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She had a bucket list for what to eat on vacation? Did I understand her correctly?

Aaaaand she shows us how she's just bought the 90s capsule we saw her open last month. :story:

Paid $4 each for 2 bottles of Aquafina.

Gorl got her yearly period. Yeah Amber, getting your period when you're on a staycation in a hotel sure does suck. Poor you.
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The bad thing that happened is that she got her period. Do 600 pound women even regularly menstruate? I can't imagine that. If she bleeds from her vagina, I bet it is something going on other than her period. Cause what 28-year-old women can't handle their period, or even bothers bringing it up? Was the vacation so that Becky and AL could spend intimate time together? Like a sex weekend? We all know they aren't having sex. Boob suckling, at most.

I can't imagine the state of what is actually going on down there. Then when I consider that if she does get her period, I start to wonder if she uses pads or tampons, and how it all happens.

Jesus christ, Becky. You don't have to resort to this.

Lesbian Sleepover

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lol she talks about how Ariana is gonna be there as if she has tickets
Who cares is Drake was there. Drake has been many places
Becky "UK plays here" again an Ohio/Kentuckian asshole team. Who cares

2:39 you can see her walking. It looks like it what someone looks like walking in a real pool. She is like shaking forward left and right.

Mentions "Becky is at Starbucks getting us ice water" . Free Free Free Free $10K a month but Free Free Free

Fucking time travel.


-describes the view outside her window as "so cute!"
-sounds SUPER out of breath while she's talking
-complains she's only been getting like five hours of sleep a night, doesn't like to "sleep the time away" on vacation
-saw "every one of her flaws" in the mirror while doing her makeup. honey if you could genuinely see even one of your flaws you'd be in tears.
-becky's heavy breathing behind the camera. also, theory that they can't both fit in the elevator debunked
-JESUS CHRIST THEY'RE SO OUT OF BREATH SERIOUSLY they both sound like they've just run a fucking marathon with a pack of wolves chasing behind them
-can shockingly fit in the revolving doors, or as she calls it, "turning doors"
-most horrific shot of amber's flatchest yet as it heaves for air
-"That's not our car mister valet booboo"
-driving in lexington is apparently really hard
-generous amber is getting becky a $3 pair of quote-unquote "pride" sunglasses bc they have a rainbow
-Pretends to be even more dumb for views and pronounces Ramen Fury as "Ramen Furry"
-yay haul incoming!!
-more bitching about angles and reflections--girl, your face just looks like that.
-Wisdom from Amber: "We've all heard what a toilet sounds like"
-Did a little "bucket list action"
-Got some cat toys, gives us some beetusmr
-Also got Cards Against Humanity, shades to block out the haydurrs, rose "cortz" earreens, two soap holders, two rugs with lace szechuanations, and what?? Wow!!! A 90's time capsule! Who saw that coming? So excited to see a video on this
-Becky is so excited to play cards she can barely keep her eyes open
-30 seconds of Amber singing "I won, I won, woo hoo hoo, I wonnnnn" while Becky stares at her waiting for her to stop
-"The future's so bright I gotta wear shades" LMAOOOO
-Complains about the price of Aquafina bottles at the hotel. Would like to point out to Environmentalynn that regular room amenities ESPECIALLY for an average chain like Hyatt would include plastic cups and even an ice box if you wanted ice for your water.
-SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED: Amber started her period.
-Annnd...that's it. That's the end of the vlog. Amazeen.

I don't know if anyone else already capped it and framed it on a wall but, in the little section where she struggle-waddles down the hotel hallway you get a very nice little shot of what can only be described as sausage rolls hanging out of her pants leg when she attempts to lift her feet to walk... That gives far more insight than we wanted to about just how much those leggings are like compression clothing holding the fat in, keeping it from just exploding out in mutant-looking tumors of fat all over her legs.

But yeah, the sadcation continues. Where the fuck did you go wrong in life when going to Target 2 hours away from home is considered the height of living your best life.