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I had a 1989 computer that had A/V out. It was pretty fun playing Maniac Mansion on the tube. (I got it in like 1997.)
It was definitely possible and before the Xbox I and a lot of people I knew used the video out on certain TNT/Radeon/GeForce cards for tv shows/movies on TV. DivX and faster internet took piracy from bootleg VHS tapes to digital and good quality at a reasonable size.
It was still a pain in the ass to figure out why the TV screen was black this time but not the last one despite nothing changing, was there something wrong with the resolution or update frequency, was it the drivers, did Windows 98 do something fucky again, maybe if I restart... no. Maybe if I reset all settings... no, ok reinstall drivers and... No.

Fuck i-oh now it works.
It could be inscrutable to deal with at times. Some time later Matrox really nailed it with their dual screen support, treating two completely different screens as one through different outputs might have been the issue with tv-out but I don't know.

The Radeon AIW, that also had video input(and maybe a tv-tuner?), had a bad habit of crashing(blue screening) and behaving weird for no reason. It was by far the best thing around on a consumer level but it was still ass and the most vicious "ATI(AMD) have the worst drivers" screeching seemed to come from angry AIW owners. In my memory at least.
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