Sweden Man Drives Car Into Gym, Wrote Letter Mentioning Osama Bin Laden - Incident being treated as possible terror attack.

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Guess they never heard gunshots before. Oh well, natural selection at work then.

Edit: Where did this incident take place?
Gun shots in real life sound very different from gunshots in movies. If your only experience with guns is seeing them on TV, I can understand why there might be some confusion. After all, you hardly expect to start hearing gunshots, right?

Anyway, so this letter mentioned Osama Bin Laden. Any more details? Was he for or against? I'm guessing if this was a Swedish nationalist who's just sick of this shit, the news would screeching their lungs out about it. The vague details suggest it was probably just another kebab delivery.

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Just a couple days ago, a "Swedish" gang beat the living sh#t out of bus driver ... and 4 days ago there was yet another bombing in Sweden .

How soon before the government complacently implodes, and Sweden is reduced to Middle Eastern standards ?

Rated optimistic, because while the violence is Sweden is high on European standards, it's not even relatively so high as what you have in 'murica. Sweden is also controlled by a pact between the parties that support further immigration which precludes the SD, the only party with any interest on doing anything for the gang-violence, from ever being in government. Basically SD would either need 51% of the whole vote in parliamentary elections to ever get in to goverment or one of the other parties would have to break the pact, and neither is happening any time soon.

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