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I'd be a lot more impressed if all these people unpersoning Zak would unperson a few other known rapists in their clubhouse.
If they do that then they get tarred with letting them go free, and so are being scum sucking pigfuckers who want that to be forgotten so they can pretend they are not in fact what I described them as.


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So the D&D campaign I was a part of ended, and we are now using Fate Accelerated and Wearing the Cape. I created a first generation Russian immigrant superhero who wears a suit of black knight's armor, and has the power to control gravity. My dad and I are gonna name him by giving him an authentic Russian name.
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Zak's written his response.

I must say, Zak can be a charmer when he wants to. This whole thing is designed to sow enough doubt with regards to Mandy's character as to damage her credibility. But there's a few places where he tips his hand.

First, he's posting this on a new blog, not his normal one or his Twitter, to better curate the comments and distance himself from it.

Second, his opening statement:
Sorry for three days’ silence—Mandy’s post included serious accusations and our friends told me to talk to a lawyer.

It’s strange to have to defend myself against the charge of not loving Mandy
Nothing like starting off your non-apology with a legal threat--and an empty one at that, since no lawyer would tell Zak that writing this is a good idea. And that second sentence shows just how badly he is missing the point. He then spends the next paragraph listing all the ways he thinks she "owes" him.

But most tellingly is how much he blames Mandy for their issues.
It makes no sense that she’s claiming I would threaten to “kick her out if she didn’t want to have sex”, I’d call it ridiculous considering all we’ve been through together but at this point it just makes me sad that she could even claim that, let alone believe it.
So yeah, there's the classic DARVO in action.

Though I can't help but wonder what would have happened if the genders were flipped. Mandy's statement made me think of Eron's Zoepost. Would all of these people have risen to his defense today and attack Zoe Quinn for being abusive?


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David A. Hill Jr. is a bigger cow by far.

Some third-party impressions of his, er, creative output:
The opening unsigned fiction piece [in the Shadowrun sourcebook War!. -S] is a how-to guide for exacerbating racial tensions and provoking hate crimes against Gypsies. I am not even making that up. It's very nearly the first thing in the chapter, and already you're suspecting that the author has Neonazi sympathies.

One of the adventure seeds [also in War! -S] involves running around murdering the ghosts of Jews who were murdered in the holocaust so that you can get to the bottom of the dungeon and get your hands on magic Nazi items that the Jews won't let you have. This is way beyond the boundaries of good taste, and considering that the previous section was registering at least four hundred micro Eichmanns on the "is this books Pro Nazi" detector, it's way past my comfort zone. Seriously, just the Jewish Ghostbusting idea could be put up five times and it would be more than adequate to make me not want this section to see print.

By the way, I'm calling it right now: the chapter "The Street Life" [in the Shadowrun sourcebook Attitude. -S] was written by David A. Hill Jr. I would be fairly surprised if I am wrong about that, even though that book has twelve authors and only one of them is Mr. Hill. The fact is that for the last several books, whether it is demonstrable plagiarism or writing from a pro-Nazi viewpoint, every time I have felt like the writing itself was trying to give me the bad touch I have subsequently found out that the segment was David A. Hill. So since that chapter in particular made me feel like I got brushed up against by the author's kinky sexual obsessions in a bad way - I'm guessing that was the writing of David Hill too.
2: Would you mind saying who wrote the Street Life section?
Jason Hardy: David Hill did the honors there.
The rape face:
He had at least two children as of 2010. He's been married to another (but female) creep Filamena Young since at most 2011, who's a self-described "mom", so I guess that's who he had the children with. Poor kids.

(I bet David A. Hill Jr. still has google alerts on his "deadname"! Hi Dave! Hope you fall assfirst on something spiky!)


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I'll second this cause I'm dying for a game and have been having bad luck with microphones lately. If I ever escape this audio curse I'd happily GM for text-only players who are interested in terrible prose and a stubborn penchant for homebrewing all campaign material despite endless procrastination problems.
I would be up for this too if you're still thinking about GMing. The only issues I can see cropping up right off the bat would be time zones (I'm a Britbong) and the fact that I'm a huge noob because most of the groups I've investigated are more interested in identity/gender politics or social justice rather than actually playing or hosting a fun campaign and I don't want to go anywhere near that sort of shit tbqh.

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All this drama regarding Zak combined with the even more reprehensible nature of and its community (and to a lesser extent, Onyx Path Forums and a few other forums) has made me wonder if there is any online RPG forum that isn't an utter cesspit. is so bad that they have a thread in Community Watch, The RPG Site is a madhouse run by some weird libertarian guy in South America who literally thinks he is a wizard, and I haven't checked out EN World.

The only community I have found that is even semi-sane is RPG Pub, which was apparently founded by guys from both and The RPG Site who were tired of the attitudes and general insanity at both places (left-wing in's case and right-wing in RPG Site's case)

Apparently, RPG Pub is explicitly designed as an apolitical RPG forum and I had heard of it before, but only recently started lurking a few days ago. I haven't signed up there yet, but I am seriously considering it. I'll post a link below for those interested.

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David A. Hill Jr. is a bigger cow by far.

Some third-party impressions of his, er, creative output:

The rape face:
He had at least two children as of 2010. He's been married to another (but female) creep Filamena Young since at most 2011, who's a self-described "mom", so I guess that's who he had the children with. Poor kids.

(I bet David A. Hill Jr. still has google alerts on his "deadname"! Hi Dave! Hope you fall assfirst on something spiky!)
Huh. I have PDFs of most of the SR stuff -- I know I have Attitude. I'll have to look into this and see if it trips my creepometer. Keep in mind, SR can get pretty damned edgy, and not just in the usual 'dorky dark' sense; I am still amused that SR was warning about the dangers of home-networked appliances LONG before the 'Internet of Things' was a thing.
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Read my posts in his voice
and I haven't checked out EN World.
I was a member of ENWorld way back in the day and one of its offshoot boards. Morrus, the guy who runs it, is an annoying Brit with a moderate distaste of Americans. Back in the day I thought of him as an insufferable liberal but that was before many liberals lost their minds and became leftists. I don't know if he "crossed over" so to speak, because I haven't been on any of his sites in a long time. There was solid game talk back in the day but I found the site tedious after a time.
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So, @Adamska @NIGGO KILLA @Kyria the Great and I have been working on an RPG podcast which consists of us reading and riffing on terrible TTRPGs. We got the first episode up, where we're discussing SIGMATA aka ORANGE MAN BAD: THE RPG.
Hope you enjoy our :autistic: ramblings about an :autistic: game.
Feel free to PM me for any books you want, I may or may not have them

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There ain't no brakes on this drama train, kids.
Awww's about to get real!

Pundit may be right about how awful of a community is, but he is also certifiably batshit insane and has a devoted following of fans who are only slightly less unhinged than he is.

So if WOTC does remove his name from the PHB credits along with Zak's, and the other consultants are still's gonna be one hell of an entertaining shit-storm of drama.

I'm gonna get the popcorn ready just in case.
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Can we talk about fun tabletop games or other weird things about it instead rather than turn this thread about said hobby into an unofficial thread about Zak? I'm getting sick of it tbh and my brain actually is forgetting what this shit's even about.

I'll start off with my alternating Sunday game. I basically tested out a dungeon that only had traps, and it worked alright. I did have a lot of fun watching the interaction between the Mystic Ranger and the Barbarian on this one evil macguffin they got.

Also just gave them a level because fucking prismatic spray trap at level 5 they managed to disarm with explosives.

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