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You broke it!!

I can't log in at all either; the "log in" button just doesn't click or if I finally make it to the log in page by right clicking log in and then open in a new tab, it logs in but then directly logs me out as soon as I try and go back to any other page.

Null why??? T_T


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We need to have links in chat open in a new tab by default.


Also can't log in. Login button does nothing. If I right click and open login button in new tab it opens, but after accepting login credentials just spits me back out to main page still not logged in. I've also been kicked out of the "reply to thread" editor in the middle of typing this post twice.


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I'm finding often that images people have uploaded as attachments are loading incompletely, or not at all. Is this the case for anyone else?


@Null pls enable pics in chat again

Also "ADF" and "Ahuviya Harel" is not the name of a very popular lolcow wtf

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Is this thing working right?
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@Null, I seem to get notifications when anyone uploads media to any group.

Could you look into it?

Edit: actually, I just noticed the notifications were for the social category, though I don't remember watching it. I did upload a picture to a group before the great apocalypse, so the problem may be related
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Every night since moving to the new server, it seems the forum lags really hard or briefly goes offline entirely. This seems to happen around midnight EST and lasting until... I don't know how long it lasts, I don't constantly refresh the site like some no-life.


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Add me to the list of people for whom images are not loading completely.