Sonichu Taffy's Annotated Sonichu - Director Amenities Finished!!!

Salt Water Taffy

Only bad witches are ugly.
Better men before me have tried and failed.

They said it was an impossible task - analyze Sonichu for its literary and artistic merits? You're crazy. Everyone who's come before has crashed into slumber trying to make it to the end of Sonichu.

But not me.

I'm going to march into the depths of Sonichu - no Audiobooks, no dramatic readings, no booze, just raw, unfiltered Sonichu - and I'm going to finally finish the job that was started six years ago.

I'm going to finish The Annotated Sonichu, once and for all.


So I'm a bored college English major with too much time on her hands and I'm half doing this for shits and giggles but I also think this is a job that needs to be finished. So I'm taking this education I'm paying thousands of dollars for and using it to read Sonichu. I'm picking up where the first blog left off and I've already done Sub Episodes 5 and 6, and if you guys like what I have to offer I'm going to try to plow my way to the end, including the stuff he did over the summer. As a side project I'd also like to annotate a couple of other CWC miscellanea - I've already started Christian and the Hedgehog Boys Annotated too.

My biggest concern right now is that I'm worried some pages are too short (I don't really have too much to say about a lot of the fight pages) and some pages are too long, I'm worried there's not enough pages of a nice length. And what do you all think about the layout? Can you read the posts okay? My plan right now is to have the background be the cover of the issue I'm working on. I also don't know if I should reblog the original Annotated Sonichu on mine or not.

You guys like it?


The prose companion to Taffy's Annotated Sonichu, Ghost in the Machine - A Sonichu Retelling

So, as you know, for the past month or so now to help annotate Sonichu into something a little more manageable, I've been giving way too much thought and care into Sonichu canon and its many many plot holes, spotty characterization and various other storytelling failures. I've also been reading Tom Stoppard's absurdist play Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead, which for those of you who don't know is a retelling of Hamlet from the perspective of two minor characters that were supposedly in the background, just out of frame, for much of the action in the story they weren't present for in the original story. So I thought "I could do this for Sonichu and fill in all those nagging plot holes!"

So meet Nadine Rosechu. She's a Ghost/Electric type Rosechu, an enemy of the state in CWCville who's currently living outside of town, who was an integral figure in the story of Sonichu but due to her activities with traitorous groups such as Team Rocket she's kind of been unpersoned in CWCville. But it's been almost ten years and she's decided to come forward with her story. The novella is written in an epistolary style, the bulk of it being a letter from Nadine to Chris, plus some official CWCville city documents, transcripts of phone/online conversations, newspaper clippings and the like. (I'd also like to formally apologize for the sorry state of my handwriting, by the way). In her letter Nadine calls Chris out for his Orwellian retcons of her and her posse out of his comic and some of his other propaganda that weaseled its way into the comic. (Plus I'm filling in some little details like some characters's real names.) We're going to see more of the dark underbelly of CWCville and flesh out the universe a little.

Later on I want to focus on some characters that don't get a lot of attention from other writers too. I want to see Jerkief get back into the dating game after his divorce.

This won't be taking the place of my reboot of The Annotated Sonichu, it's just a little side project. Think of it as a companion piece to The Annotated Sonichu. Do you guys like it?

Note regarding GitM 29 Dec 18 - I recently put together a table of contents for GitM that you can access from any time on the sidebar. As well, I made a little change of pace regarding the names of the "interstitial" segments. Since most of them had really long and incredibly mechanical titles (and half of them started with "transcript of a conversation between") and nothing was short and snappy that I could put on a table of contents like that I've renamed each of the "interstitials" to have song titles just like the main chapters, albeit unnumbered. Think of them as "Sub-Episodes" ;). Click on the GitM links in the posts prior to this date at your own risk though.
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I haven’t read these in a while. Great job. There’s a nice plot gaff here wher Crystal goes off on “how dare you interfer with my brother’s love quest ....”. I humbly offer the following:

CWC: hey, Crystal, my closest friend and former womb-mate, what about your friends? Surely you must have many special gal-pals who are boyfriend-free, who among them do you think would be the perfect sister-in-law for you?

Crystal: uhhhh, gee, bro, I need to be getting back to the Heart Torch dimension now. damn, look at the time! Great to see you, give our sainted mother, Barbara Anne, my love. .....

Salt Water Taffy

Only bad witches are ugly.
Sub Episode 8 is up. Sonichu 4 is done. I'm going to open up a questions page on the Tumblr too.

Before I put up Episode 12 (it'll probably be done sometime next week), I want to make a final decision - should I reblog the original Annotated Sonichu here to keep things all in one place? Or should I leave it be on its own site?

Salt Water Taffy

Only bad witches are ugly.
Only concentrated :autism: could compel one to put this much effort into something without pay. Well done.
Wait, I could do this for pay? :tugboat:

I'm pretty sure college essay writing makes you :autism:. I could point you in the direction of dozens of essays about real literature I've written that are just as spergy, but because they're about good literature they look smart and not stupid. I enjoy writing them less though. Annotating Sonichu has been hard and stupid but a lot more rewarding than writing the hundredth "Heart of Darkness is racist and should be purged from this earth" that's just feeding the professor what she wants to hear. American universities are SJW lolcow centrals and a lot of times Sonichu is a lot less :autistic:, disappointingly.

Speaking of :autistic:, I put together two handy excel spreadsheets involving Sonichu timelines, and before I put out episode 13 I'll also have up a little Annotated Sonichu treat.