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Technical Grievances 2

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Null, Jan 26, 2016.

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If you are reporting a technical problem that involves the main website and its look / usage, I need your browser and operating system. "Me too" and "I have this issue" rarely never helps.

If you are reporting a Cloudflare issue, give me your Ray ID and country name, especially if it's an intermittent problem.

  1. I don't ever fuck with my phone's clock unless I'm travelling internationally, and 2FA hasn't been a problem for me with the same app on multiple places. No worries if you don't know what's up or if I'm just being re,tarded, it's just Lolcow Email.
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  2. So what's this?


    I cashed refreshed but it's still like that. Firefox 61.0 64-bit/Windows 10

    Opera 53.0/Windows 7
    Mr. 0

    Mr. 0 god im not good at computer how did this get here

  4. Same. I have the latest version of Chrome on Android 8 and on my shitty panasonic tougbook with Ubuntu

    Everything still works, it just looks a little squiffy

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  5. Same on Windows 10/Chrome both logged in and out

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  6. Yeah, I think something's up with the display because the little "home" icon is now a ...1? I'm also unable to attach images on a slower internet connection. I'll get an upload error, and somehow get inexplicably logged off, which means attaching images on my mobile, or when tethering is out.
  7. Same issue on mobile. Using Safari in iOS 11

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  8. The quote up arrow link doesn't take me to the original post. Opening in new tab does. I think it's because of uBlock Origin since it works with it disabled.

    Edit: Also the Unicode character for ⤷ First Unread doesn't show up on mobile (Android 7.1, ROM but is basically stock)
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  9. You can compound [gäy] with interesting results because it just makes the text bigger and bigger the more you use it

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  10. as shown by this horrifying thread, this can seriously fuck up the forum
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  11. Probably the wrong places to ask, but are name changes still available?

    edit: whoops, didn't see that post in the forum discussion. sorry!
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  12. Sexy Potoo

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  13. What is the main cause of the box with the red x when trying to link images? I thought it was an image type or host issue but it's happening across formats and across hosts. Is it related to trying to embed the content in the spoiler tag?

    This has been occurring constantly for me the last couple days.
  14. If I finally choose an avatar will you guys stop changing mine?

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  15. It's the proxy. You generally should upload images to the site instead of image links that break. The proxy is not always perfect. It's to stop people from uploading images to sites they control to try to obtain IP addresses of posters here.

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  16. My graphics card is pretty fucked up but I've been having weird graphical issues with this site for a while that only occur here. It doesn't really bother me since it goes away as soon as I scroll but could there be any specific reason why this happens?
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  17. Get a video card that isn't a piece of shit. That really looks like hardware issues.

    This is assuming you have already done the make sure your video drivers are updated thing already. If you haven't, do it.

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  18. This isn't a grievance per se, but it would be cool to be able to view a thread and filter out posts below a certain number of ratings. It would make catching the highlights (and lowlights) of some of the huge threads here easier.

    I don't see this functionality in the Ratings plugin, but if that info is parseable by the forum search engine then it could be as simple as adding a Minimum Number of Ratings field under Search Threads and Posts. I dunno whether that is possible, I've never managed a Xenforo forum.

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  19. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this but when browsing with Tor hidden service on the homepage it will load the avatars of all the users then after a few seconds they turn into white boxes, including avatars in the chat window. It only does it on the homepage and only when scripts are enabled. Individual forums/threads load as intended.
  20. Tor blocks canvas which chat uses to make images static.
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