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Don't know much about Taxman other than that (based on some post) that he took datura and was apparently a homosexual before meeting (and after dumping) his horse waifu. Maybe make some mention of notable things such as when he had a video where he held a knife on himself.

I think the fact that he's trying to make a doomsday pony cult to open a portal to equestria should be in there somewhere, but other than that good job.
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I got farther along in the article (up to when he took jimson's weed), but the refs are all fucked up. Anyone have any idea how to fix that?

I've made a lot of progress on the page. I'm up to when he got the cops called on him. Also, I finally fixed the refs.
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I added a small update about his store closing, his roadtrip and his latest video.

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