talking myself out of a binge 04/14/2019 -


everything is terrible
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Everyone has behaviors that feel unnatural for their personality. There will always be people out there who will do what they're told, even if its morally wrong, if the person asking is throwing a tantrum (yelling, crying, etc). A good person can recognize that about their partner and decide not to exploit that. Amberlynn saw this quality in Becky and saw an opportunity to have a partner she could easily control. Becky could say no in theory, in practice it is unlikely. She really needs to leave amberlynn and get with someone who won't take advantage of her. (none of this means becky is a great person, just that she can't deal with adult tantrums without giving in for whatever reason).

Copper Saguaro
I don't know how much I buy the narrative of victim Becky. I used to think she was genuine but as time goes on I'm less convinced. She may seem slow, but I think she knows exactly what she's doing. There's no way she loves AOr sees her losing weight and getting better. Anyone else think Becky's weight loss is an effort to get her ducks in a row before shit hits the fan?

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