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Dec 19, 2017
I was surprised that there wasn't already a thread on this interesting online under dweller, so I thought I'd put him in the spot light for us all to be in awe of a man of men, testosterone's true mascot, and an individual that defies our very God by staring into the damn sun.

While German's courts continue to fight for the right to fuck animals raw, there's a young man who eats them raw, rare and untouched by any cooking apparatus.

I introduce to you, sv3rige (aka Gatis) a man whose diet consists = of raw meat, eggs, organic butter, and his hatred for those filthy, malnourished, mentally ill vegans. He likes to make sure people know that he doesn't eat for taste, but the butter is just real tasty on a slab of cold dead beef.

His weapon of choice against those Kambucha swilling, root vegetable chewing vegans is a goats head and his insatiable appetite for flesh. Gatis' enjoys participating in vegan-friendly events where he can promptly challenge any bystander's support for the lifestyle by ripping, chewing and swallowing the flesh from a goat's head with his bare fucking hands. You can see in the video [11:56] his clear disgust at vegan produce, calling it 'crazy' then proceeds to lift up the severed head of a goat by the horns and chew on it's flesh. This behaviour usually leads to a main-match spergdown of sv3rige vs vegan snowflake. He calls them stupid, unhealthy and ignorant, while the raw goat meat is caught between his teeth.

But why is sv3rige hell bent on taking down the vegan trend, one goat head at a time? It's because of his arch nemesis: Antinutrients. It infuriates him knowing that the vegan agenda makes foods holding antinutrients appealing, and god forbid, healthy.

Without going Doctor Oz on your asses, antinutrients are organic compounds found in fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes. When consumed they negate the natural course of enzymes that allow proper absorption of the body's needed nutrients.

(To be honest, I'm not a dietician but at the same time neither is Gratis so fuck it - how about we all have a theory on how food works and burn the dietitian industry down to the fuckin' ground.)

sv3rige cuts the nutritionist bull shit and advocates for his diet of; egg, raw meat, egg, organic butter, raw organs, egg, raw OLD eggs and high meat. Seriously he eats like a dozen eggs every damn day. It's his alternative to a juice box as they're "good sources of hydration." And he also prefers fertilised eggs, and if they're 70 days old it's a fucking delicacy. You can see in the video that he's visually upset of the lack of "black" in the aged egg.

If you don't know, high meat is the luxury food for those on the raw meat diet. The process of high meat is to simply put raw meat in a jar and letting it rot for upwards of a fucking year.

Like a paleo Rain Man, sv3rige eats that shit like chocolate fucking mousse. Besides the disgust over the taste, which his delusion translates it to 'the aroma of the Viking gods', he is visibly shook by the experience. A common trait of raw meat eaters is the shared feeling of unity, strength and a 'high' feeling. sv3rige and others alike claim that sticking to the diet allows you to operate on a high realm of existence. A commenter hypothesises that his tolerance built up from eating guts and egg yolk every fucking day has allowed him to surpass sickness and feel this 'high'.


Again we dunno this guys credentials but I mean if people are advocating eating rotting meat it means that anything can be considered 'fact' to an audience of people seeking ways to destroy themselves in order to be better than everyone else who doesn't have access to cold hard facts.

But sv3rige isn't alone, there's plenty of active discussions online about the positive properties of shit coloured, rotted flesh.

As well as his diet, he reduces his use of the things us mere mortals find crucial; gaming, cooked foods, grapes and blinking. On a scale of a Ethan Klein's tourettes and ShoeNice, Gratis scores an Elliott Rogers. This may be due to his hobby of staring directly at the fucking sun.

But it's clear that ol'mate Rawrson Wells isn't alone in the community of self-dubbed sun gazers.

He has videos dedicated on his pro-incest thoughts.


His theories on why the world is flat as fuck.

And his thoughts on 9/11 and his Runescape glory of the yesteryears.

Before sv3rige decided to vlog his raw diet experience he used the channel to share his Runescape game play. He was known amongst the RS community as Kids Range, the community well aware of his evolution to a star gazing, incest supporting, goat head wielding master of our race.

What fucks me up is the fact that he is inspiring more people to live up to his standard of bull fuckery. There's plenty of videos from ex-vegans-turned-raw-meaters that condone sv3ige's message, usually supporting their cause because they had been vegan for a few years to find the first half was a high state of life, while the second half was unnatural physical trauma.
This is concerning as sv3rige has only been eating raw goods for 4 years, and it's unknown what the long term consequences of this lifestyle.

This is only the fleshy iceberg on top of the delusional values of sv3rige; hero of the humans, banisher of the vegans, primal destroyer of organic meat produce and over lord of the sun.

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so long, and thanks for all the fish
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Dec 30, 2017


May 14, 2018
Powerword: Gatis Lagzdins

I'm a longtime lurker of this site. I made an account solely because I can provide a lot of information about this guy. He is fucking crazy. It wasn't common knowledge when he rose to fame in 2007 as Kids Ranqe on runescape, everyone was a child back then and a 18ish year old pouring 10+ hours a day on an inefficient pure didn't register as a sign of mental illness.

I don't have a lot of evidence for some of the stuff I'm going to say because I never would have believed that this guy would begin to grow a sizeable (still niche) following promoting this raw meat and flat earth lunacy.

Gatis used to be obsessed with the Columbine shooting. He'd bring it up a lot unprompted, and loved the Michael Moore documentary. Sadly, you'll just have to take my word for all of this--a lot of evidence once accessible and never saved is now gone. I think he requested to delete some entries from the waybackmachine because I recall him being very public about this and even had it on his YouTube profile. Can you do that? But here is evidence that he held the documentary in high regard.

In 2009... or 2008? he tried to re-enact Columbine at his highschool.

originally found here: http://www.balticbusinessnews.com/Default2...6&readcomment=1 (link is dead, couldn't find a mirror you will have to take my word but you can probably find it on some of his old videos)

There were a lot of comments, making reference to Kids Ranqe like "failed dds spec"

>Attacked classmates with a knife Yesterday morning Gatis Lagzdins- a 10th grade student at Ventspils First High School- mentally lost his control- and slashed out with a knife at four of his schoolmates. The injured students were taken to Ventspils Hospital- but the injuries were not serious- after treatment all four went home. Kristine Krilovska from Ventspils Criminal police said that the attack was probably induced because of the past humiliation and bullying he received. It seems that Gatis Lagzdins was obsessed with the film about the shooting at Columbine High School- United States. "He also planned to commit suicide but he backed out-" said Ieva Reksna- head of the State Police's Press and Public Relations Department.

It prompted a lot of trolls to spam it all over his videos once it was found out but it had very little effect. The guy was a legend in the RS community. He blocked and deleted all the spammers who tried to share it on his videos, but someone in the IRC found it and spread it around in 2012 which was why I left myself.

I used to buy into a lot of the conspiratard bullshit when I was younger and was apart of his IRC for a year. He did promise a lot to a kid like me who was very disenfranchised with his life and the future of working a 9-5 for the rest of my life. It was scary to me but he provided an alternative. Back then, he would just watch movies all day and listen to music basically 24/7. There were a lot of kids like me on the IRC and one of them was really young... I think he was 13 or 14 but he's still friends with Gatis now and has been in his videos during meet-ups. This kid is so fucked up because he was indoctrinated by this nutjob from a very young age, and I still worry for him now. I see him sometimes in the comments and Gatis refers to him as "his assistant."

I don't think he watches movies anymore and just sungazes... wonderful alternative, because it lead him to lose his appetite completely (I'm guessing he got the idea from Eat The Sun) and lead him to being admitted to a mental institution.

I don't watch his videos anymore so the incest stuff is new to me but it isn't a surprise at all. He's a pedophile who has admitted to molesting girls on a few occasions. He was somewhat open about the molestation, he mentions it here, he touched a girl in her sleep when they were both drunk (when he told us in IRC he didn't mention he was drunk) and someone told her and he was rightfully vilified for it. He likes to blame all of the wrongdoings of his past on being "brainwashed" or "asleep."

He talks about it being natural to find people attractive when they start puberty. In 2012 he was in a relationship with two girls from the same country. One was 14 the other was 16. The 16 year old had public photos of her and was "very mature" with large breasts. He went to their country and fucked the 16 year old, he admitted he never had sex with the 14 year old because she was a "stick" but they did meet up. So power to him, I guess, he didn't fuck the illegal girl. He seems to be less open about this like the attempted mass killing. I guess he's convinced it's "natural" to exploit these girls who don't know any better.

The 14 year old found out about him cheating on her and left angrily. She was probably the person who sent around the article about the stabbing, and she also leaked the 16 year old's nudes and personal info. The same 16 year old already had a reputation in online communities for being a lolcow who stirred up drama and there were rumors that her parents were sent the nudes and grounded her for life. But we never heard from either of them again.

Or maybe she's Gatis' mysterious girlfriend who doesn't like to be filmed. Who knows.

Admittedly Gatis has some good ideas. He has a knack for finding really good music but his mixes are garbage. He makes an evolution of (genre) once a year but he's very pretentious and condescending making the comments of each to be very good fun.

This isn't very interesting to a lot of people but he helped me discover a lot of underground bands/genres that I still listen to today. But he's obsessed with being as obscure as possible, if you know anything about the genres he makes videos on, you will recognize that he neglects to include the bands that were the absolutely most influential his excuse being "I only do one band per year." Also he likes to focus on bands that sound the same, and doesn't show any real evolution.

Like any addict, he's very all or nothing. He thinks video games are a waste of time, but fails to understand that all forms of entertainment arguably are. When I was in his IRC, basically everyone there played RS or Counterstrike. It was how they knew them. He would tell them they were addicted and they weren't woke like him but they still played it. Just because he was addicted doesn't mean that other people can enjoy things in moderation.

Also I just remembered that there was this guy who was his right-hand man before the current 13/14 year old (now 19/20 I guess?) they had some falling out and he was never seen again. I assumed it was because of the pedophile situation but since he's listed as a donor for his site in 2017 I guess they're cool now.

I think this could have been written in a more concise way but I guess ask me anything and I'll try to answer anything I know about him.

Some other things I forgot to mention:

Gatis comes from Latvia, a pretty poor European country. According to him, he used to do a lot of labor work for long hours. Then he moved to the UK, worked for a bit but then was put on the dole, then immigrated to Germany and has continued to be unemployed ever since. I don't know how he's able to go on frequent holidays without working. He came back from the US recently. He lists the donations on www.Sv3rige.com but they aren't anything extraordinary. Is Germany's unemployment really that generous?

He goes to Ventspils (his hometown) in this video and goes to his elementary(?) school.

I found another article that reported Sv3rige's attempted killing spree. http://archive.md/Ei0rD It doesn't mention his name, and it happened in 2006 which is correct--my previous estimation was completely wrong. He was born in November 1989 so he was 16 during the spree. This is his profile from his pking website http://archive.md/XXkn5 that has the same birthday too. Check out his great signature too. Lol.

When digging for stuff on the supernatural site I even came across the introduction thread of Gatis' right hand man. It was in 2011, snooping around looks like he was 14 at that time if his birthday on his profile is correct (he used a fake year ofc) and he didn't lie on his Minecraft forum account. That means he's been Gatis' lackey for 7 years now. A third of his life dedicated to serving some insane conspiracy theorist.
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Dec 19, 2017
Powerword: Gatis Lagzdins

I'm a longtime lurker of this site. I made an account solely because I can provide a lot of information about this guy. He is fucking crazy. It wasn't common knowledge when he rose to fame in 2007 as Kids Ranqe on runescape, everyone was a child back then and a 18ish year old pouring 10+ hours a day on an inefficient pure didn't register as a sign of mental illness.

As someone who discovered the raw meat eater prior to learning his Runescape past this is astounding information. Is there anything that can back up the pedophilia claims? So many questions but I have no idea where to start.

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Jun 20, 2018
Please tell me this fucker hasn't eaten raw pork or poultry and gotten himself deathly ill from it..

Also lol 9/11 no planes? What a loon. Flat Earth? Yep, total surely is on the border of being a lolcow by the sounds of it.