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Law Teacher who was fired for her slavery lesson is now suing for a billion dollars.1 bazillion dollars!

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Fandom Trash, Jan 11, 2019.

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  1. Teacher fired over controversial slavery lesson building $1 billion class-action lawsuit

    Lauren Holter

    Yahoo LifestyleJanuary 11, 2019, 7:08 AM EST

    Patricia Cummings claims she was the victim of reverse discrimination when she was fired from her New York City teaching job. More

    A former New York City teacher is heading to court after she was accused of forcing black students to lie on the floor while she stood on their backs during a slavery lesson. Following her termination in October, Patricia Cummings claimed she was the victim of reverse discrimination and is now ramping up a $1 billion class-action lawsuit.

    “I have no career at this point,” Cummings said at a Thursday press conference, per the New York Post, describing how the allegation made against her has affected her life.

    Cummings claims the accusation that she stepped on students’ backs is a lie, though she acknowledges that she had her students sit close together on the floor to demonstrate the conditions on slave ships.

    “Ms. Cummings is a dedicated and competent teacher, who should never have been subjected to these false accusations, which have damaged her career and her reputation,” Cummings’s attorney, Thomas Liotti, told WABCon Thursday. “This is a case of blatant reverse discrimination.” Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Liotti for further comment.

    The 37-year-old former teacher said at Thursday’s press conference that the testimony of a black teacher who saw the slavery lesson in question will clear her name.

    “Anyone who has met me knows I don’t have that bone in my body,” Cummings said. “I was brought up — you treat everybody the way you want to be treated.”

    Cummings filed a $120 million lawsuit against the New York City Department of Education and other city agencies, as reported by the Post, but Liotti says they’re also building a class-action case with other alleged victims of reverse discrimination. He believes that case is worth $1 billion.

    The New York City Department of Education, however, said in a statement to WABC that Cummings was terminated “based on a thorough investigation and a review of her performance as an educator,” adding that it will review her complaint.
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    Fandom Trash

    Fandom Trash Just your typical tumblr trash

  2. That's nuts.

    You get it. Cummings. Nut.

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  3. Yeah, fat chance of that happening.

    That's somebody's fetish
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    January Cyst

    January Cyst Kick a duck up the arse

  4. Pretty sure if you actually manage to get fired as a New York public school teacher you done fucked up
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    ProgKing of the North

    ProgKing of the North Close to the edge, just by the Riverlands

  5. It's just 'discrimination', you autist; 'reverse discrimination' isn't even a valid concept.
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    MuuMuu Bunnylips

    MuuMuu Bunnylips I want to touch your pee-pee.

  6. So she'll better her life by fucking over the state at the hefty tune of a billion dollars.
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    MasterDisaster Back in the Stone Age.
    True & Honest Fan

  7. In addition, this
    >The 37-year-old former teacher said at Thursday’s press conference that the testimony of a black teacher who saw the slavery lesson in question will clear her name. Emphasis mine and her settlement of "a billion dollars" brings into question her overall reliability as a person. Where in NYC was this? She seems like a special brand of stupid, like a trust fund baby.
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  8. That's going to be quite some testimony if he can speak for all black people in the country.

    Also, horseshoe theory and all, but you probably shouldn't make black students get stepped, stood on, or corralled into a circle, or have them act as stand-ins for slaves in class. Really you shouldn't do that to any student. Doubly so as a teacher.
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  9. It's like going to buy cream and asking where they keep the reverse cheese.
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    MuuMuu Bunnylips

    MuuMuu Bunnylips I want to touch your pee-pee.

  10. I think this person doesn't understand that despite whatever POWERFUL SYMBOLISM she was trying drive into these impressionable young minds, she still racially singled out her black students and stood on them.

    She doesn't understand how she did anything wrong. She is so deep into la-la-land that if you tell her "you racially singled out your black students and stood on them" she won't understand how that is wrong. And what was the actual point of this? Was she trying to make her black students have an appropriate hate for whitey by personally oppressing them? This behavior is so out there that I don't know how to process it.
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    not william stenchever

    not william stenchever it depends on the whale

  11. Not just that, forcing students to lie down and stand on their backs would be grounds for termination. And suing the school for a billion dollars is literally ridiculous.

    Also, the fact she's getting a black teacher to clear her name won't do her much good. Sure said teacher might come to her defense but everyone else won't really buy into it, and that's without the race angle.
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    #11 c-no, Jan 11, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019

    c-no Asian Man with Sunglasses
    True & Honest Fan

  12. Her name is Patricia Cummings? Lmao when she got fired she should have changed her name to Patricia Goings.
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  13. Asking for a one billion dollars, I expected her last name to be Evil and her to have a doctorate degree from evil medical school.
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    Megaroad mobile suit: autism

  14. I’m so glad this teacher won’t be around kids anymore.
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    Tommy Wiseau Kin

    Tommy Wiseau Kin Tommy's Planet

  15. >See New York
    >See 1 Billion USD
    First thought that comes to my head, "please let it be Landau representing her"...
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  16. To be fair she did lose 25,000 years of employment
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  17. It would’ve been better to have everyone do it, so they could all experience it. There are teachers that simulate things like schoolrooms in the 1800s or even war reenactments. Plus if everyone tried it then they couldn’t say she was discrimating. Also, she shouldn’t step on students.
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    IAmNotAlpharius For the Emperor?!

  18. It would be hilarious if she won.
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    frozenrunner I could really use the salt

  19. New York schools have a thing called "Rubber rooms".

    It's impossible to fire teachers because of the unions so all of the accused pedophiles, incompetents and scammers are kept employed at desks where they do meaningless busywork that is just thrown into a garbage bin at the end of the day.

    The fact that she got fired actually is damning.

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    Apoth42 Hehe xd

  20. If it was the state that slandered her then yes.

    She should probably have more than just one person testifying in her defense though. Shes gonna need more than that
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