Careercow Talia Lavin / @chick_in_kiev - Disgraced former journalist, hunter of imaginary Nazis and crippled veterans, smelly jewish shapeshifter, and PissTape-Conspiratard.


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Then why are they talking about if atomwaffen is a joke?
Because they want an excuse to murder Andy Ngo. Or since they're absolute cowards, they hope that if they keep posting this shit, someone else will go out and murder the guy. Sort of like if you falsely accuse someone of being a Nazi, like this horrid fat cunt also did.

Ironically, the left has a name for this when they're accusing right wingers of doing it. They call it "stochastic terrorism." That's just academic babble for trying to rile up tards in the hopes that one of them does something violent.

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Frankly I'm more impressed with her ability to wrangle those glowing-eyed demon sheep in the first picture than some empty posing with a mere inanimate weapon in the second.


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Talia was doing more sword-posting today, and it made me look into her cutlery collection- some would call it 'a small armory of military-style weapons'- a little more closely.

FACT: Talia already owned at least one sword as of February of this year.

FACT: Talia regularly visits Medieval Times, a store that sells deadly weapons that disguises itself as a family restaurant, by herself. On at least one such occasion, in September of this year, she bought yet another sword. Even in New York, such weapons can be sold over the counter, without background checks or a waiting period. Talia considers that her enthusiasm for implements of death help her feel less depressed and violent. She even names them!

FACT: This mentally unstable woman with many perceived enemies regularly contemplates using her assortment of deadly weapons against them.

Frankly, I am concerned about what Miss Lavin will do come November 4 2020. I hope someone can talk her down from attempting to behead anyone wearing a MAGA hat.
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Well, looks like "the world's #1 fat greasy one of Trump's Chosen People" is rearing her ugly head again.
Haven't tended to this thread for a while, does anyone want some of the new stuff copied into the OP, or should I leave it as it is?
Hmm. I think maybe best to leave it until she buys Aragorn's longsword and attempts to stab some Puerto Rican Proud Boy with it.