Ugh I hope I can hide my PL enough, but the timing of this with the release of this video has me needing to say something.

I recently found out a person in my life was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. This person is a mere 425-450lbs and is around Amber's height. She's had high blood pressure that she ignores (like stroke level - she was refused a minor surgery and sent to the hospital and then she never refilled her BP meds) and PCOS for decades. She hasn't had a period in over 10 years and then suddenly one day she started bleeding profusely, so bad she had to either be on a towel, on the toilet, or in the shower. She let this go on for over 2 weeks before seeing someone and boom, she has cancer. Endometrial cancer is strongly linked to obesity and the risk is strengthened by high blood pressure, PCOS, and diabetes. This person weighs over 100lbs less than Amber but she's about 20 years older. This or some other MAJOR health problem is in Amber's future. It's not if, it's when.

The fact that Amber's forced increased activity on this trip (The packing, riding in the car, getting up to the room, etc) has suddenly caused breakthrough bleeding that she's calling a period is pretty scary. She's already said she doesn't get regular periods and that here and there she'll just randomly bleed extremely heavily for a bit. Having that much extra adipose tissue seriously messes with your hormones, and that's no good for cancer or a number of other diseases.

Leaving the cart like that was so inconsiderate. How hard would it have been to put it back, and just have Becky go out a couple of minutes early to drive to the front of the store to pick Amber up, if she couldn't make it to the car.

The photo of her taking her make up off (I think that's what's happening) is just horrific. I think the theory that she has youth on her side and will live til 35 may turn out to be too optimistic.

Becky looks for Sloth-ish in that photo. ^^

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In regards to Amber's impending health issues, all that can be said is that you will get out of life what you put into it. Amber has been fat for her whole life. When she was a child that was the fault and responsibility of her tweaker parents. But once you become an adult with normally functioning mental faculties, your health becomes your responsibility. Amber has never done anything to help herself. In the name of gluttony and self service she has eaten herself into a nightmare from which she will never wake up. She is a deplorable toddlerwoman who treats everyone around her like a slave and has wasted her life away on cultivating her pathetic and small world of asspatters and cheap jewelry and other meaningless garbage. Not only has she not contributed jack shit, Amber has taken away from the world and in a way from herself. It's amazing she hasn't had some kind of life threatening health scare yet, but it will happen and it will be exactly what she has unknowingly asked for.

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AL would never go in a public pool with other people. There's always people and screaming kids at hotel pools; it's much too busy for the Hambeast. Plus I don't think they'd allow someone in with pants and a shirt on.
Plus I think the management would take issue with the brown swirls of dirt and dried fecal matter leaching into the pool from her unwashed leggeens and shelf ass.


Don't cry for me, I'm already dead.
I hope Amber doesn't die of cancer, then it'll get her sympathy and not be a clear cut case of her own decisions killing her. Yes 450 extra lbs contributes but it won't be a provable link. If it's beetus, heart or infection it will be absolutely no denying caused by calories.

Those scooters literally have signage on them asking you NOT to take them out of the stores. There's signage in the store, too. She a laah. Her lies are so stupid, too. Why would some random woman in a store ever tell that to AL? It makes no sense.

Surest of jans, hambone

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We've been so focused on our gorl's brave, indestructible bra and valiant black leggeeens that I fear we've neglected to truly acknowledge her heroic black ballet flats. How they manage to stay intact on her dainty, soft hooves after being stretched well beyond capacity is a feat of engineering that should probably be studied for generations to come.

The scooter thing is likely going to be discussed to death, but one of the most entertaining and consistent aspects of Big Al is her unwillingness to accept responsibility for her boorish behaviour, and will always choose to come up with a ridiculous lahhh or rationalization instead of admitting the truth. She did not disappoint this this time.

Frankly, I'm surprised she didn't just try to deny it, but I guess attempting to paint herself as some kind of an altruistic hero was just too tempting to resist.
"Thank you for leaving the scooter in the middle of the parking lot! Those rude , thoughtless Target employees always inconveniently bring them to the front of the store near the Handicapped parking!"


I've got more demons where that came from.
Someone called her out on that via Twitter. Love her defense of "one person one time told me they like having the scooter strewn about the parking lot so I have zero guilt being an asshole and doing it, despite all OTHER people and COMMON SENSE suggesting it's wrong and a complete dick move."

View attachment 870837
Fuck off AL

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Every single thing in her life is done for selfish reasons. She leaves the cart in the parking lot because she's too lazy to wheel it back and have Becky pick her up at the door, or because she doesn't want to sit in the car listening to the open door ding while Becky drives it back. But you can sure as hell bet if she pulled up to Target and all the fat carts were out in the parking lot, half dead, she'd have a complete fucking melt down and we'd be subjected to another crying video.

Honestly, she doesn't have a single charitable, altruistic bone in her massive body. Every when she does something "kind" she flaunts it online to show off what an amazing person she is and how she deserves to have her shelf ass pet. Anyone remember her talking about giving money to Becky's disgustingly poor hick sister to buy her kid school supplies or shoes or some shit?

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