Tara Strong / Tara Lynn Charendoff - "Queen of the Bronies" and Trump sperg who locks herself inside a salt-filled echo chamber


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She's married with kids. Why is she whoring herself out on Instagram instead of spending time with her family when she's not working?
She probably makes six figures just in cons and other shit that isn't her actual voice acting. That requires a certain amount of fan pandering.


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Have you ever oh......I don't know, ever thought to leave Tara alone?. Yeah I get it, you think shes only good at two voices (when that's not true), and other shit. Shes technically an immigrant so even if she goes overboard, can you blame her for how immigrants are treated at the border?. Maybe actually have some fucking sympathy for once instead of being the complete and utter shitheads you are
Oy vey! Shut it.

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What I've been saying has nothing to do with that. Geez I get you probably think that cause of how people like Andrew Dobson act, but it's not like that. Shes married for crying out loud and I think for almost 20 years now

Speaking of Tara, she acts as just as much of a shithead online as you and andrew dobson. Also, everyone was joking.

Can you even take sarcasm?