Taiwan loses 3,000 chip engineers to 'Made in China 2025' -


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You must understand that since 1949, each successive generation of Chinese people have been drilled from their formative grade school years to believe that it is their national birthright and their most patriotic duty to seize control of Taiwan from the Western-backed usurpers.

You don't need to exaggerate. From my experience most mainlanders believe that Taiwan is part of China but they're not going to go up in arms all militaristic about it. No one on either side thinks a war is a good idea. Most citizens currently care more about the latest phone, or that new restaurant that just opened, or which talk show hosts are dating, than performing their patriotic duty. The people are very occupied with materialism from the country becoming rapidly developed.

You're gonna get a ton of Mandates of Heaven once the Chinese Stock market collapses like a 2 year old apartment complex.

Ok, you can put on your tin-foil hat and go to your government collapse bunker. The PRC has been very deliberate and careful in growing its economy in the past 30 years and ensuring political stability. The Chinese market is massive and there is tons of global investors with vested interest.


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Bruh Mainland China is full of syphilis and HIV, don’t wanna go to some nasty ass country.

This is why you import your foreign mistress' from country's that don't have that problem: indonesian, malaysia, vietnam, etc. Chinese don't give two shits what you are doing on the side as long as it doesn't interfere with business and you keep getting those 8-10% margins year over year.
Firstly the Chinese have to weigh the risk of triggering a war with USA by violating Taiwanese sovereignty. Right now USA guarantees de facto Taiwanese national sovereignty by force of arms, so until the defense treaty is revoked by American Congress, there is the risk of drawing American intervention into any military invasion scenario. And a war over Taiwan may not remain a strictly Sino-American conflict. France and Netherlands still sell weapons and military technology to Taiwan in defiance of Chinese protests to the contrary, and it's quite likely that in the event of a war, China would issue some kind of ultimatum for such countries to cease arms sales or else be sanctioned, which would further isolate China during such a crisis.

Secondly, Taiwan is a very small and crowded island, so any military invasion will absolutely obliterate the local economic infrastructure to the point that post-war reconstruction cost will be more than the economic gain of acquiring the war-damaged Taiwanese GDP. The Chinese plan is to hit all the Taiwanese police stations, strategic fuel reserves, military bases, highways, hospitals, telecoms network, power plants, and government offices in the first round of bombing and airborne assaults, but all these kinds of strategic targets are located in the middle of heavily populated Taiwanese cities, which will basically be leveled in the process. Forty years ago, it might have been worth it to the Chinese since their own national GDP was proportionally minuscule compared to that of Taiwan, but now the Chinese GDP completely dwarfs that of Taiwan.

Thirdly, most of the wealthiest Taiwanese citizens and multinationals have an easy way to rapidly transfer all their money and liquid assets to accounts or subsidiaries in the US, Japan, etc, so in the event of a war scare, much of the Taiwanese GDP will be whisked away to overseas bank accounts in a matter of weeks, never to return. Think like how the rich Hong Kongers crashed the Hong Kong economy by dumping all their real estate and holdings and taking all that money to UK and Canada in the months leading up to the 1997 transfer of HK sovereignty to China. In an invasion of Taiwan, the Chinese would be left holding an empty bag.

Fourthly, it's way easier and cheaper for the Chinese to subvert Taiwan by non-military means. The KMT Nationalist Party (currently in opposition) in Taiwan will basically do China's bidding and it's fairly easy for the Chinese to give them electoral victory by promising to lift sanctions on Taiwanese economy and trade when the KMT gets elected back into power.

Fifthly, it's much better for the Chinese to be able to reserve the Taiwan issue as a conveniently unifying rallying cry for stirring up Chinese nationalism and patriotic sentiment when it is needed. As an authoritarian, one-party state with few outlets for discontent and anger in the event of a major economic downturn or social unrest, the Chinese government sees an independent Taiwan as a useful distraction from domestic trouble and dissent. The Chinese people from different regions and different social classes and different ethnicities might not see eye to eye on many issues, but the one thing they can all get behind is China's inherent right to rule Taiwan. The next time China's economy crashes and the Chinese people are getting ready to turn out in the streets to lynch the politicians and businessmen they think are responsible for the misfortune, the Chinese government will simply be able to declare its intent to retake Taiwan by force in the coming months, and pretty much all the Chinese people will be happy to temporarily set aside their differences to unite behind this one common goal. You must understand that since 1949, each successive generation of Chinese people have been drilled from their formative grade school years to believe that it is their national birthright and their most patriotic duty to seize control of Taiwan from the Western-backed usurpers.

As an aside to this, the Taiwanese military isn't powerless. They've spent decades preparing for one thing: potential Chinese invasion. They will make any attempted attack on Taiwan as painful as possible, and they've got western technology China doesn't have access to, like Abrams tanks and stingers.


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Chinks are greedy as fuck, I don't think democracy can make a dent in that

Nah, most people would abandon their nation for a payout. Good states tend to incentivize their people to stay.

Europe: People are connected to a web of public services
America: American opportunities and freedoms keep people happy

Nobody else has anything to offer so you see massive brain drain. China can afford to bribe people but their country is crippled by brain drain.