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As for the LED thing, I noticed that too. Why do the blue LEDs always have to be so intense? They can make Christmas lights look really harsh and unnatural, at least compared to incandescent.
Oh god. LED christmas lights are a huuuuge peeve of mine.

Incandescant christmas lights are bright, warm, soft... They're like a hug from warm cup of hot chocolate while you pet a kitten.

LED christmas lights are dim, cold, garish. They're like being raped by a cyberpunk dystopia.

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I have mixed feelings on it, I hate how it takes up so much space, but in my IT Support days, it seemed my coworkers who had an office version with the ribbon had less issues finding things then those who had the "legacy" versions of office.
The ribbon drove/drives me nuts. I rarely use any Office programs anymore but I sometimes help people when they are lost. They describe what they want to do and I reason my way to where that functionality would be. In the ribbon that's fucking hard because labels are scarce unlike a drop down where everything has a name, things can now be clicked on that opens up more things without labels and next year they might just move some of these things around again. If I took a week to learn it there wouldn't be a problem, it's just frustrating to know that it is just changing a formatting value for this or that in the cells, I just need to figure out where they put that menu... It's not the complete insanity of a "jiggle the crystal then touch the second pearl" type of Kai Krause interface, but still.

Adobe deserves credit in that regard, despite adding tons and tons of things to Photoshop anyone can find their way around a current version if they have used it in the past, the menus are where they used to be, the icons are the same etc.

Photoshop in 1994 vs 2020



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Smart watches are the dumbest fucking idea anyone ever had and if you wear one you are just advertising that you're a complete retard.
They seem to be completely useless outside of being an extremely expensive pedometer you wear on your wrist.

That also reminds me: I bought a Fitbit Alta HR a while ago, and I like it as a wristwatch, but... there's no way to turn it off. Seriously, you can't flip a switch or tap the screen or anything to actually shut it down. And of course the battery is sealed inside, so no battery pulls for you. If you throw it in a drawer for a while, the battery will just run down on its own, so if you decide to use it again, you have to charge it back up with its proprietary charger.

It also spams your email when your battery's low:

Everyone who knows anything about li-ion batteries knows that you're supposed to charge them up to around the 50% mark when putting them away, but there's just no way to do that with a Fitbit, or at least, my model.

But that's watches in clown world for you. Who needs a finely crafted timepiece designed to be a family heirloom when for the same amount of money, you can keep buying yearly smartwatches that don't ever add anything useful, but become obsolete due to planned obsolescence anyway? Don't worry though, your wife's son will still get to inherit your Funko Pop collection of full of here-today-gone-tomorrow Netflix bullshit and franchises you (not he) have childhood nostalgia for.

I like the wind-up kind of watches, but I don't think they make those anymore.
Vostok in Russia still make mechanical wind up watches. They are pretty popular, think you can easily get them online in Europe and the US. They used to make them for the Soviet army (not sure if they still supply the Russian military) so you get some pretty bad ass looking designs.

E: they have a shop page in English.

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IoT devices are going to be a huge issue in a few years. The sheer number all of these shitty devices connected to the internet with ancient firmware and defaut passwords will be incorporated into huge botnets, hosting sites like this will be a nightmare to run

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I hate the current computer case trend.

Drive less bays means less ability to customize.
Drive less bays means less air and temperature control
Drive less bays is a fucking gimmick promoted heavily by the case manufactures as they COST LESS to produce while charging a premium.

There is a lot of shit I have done in life (and god I am paying for it now) with a great deal of skill sets, because I did a lot of shit in my life. One of my investments was in a mom and pop computer store in 1990 that dealt with import export components (and other things... god used Levis were a hit in Europe) in all of Europe and in the Pacific Rim. So I've been system building for over 30 years. I've done hundreds of Rigs over the years as I'm old as fuck, but I still build rigs to this day.

I specialized in air flow management for desktop cases. That is why I hate the current PC trends of today. I don't give one rats ass about what is being touted today. I fucking know, because I fucking know, because of experience.

I have 3 Corsair Carbide 500r's, 1 Corsair 400r and a 900 HAF on back stock for my future builds. They are the types of cases I look for. Because I will NOT give up expandability for the sake bling bling.

Now you know what my reply is going to be to " Okay Boomer"... Right????

It's going to be:

"You God Damn Right".

Actually I'm from the Jones Generation.... Older Gen X's and Young Boomers. We are the ones really running the world while quietly deflecting shit to the older boomers, younger Gen Xer's and of course.... Millennialls

We really don't target the Generation Zero (yet)... Zoomers you call them ... I think the reason why is because,....
"They are the Tide eating Tablet Generation", ya got to feel sorry for that.

"End Sarcastic Humor and Certain Inhumane Truths":smug:

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I think being able to see the weather just by looking at your wrists would be cool, but not worth any of the bullshit that would come with it, like all other "Internet of Thing" garbage.

They're mostly luxury items, like functional jewelry. If you want to advertise that you have more money than sense and are worth mugging, wear the kind of watch that calls itself a chronometer.
Watch buying decision path:

I just would like be able to quickly tell time, maybe the date as well, as quickly and efficiently as possible. And no, I don't want to use a smartphone to do that, because pulling your phone out just to tell the time is something only retards and zoomers (but I repeat myself) think is reasonable. ⇨ buy a quartz watch

I have a lot of money and need to tell everybody that I have a lot of money, even if it technically inferior to much cheaper products. But at least they look pretty. ⇨ buy a mechanical watch

I am soyboy cuckold who doesn't care about his privacy because nothing that I do is worth knowing about and I also don't care about big tech fucking with my mind with ads because consuming next product is only thing my life that gives me meaning besides fashionable social causes. #BlackLivesMatter #DictatorTrumpMustGo ⇨ buy a smartwatch


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I have a lot of money and need to tell everybody that I have a lot of money, even if it technically inferior to much cheaper products. But at least they look pretty. ⇨ buy a mechanical watch
They really aren't, though. The few really expensive genuine Swiss watches that are still made have all kinds of ridiculously cool features. Like a helium release valve in some fucking Rolex meant for deep sea diving.