Lolcow Tara McCarthy / Tarasita Hanrahan - Alt right mixed race feminazi

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I think we've found it. A real life actual feminazi. Who also happens to be a 'fourth generation holocaust suvivor'.

Tara Mccarthy gained popularity last year being one of the few outspoken female alt right members. Her whole argument for a white ethnostate hinges on pseudoscience IQ studies which somehow imply certain races are smarter than others and can't cohabit with stupider races, despite openly admitting to not knowing her own IQ.

She used to host a radio podcast where she interviewed alt right figures such as Richard Spencer, Millennial Woes, Lauren Southern, Jared Taylor and many more. She also co-hosted alongside Brittany Pettibone.

She would make outlandish claims such as interracial sex is bestiality and black people are not humans. Her suggestion for an ethnostate is to take away non white citizenship, then forcibly remove them from their homes at 'the point of a gun'.

When she was pressed by Destiny into answering why she felt so strongly about immigrants losing their citizenship in the United States, despite being British and trying to marry in order to become an American citizen herself, she said it's because she has a 'genetic interest'.

It must be noted that Tara is not entirely white herself. She actually has Indian grandparents and has Jewish ancestry. She even goes as far as to refer to herself as a 4th generation holocaust survivor.

Before she joined the alt right she was a feminist vegan who didn't want children. Some say she had a nose job.

Back in early December someone who knew her from her former life claimed that she dropped out of school at 13, is bisexual, and had an affair with a married man at her job. Oh and get this, they claim that her real name is Tarasita Hanrahan. Very anglo saxon I must say.


The alt right men went nuts and launched a hate campaign against what they saw as a 'trad thot' - a woman using her looks to get men to donate their money without believing any of the stuff they preach.

It was here that Tara the anti feminist gave the men an ultimatum requiring that they respect women. You can imagine it didn't go down too well. It seems she wants her racism without the sexism. I can relate.





Since then she has been rather silent for the past 3 months. But on twitter this week after her long hiatus she is posting again. Her youtube account with over 50,000 subscribers is still privated. And her face has not been seen since the whole debacle. Dunno if she will ever make videos again considering she has tarnished her reputation somewhat by introducing feminism to a right wing movement.

Another gem


With her fiance and alt right dog whistler Lauren Southern. They look so happy. :]
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Her "red pilled vegan" shit is really, really funny. Wish the image wasn't broken.


I recall there being some autistic drama with her husband's place in the vegan community but maybe that's lost to time.

Here is Tara and her boyfriend explaining why whites are superior, and placing a caveat that they don't actually consider themselves better than other races. Tara even say's whites were seen as 'Gods'.



Name: Tarasita Sylvia Hanrahan
Event Type: Birth Registration
Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
Registration Year: 1990
Registration District: Camden
County: London
Event Place: Camden, London, England
Mother's Maiden Name (not available before 1911 Q3): Williams
Volume: 14
Page: 1764
Line Number:

Citing this Record:
"England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008," database, FamilySearch ( : 1 October 2014), Tarasita Sylvia Hanrahan, Oct 1990; from "England & Wales Births, 1837-2006," database, findmypast ( : 2012); citing Birth Registration, Camden, London, England, citing General Register Office, Southport, England.


Name: Tarasita Sylvia Hanrahan
Event Type: Birth Registration
Registration Quarter: Oct-Nov-Dec
Registration Year: 1990

Tarasita Sylvia Hanrahan...My God. Her name is even more indian that most Indians actually born there. The state of this white nationalist!

And I never would have guessed that she's 27. I legitimately believed Tara to be in her early 30's. I guess that hate isn't good for the body after all.


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Her fiance looks like Willem Dafoe. Or cockmongler, can't decide.

I dunno man, maybe being kept in captivity and put on a leash for 50 years is what bred docility into them. Seems the outcome was placidity and suggestibility- if that's what she wants for the west then we're already halfway there.

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