Careercow Talia Lavin / @chick_in_kiev - Disgraced former journalist, hunter of imaginary Nazis and crippled veterans, smelly jewish shapeshifter, and PissTape-Conspiratard.


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Look at those glassy eyed stares.

Honestly, if she's been on Klonopin for years... It could explain a lot of her behavior, as well as her weight gain.

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True & Honest Fan
You could reduce this woman to a blubbering mess by just giving her a mean look or something, who does she think she's fooling by waving some replica swords around on Twitter?
I don't think that's true. I think she's the sort to pretend all criticisms wash off her back, but if something does strike home she goes straight to uncontrolled anger. Add that to her size, and I reckon she thinks she's tough. But I also reckon that she's ultimately a coward-bully, who is only a threat within a mob.

She reminds me a bit of the 'daddy issues' girl.