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Who the fuck is this loser, and why should I care? Is he even a real lawyer or does he just another dumb lawtwitter orbiter pretending to be one for ass pats?
His stupid Twitter avatar is a dead giveaway that he’s worthless.

On a side note, notice how all these losers are doubling down now that the brief deadline is nearby. If they think the case is already done, why are they still screeching?


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T. Grift has acknowledged the donation. If real, this person donated to the wrong campaign. His lawsuit does nothing to stop the $2.5m UNC settlement.
This scamming piece of shit knows his lolsuit does absolutely nothing to return the $2.5 million to the taxpayers, yet he has taken a substantial donation clearly offered in the belief that it does, a false impression he has gone out of his way to cultivate. That's pretty unethical behavior by this shameless grifter.

How can you tell? The prevailing theory was Greg fluffed it himself.
That's what I think and it isn't good in either case. Either he's swindled some well intentioned benefactor, or he's trying to prime the pump with fake donations to create the false impression there is actual support for this lolsuit, in order to swindle others.


How can you tell? The prevailing theory was Greg fluffed it himself.
His GMF was dead until he started spamming it on his twitter again and even then he only managed to raise a little over 25% of a $2,000 goal. It goes dormant again and he gets an anonymous $3,600 donation a few days later which is close to the amount of legitimate donations he had received so far. The amount itself is odd. Who donates $3,600? Why not $3,000, $3,500, or $4,000? He's also too busy tweeting that he couldn't mention receiving a $3,600 donation until 6 days after receiving it?

I maintain he's recycling the legitimate donations he's received to make the GFM look better than it is. Remember GFM doesn't charge a fee other than 2.9% plus .30 credit card processing.