Tara Strong / Tara Lynn Charendoff - "Queen of the Bronies" and Trump sperg who locks herself inside a salt-filled echo chamber


do you see what happens
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This time she thinks the Peta and the FBI would get a guy who ileagally ran over wold hogs

Should've contacted the game warden instead of shit organization and terrorist hunters.

Feral hogs are vermin but running shit over on purpose is deliberately creating a hazard and only shit tier trashy people would do it. Roads are for driving on not for acting like a fucking sped.

Turd Cow

Carl's fat ass
I actually wanna see a shitstorm with her in it

Just looking at tweets is getting boring

Here's something though



It's great, it's crack, it gets you really high.
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"Help! She's attacking me with the English language!"

that show was kind of dumb, but it still had it's moments. Clara was great.
It was a smart show that was pretending to be dumb.

Yes it was gross out as fuck, but there were some clever as fuck gags. You can tell that one of the writers on that show went on to do Community and some of the MCU movies.
Hell another wrote some of the most acclaimed episodes of Bojack Horseman


I'm drunk.
Man remember the days when she played the racist characters in Drawn Together?

I miss those days
I'm sure she'd do work for Drawn together if they came back on the air. As we've seen repeatedly these people don't actually care or follow any of the sorts of things they are talking about on Twitter, it's just some weird dopamine hit when they see their likes go up. And of course money trumps likes. It could probably also ensure her further work if she pledged her wokeness, since people get fired from google for expressing conservative opinions. No one mainstream will hire you if you are questioning wokeness.

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