Taking art requests - Stipulation is I'm high


Accepting art requests, the only stipulation is I'm smoking weed and I'll only be spending 5-10 minutes on it depending on complexity.

I didn't see anything about this not being allowed, but I'm still relatively new here so just let me know if this is the wrong place.

I have a feeling I'm going to regret this.

Arctic Fox

Does it have to be so cold?
Can you do a sketch of a fox in the snow?
I too have been smoking, and I like to watch animal planet high, but their faggy realities are on atm.
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What 3 pics? Lazy cunt. Draw an apology!
The fun is that I'm high when I do it, I'll get blazed off my ass tonight once I'm done with my actual work and I'll go through everyone's requests. As well as an apology since that technically counts as a request.

Violence Jack

Like a wraith, I cling to life, strife be my guide
monkey on a unicycle wearing a dick show hat. peach saliva is in the back in a full body cast flipping the bird
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