Sweden Man Drives Car Into Gym, Wrote Letter Mentioning Osama Bin Laden - Incident being treated as possible terror attack.

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A 29-year-old man drove a car into a gym in Stockholm during a handball match, with authorities treating the incident as a possible terror attack after they discovered a letter written by the suspect which mentioned Osama Bin Laden.

The alleged attack occurred on Saturday night during handball match between two teams of 14-year-olds in the Youth Championship.

A video clip shows the handball players running away in fear after a loud bang is heard and the car crashes into the arena.

The man was initially arrested on charges of drunk driving and gross negligence and released, but the investigation took a new turn when authorities discovered a letter he had written which mentioned 9/11 mastermind Bin Laden and stated “people should die.”

Special investigators were called in and the incident is now being treated as a possible terror attack.

“The vehicle used by the man in the act must also have been rigged,” reports Aftonbladet. “A car battery with cables must have been on the accelerator.”

It subsequently emerged that the man was previously convicted for attempted murder but was released from prison after serving just 5 years.

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Do you still remember door cuck? Here is his friend wall cuck! He just wanted to have fun with the boys, but the islamophobic wall stopped him, no doubt it was erected by Donald Trump himself to oppress these diverse youths. Sweden needs to tear down these walls and truly embrace diversity.
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I wasn't even aware of this incident or at least I don't remember reading about it. After all, when you're met with exciting headlines like these on a regular basis

RIGHT NOW: Item suspected of being dangerous found near Rättscentrum i Malmö
RIGHT NOW: Man dead after shooting in Malmö
Student was dragged into a car – tortured for nine hours
The charged individuals were all known by the police
(The subheading/article states that government agencies took different measures against them to no avail. Who could possibly have seen that one coming? :story: )
it's hard to remember every little incident that happens in the "new, exciting" Sweden!

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