daddy and his fans, who buy from her Etsy store even as she starts more pissfights with her only source of income. Just recently, after Game Grumps affiliates Julian and Ding Dong of OneyPlays discussed their dislike of the GG branded dating simulator "Dream Daddy", Suzy and fellow Game Grumps member Ninja Brian weighed in to call them out.


This reply to the above drama highlights the real problem with Suzy and what most people really think of her.

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There are speculated nudes of her in a wedding dress and a rumoured photo of Arin chowing down while she's playing her DS.

Some even say it was her doing that resulted in Jon leaving, because she allegedly was jealous of Nicole for dating him.

Worth pointing out she is one of the only grumps who.....sucks. as in she can't play and I want to say I remember one video of her doing nothing but designing a character?


what fuck
Worth pointing out she is one of the only grumps who.....sucks. as in she can't play and I want to say I remember one video of her doing nothing but designing a character?
Honestly, back when I really liked GG, I'd go out of my way to avoid videos with Suzy in them. She doesn't bring anything funny to the table and just seems to be there in videos because she's Arin's wife.

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She could also have Waardenburg syndrome.
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Pretty reaching since she doesn't have any of major symptoms, besides the wide set eyes.
  • Very pale or brilliantly blue eyes, eyes of two different colors (complete heterochromia), or eyes with one iris having two different colors (sectoral heterochromia)[3]
  • A forelock of white hair (poliosis), or premature graying of the hair
  • Appearance of wide-set eyes due to a prominent, broad nasal root (dystopia canthorum)—particularly associated with Type I) also known as telecanthus
  • Moderate to profound hearing loss (higher frequency associated with Type II);[3]
  • A low hairline and eyebrows that meet in the middle (synophrys)
  • Patches of white skin pigmentation, in some cases
  • Abnormalities of the arms, associated with Type III
  • neurologic manifestations, associated with Type IV
Waardenburg syndrome has also been associated with a variety of other congenital disorders, such as intestinal and spinal defects, elevation of the scapula and cleft lip and palate. Sometimes this is concurrent with Hirschsprung disease.
Plus her identical twin looks pretty normal. I think it's just her being a weeb and trying to look asian with her makeup.
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