Tara Strong / Tara Lynn Charendoff - Narcissistic “Queen of the Bronies” who suffers from GOTIS and Trump Derangement Syndrome; got an Uber Driver fired for disagreeing with her on politics

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She subscribed to a load of YouTube channels last year about narcissistic abuse, and in her recent pictures/videos she no longer has a wedding ring. She's also moved to Canada with both her sons but there's no husband in sight!
good she can stay there


Fear is the ultimate motivator.
She's good, reliable, you know what you're getting, and she shows up on time. You realize those things count for a lot in a professional environment, right? Okay so she's a bit nutty on social media. Literally nobody cares about that though.
Okay. I see your point there, point also taken, I’ll step back
Idk if I'm too late, but someone on reddit claimed r/TaraStrong and the content is quite powerlevel of SIMPS and thirsty ppl

in short words: Milf Voice Actress lol
thats her way to do daily posting on her social media which is sad for seeking attention
Remember this?

got banned and later on some thirsty horny requested it to the reddit police to get it unbanned and now its back to thirst posting of that milf aged psycho! YIKES!
Tara weighs in on the Roger Craig Smith controversy:

Why are people whiteknighting for Grey Delisle in a thread that's bashing Tara?

I get crazy feminist vibes from Grey Delisle
I have no idea honestly? She's just as crazy as Tara.
Tara weighs in on the Roger Craig Smith controversy:

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What is Tara fucking bitching about?. Roger seems to be handling it well with him no longer voiceing sonic. What is she complaining about?