Taylor Swift Posted a Photo of Chickens Wearing Sunglasses and Fans Are Losing It -


Crippling Depression
Taylor Swift fans: "Wow XD so random and wacky, so unique haha chickens"
I don't listen to Taylor Swift but I'm just glad she's not trying to be edgy anymore.

Paul Beenis

yeah hah
Taylor Swift has been sitting on the fence. at least politically for since she has ever been popular. The only reason she did that pro-gay stuff was because if she didn't im pretty sure people would just start assuming that she was anti-gay.

I have been made to assume this chicken-shit is just the record industries way to be like; "hey uhhh haha taylor SHITPOSTED haha you know TAYLOR SWIFT... welll..... she SHITPOSTED lol! she posted something quirky see she has personality! lol! chicekns! lol!"



Unless Taylor is releasing videos of herself making out with chicks, I don't want to see any of this pro gay shit.

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