Tara Strong / Tara Lynn Charendoff - Narcissistic “Queen of the Bronies” who suffers from GOTIS and Trump Derangement Syndrome; got an Uber Driver fired for disagreeing with her on politics

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If you don't know Tara Strong, you surely know her voice. She's played many famous roles, such as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, Timmy Turner from Fairly OddParents, and (if you're a pathetic loser) Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony. She's one of the most well-known voice actresses out there, and if you watch any given American cartoon, chances are she's at least guest-starred in it.

Going by her resume, Tara is someone who absolutely shouldn't have a thread on here.

...then you search her up on social media.

See, Tara fancies herself a political pundit. Ever since the rise of the alt-right, Tara has been incapable of stopping herself from making an ass of herself on Facebook and Twitter time and time again. She's far from the only celebrity, or even the only voice actor, to sperg about Trump or his ilk. But she's easily one of the most vitriolic about it.

This has led to some pretty funny moments. Like earlier this year when she screenshotted some guy making a holocaust joke...and earned herself a temporary Facebook ban for antisemetic content.

This is just one instance of Tara sperging. She does this literally all the time.

These are all from late July as you can see. When she's not REEEEEing, Tara is usually tweeting about con appearances and retweeting other people's Trump salt. Nothing too noteworthy. There's far more salt and other spergings to be found though.

@Kinkshamer found an Imgur album of salty/spergy tweets from her, so big thank you to him for that:

And since this is a "Beauty Parlour" thread, or not, guess it was moved, I might as well get it out of the way now: Yes, I would have sex with her.
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And since this is a "Beauty Parlour" thread, I might as well get it out of the way now: Yes, I would have sex with her.
Fun fact: A brony once offered her US$100 for a kiss at a MLP convention. She, of course, declined.

ngl I'd bone her too

She also takes her 'Queen of the Bronies' thing rather seriously, too. When Jerry Springer tried recruiting bronies for a segment of his show (he wanted to show them off as yet another crop of freaks), Tara's response was "listen to your queen, bronies, don't go there" despite the fact that the MLP community had already seen right through Springer.

I don't know why studios keep on hiring her, the pool of voices she can do is actually quite limited if you pay attention.
Nevertheless, when you can do even half as many different voices as she can, then you may resume your smack talk. The official reason the US government gave (according to Tara in an interview with Everfree Radio) for granting her permanent residency (she's still Canadian) is "unusual talent*".

she got tittays
full of silicone

*there's a sex joke in there somewhere I'm sure
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Despite practically growing up with her voicing so many cartoon characters, I didn't really care much for Tara Strong (always thought Elizabeth Daily and Grey DeLisle were better). Once I saw that Vine video of hers:

--it made me happy that I don't really follow social media. If she's this obnoxious on social media, I'd hate to think what she's actually like in person. She's probably not fun to be around these days, but her peers have to put up with her because of how tightly-knit the circle(jerk) of voice actors is.


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Ive briefly said this once and ill say it again

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I forgot what the twit was but apparently she went the brony con that ended in flames thanks to purpletinker, she said she could of been at her sons karata match, what a whore


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