Team Fortress 2 Community - A free-to-play dressup game for grownups, home of troons, pedophiles, furries and bronies. "The game is dead!" for the 4th year in a row.

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Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is a class-based first person shooter game that has been out for a while. It was released by Valve in 2007 and went free-to-play in 2011. The game revolves around 2 teams, RED and BLU, and 9 classes, where each class has its unique personality and different playstyles upon playstyles when different loadouts of weapons are introduced. The game has its own roleplay Wall Street, roleplayers, furry and brony modders, cheaters, content creators and best of all, pedophiles. This thread is to spectate those public figures.

The game hasn't had a major update for a long time and has amassed one of the most entitled communities in gaming, becoming overattached to the game and publicly lynching e.g. its content creators for "betrayal" when venturing different types of content. The last major update the game has received is The Jungle Inferno Update on October 20, 2017 (archive).

The game is best known for being a pioneer of the player customization genre, comically called the "Hat Simulator". All 9 classes are customizable with over 1500 unique cosmetics where most cosmetics can be painted in 29 unique colors, ranging from eyesore pink/green to emo black. This results in many fandoms, and fetishists like furries and bronies alike, to grow attached to the customization part of the game.

Valve is also known for the extensive modding aspect of their games. Additionally to unofficial mods that can be freely installed to the game, TF2 has the ability to have player-submitted cosmetics be added to the game through manually approved Workshop.


Since The Mann-Conomy Update released on September 30, 2010 (archive), players have been able to trade their items for set currencies or other item(s) deemed worth the same as item(s) offered. Since the start of modern-day Steam trading (archive), the worth of items is federated by one website named Items are priced with metal, obtained by two crafting in-game dropped weapons together and supply crate keys purchased with real life currency. Prices are community-suggested and may lead into economy manipulation by top 1% group of the trading community.

Before the Steam Community market was opened for wider variety of items to be sold, items obtained through promotional campaigns such Earbuds, Bill's Hat and Max's Severed Head were considered a type of currency in the trading world for how they were only available in a limited amount. After changes in the Steam Community market, the price of these promotional items crashed as they were sold for cheap when dumped to the marketplace. This event caused dramatic losses with high tier traders who kept their "net worth" as afore mentioned items.

Immense amounts of money is spent to buy glitched items such as Glitched Circuit Board or "Normal" quality items, rare drops such as the Golden Frying Pan, one-off promotional items and rare/glitched unusuals. The biggest known trades have been worth about $15,000+.

Nowadays the trading market is dominated by automation as the trading API was made public with the release of Steam trading. With the rise of services such as the .TF network's (thread) and its sister site,, ways to sell your items fast and/or for real-life currency safely were made accessible. Due to these services, some ways of making profit with player-to-player interaction were made obsolete. The price of one supply crate key in in-game metal continues to rise as the supply for metal has rised with virtually infinite weapon drops, making metal a more and more worthless currency in current trading world.

On July 25th, 2019, a bug was discovered in the unboxing system of TF2. Older supply crates could be unboxed with a 100% success rate of getting a rare drop, an unusual. The bug was swiftly fixed the next morning, following a blog post (archive) from the team at Valve. Only the first unusual an account unboxed from the bug was made tradeable. This caused a huge rise in new unusuals in the market, plummeting the price of certain unusual cosmetics and crashing little online emporiums.

Animation (SFM & GMOD)
The flexibility of Source Engine, which TF2 is built on, allows for games on the same engine make use of the content of TF2. The sandbox game Garry's Mod (GMOD) has been used to make stop motion animations since the start of GMOD machinimas. Additionally, Valve released software called Source Filmmaker (SFM) in 2012, which is built as a movie-making tool with a familiar interface to 3D animators. In Valve fashion, the software is still considered to be in public beta and has not been updated once since the release of it. The community thrives without developer support, despite multiple bugs in software that will potentially never be fixed.

The SFM community extends beyond TF2, and yes, there's porn. Many examples can be found when searching "tf2 gmod" or "tf2 sfm" on YouTube.

Since the beginning of Friendship is Magic in 2010, bronies have had a prominent presence in the game even to this day. Server modifications such as "Pony Fortress 2" (refer to "Demoman VS. Ponies") and maps replicating the cartoon are hosted to this day and many client modifications can be downloaded through various sources.

Demoman VS. Ponies

Team Fortress 2 and Horses

Intellectual Horse Discussions in TF2 (Reupload)

Controversies, highlights and lolcows (archive), first known as, is a website hosted by the most autistic MvM players and trading entrepreneurs with superiority complex. The website is a blacklist of players deemed unable to follow their rulebook (archive) or by making the members grow impatient by not readying up (term: F4) or disagreeing by voting the wrong option in votekicks (term: F1/F2, yes and no respectively in votekick context). Members and moderators resort to stalling the game experience and harassing certain players ending up on their list, effectively gatekeeping new players and old ones from the gamemode. Players ending up on the list are referred to their subreddit to submit an appeal. Autistic effort is shown when descriptions of the encountered players are written in tears.

The site was hidden for the month of June in 2020 as most major figures were (and continue to be) banned from selling and trading communities for hosting the website. The blacklist is continued to be updated as time goes on and more lolcow-like behavior from member is caught on recording. // Gergez (owner) // Bill Gaither // Herald11 // Sam the skeleton // Itzee // Bayoen // Tsunkie // ks_ // hs_ // Nebo/Bassky // Scoutfingers // Kez/Frisk Dreemurr // Kiseli_Kinez/Sour_Chinese // Freak4ever2000 // Bandito // Young Thug // normie // RamenAdmirer246/SubWayPraiser464 // Dr.Cloud // sage // Tacobot PR Account // Katti Rowski // H A M/TheSleepySpy // Dolos // "ng" // DeathGod // all_quiet // Mashiro

Bots and cheaters
The lack of patches and a proper anti-cheat update amassed the game some controversy during the start of 2020 as online news outlets started to pick up on the lack of moderation in the game (WARNING: KOTAKU) (archive). Cheaters and automated bots with the intent to hinder game experience have ran rampant on official servers. As follows, it has been noted that the chat is completely unmoderated on official servers, allowing anyone to drop all sorts of bombs as much as they want to.

Valve started working on the automated bot problem in the following updates by limiting access to ways of communication for new accounts and fixing exploits which the bots used (1 (archive), 2 (archive), 3 (archive)), and Valve added optional chat censoring toggleable through Steam.

Entitled community entraps content creators
Numerous TF2 YouTubers (shortened to TF2bers) have shown distress caused by the community's intimidation to keep on playing the game, referring to content creators that used their TF2 audience to push different type of content. The community deems publishing videos of other games unrelated to TF2 as "betrayal" amidst of numerous YouTubers switching content focus when growing tired of TF2. The game has not had a major update for 3 years and currently new content is driven on regular gameplay or new custom maps or mods.

The .TF network pedophile ring (a thread)

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Over the years I've played this game, it has become oddly satisfying having someone tell me "W+M1" whenever I kill them as a Pyro.

It amazes me how people still get salty over him...her... whatever.

Actually now that I think about it, I wonder if the Pronoun people saw Pyro and saw a gold mine.

EDIT: I should also add the recent 15 a.i trend where a program was made that takes the characters' audio files and is able to make them say what you type out. (down for maintenance as of now)

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I'll start with something hot that probably went under the radar quite a bit.


Meet [VALVE] Twilight Sparkle. He is a German pedophile, horsefucker, attention whoring faggot, cheater, DDOS'er and bot hoster. A well known black sheep in the TF2 community. He is overly attached to a cartoon horse named Twilight Sparkle, going as far as to (allegedly) change his legal name to Sparkle and tattooing the horse's mark on his body. He has promoted TF2 cheating software such as LMAOBOX and Nullcore for free on his YouTube channel for years. He is known to have no cheat programming experience himself and has not made a single penny off his channel.

Image through Sparkle's webcam in a Discord call

An image of Sparkle's living room

Sparkle comes out

Sparkle leaves an image of Twilight Sparkle rule 34 among childrens' magazines

At the end of 2020 he made a video claiming that he is being sued by Valve and therefore going to jail. Turns out he was found out and confirmed to be ERP'ing with a 14 year old when he made the video. He suicidebaited with a gun and a cyanide pill when the 14 year old tried to get out of the relationship. Valve had not taken any legal action at all.

(These chat logs are not necessarily in chronological order)













The controversy was reported on YouTube by a small-time TF2ber called WAMO. Later on, Sparkle was contacted by a popular griefing YouTuber MaximilianMus to set up a fake scheme against WAMO (which was planned by Max and WAMO) and incriminated himself even more, going as far as to post a fake dox on his YouTube community tab. He attempted to take down the video published by WAMO on the whole scheme because it showed Sparkle's face. WAMO reuploaded it censored as a result.

But it'll be archived here now uncensored.

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What's with TF2 and hats? Did they start the whole customization monetization bubble?
as long as it has a cosmetic then tf2 players will flock.
for instance the black rose cosmetic dagger for spy had a requirement of playing a very much ded (to be revived in march) korean FPS game with tactical cleavage (Alliance of Valiant Arms) where TF2 players would get their achievement and fuck off to a point that even after the game got flatlined they still bothered on the discussions about the item.

to make it funnier check the posts.

TF2's community suffers from red army syndrome. Despite years upon years of existence and several periods in which people claimed its inevitable demise, it only gets bigger and bigger. But it also gets just a bit worse as new spergs arrive to replace the old ones. I find that because of the nature of it's high per-team player count, it makes it hard to get mad at just one person and that the average match rarely reflects the toxicity and sperginess of the community seen outside of the game or in MVM. At most you'll see a message or two about how some of your dogshit snipers and or spies should switch classes. Like I suspect a lot of people who will post in or view this thread, I have fond memories of TF2 from playing years and years ago, still hop on from time to time. But what I probably miss the most is the old community. The new one is dominated by trannies and poltispergs, cross team voice communication on Valve servers is disabled and so are sprays. (you can spray them but no one else can see them) Now adays I get my kicks taunting after kills and baiting them because of how excessively upset TF2 players get. One thing I've noted however is that newer players don't seem to be upset by taunting after kills, as if they haven't been socially indoctrinated to understand that it's bad yet. Though even this shit pales in comparison to the ye old days when you could get a kid screaming constantly for an impressive amount of time.

Also, not gonna use the actual MLP hat with voiced lines when linking to a pony item in TF2?

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The overabundance of furries and bronies there is disturbing. Last time I played was years ago, but even regular servers and fan ones that had nothing to do with either were filled to the brim with pony or furry sprays. And the community's addictive obsession with hats and cosmetics is just plain creepy, always was even before the bronies and furfags took over.
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I remember watching this back when mods still knew how to do their own thing. Never knew the guy who made this died unexpectedly due to cancer.

The second upload is up here because a couple of the songs that EthioMod used were copyrighted.

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TF2 is a very... divisive community, to say the least. I see a lot of the drama via the threads on /v/, one thing that constantly comes up is that Tyler McVicker (Valve News Network) and are a group trying to "ruin the game" and "mold it to their vision", and that they're behind the bots "ruining the game". I'd do a proper writeup but the long and short of it is that VNN made a video called "Sad Team Fortress 2 News: TF2 is On Hold" (which seems to now be deleted). I saw it when it first came out, it was basically 9 minutes of Tyler saying "Valve is all working on Alyx now, isn't it sad that they're developers don't care? :(". It wasn't immediate, but some people pointed out that it seemed like a call to arms for the community to move more towards modded content, one of the major things McVicker advertising being The timing seemed too convenient, so people speculated that he and creators were behind the bot spam (since they would obviously know their way around the game's code, being modders and all).
This was mostly speculation, obviously, and I imagine once it came out that TwilightSparkle was behind a lot of the botspam people moved away from the VNN conspiracy, but I still see people whine about (sic) "Tyler McNigger" in /v/ threads to this day. So who knows. Ultimately just an interesting little conspiracy that I figured I'd share.

As for the actual community, I'd say the writeup isn't terrible, there's a lot of autism to be found. For my part I could care less what the community thinks, in the end it's all up to Valve to stop the whining and as long as they continue to do nothing (which they probably will) it'll take a while for it to die down.
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The thing that's always stuck out to me the most about the TF2 community is how much they hate it when established TF2 content creators branch out and try doing other things. Creators who want to do something other than TF2 are labelled as sellouts or backstabbers even if they're not actually jumping to the newest trend. Every popular TF2 creator regrets making the game their main focus at some point, because breaking off requires dealing with nonstop harassment from the community. It's a level of entitlement that I don't think I've ever seen in other communities.

The best example of this is STAR_, a veteran TF2 creator who tried doing other things after deciding that TF2 no longer allowed him to produce content that was good enough for his standards. He received so much hate for this shift that he vanished for ages, only uploading one video in four years. It wasn't that he had run out of ideas, it was that he couldn't bring himself to make any videos when he knew that he would just get more angry comments from people who wanted him to go back to making TF2 content. He recently came back and made a video explaining why he stopped uploading for so long, and it's pretty upsetting.

You could add a link to your other thread from earlier last year, or maybe get that thread merged into this one as it's only at like 2 pages
That thread was ultimately a flop. It was a good one-off to show their antics and I thought there were some insiders that I surely saw on the farms that would arrive in the thread but they didn't. They don't have many public outlets and it would've ultimately relied on someone making videos of them in the wild or reading newly added players and shit. Maybe me or someone else could've gotten something out of their subreddit but whatever. One thing to note is that unregistered users will not be able to see that thread if this one potentially gets out of PG.

Its fate will be up to the mods. I don't know how to condense that hefty writeup in this thread but I tried my best in the OP.

The best example of this is STAR_, a veteran TF2 creator who tried doing other things after deciding that TF2 no longer allowed him to produce content that was good enough for his standards. He received so much hate for this shift that he vanished for ages, only uploading one video in four years. It wasn't that he had run out of ideas, it was that he couldn't bring himself to make any videos when he knew that he would just get more angry comments from people who wanted him to go back to making TF2 content. He recently came back and made a video explaining why he stopped uploading for so long, and it's pretty upsetting.
That video is really worth a watch to show the worst side of entitled TF2 players. They bothered him for 5 years to make more TF2 content when he had already moved on long time ago.
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