Television shows that emulate the Lolcow experience? -


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My Strange Addiction. From merely quirky stuff like extensive collections of mustard bottles and rabbit dolls, to gross or sad shit like eating matresses or ashes

There was also Totally Obsessed, but that one felt more lighthearted and funny. Shame it didn't last long at all, and Fred Willard died this year.
My strange addiction had some great stuff. Ill never forget the guy who wanted to fuck his car

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The Undateables...

Only honest and true answer...

edit: Ruth is a legend... She had her own show too, but she's not really a cow, she's just funny as fuck to watch, because of her tourette's, but apart from that she is a normal young lady and not really a cow at all...

She has some great lines...

This guy is pure low level hardcore lolcow emulation though:

Holy fucking shit shes the ultimate real life shitpost. Ruth is fucking great.

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Honestly, there's a lot of precursors to the stuff we cover on the Farms, and in a weird way it feels like most of the major lolcow categories and certain sub-forums have a "common ancestor" or well-known "Ur-Example" in the pop culture of the 20th Century.

Lolcows: The "Trash TV" genre of talk shows and TV news magazines in general, Morton Downey Jr. is the earliest example I can think of, but Jerry Springer and Hard Copy are probably the most influential

Horrorcows and Skitzocows: Mondo Cane and the "mondo film" subgenre it spawned

Articles & Happenings: Hard Copy for TV, the "yellow journalists" of the 1900's for print

Political Lolcows and "Internet Bloodsports": Again, Morton Downey Jr.

Rat Kings: Pink Flamingos

Animal Control: Fritz the Cat


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Can't believe that nobody mentioned Netflix' Haters Back Off! It hits so many lolcow themes and details, that I suspect the writers lurked here for inspiration:

But is the show good? I am kinda interested in checking it out.
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It's already been mentioned twice, but 90 day fiance is densely packed with cringe, and has many seasons. After that, my go-to is the Undateables, followed by My Strange Addiction, and specific episodes of daytime drama like Doctor Phil. 90% are boring but there is some gold there if you're willing to dig. My favorite episodes are the House of Judgement episodes with Dick Masterson, all of house guests were extra-cringe. I also recommend the episode of Tyra Banks with the girl trying to auction off her virginity.

Also, Da Ali G Show and other shows with Sacha Baron Cohen, he's good at pulling cringe out of people, though I find his stuff to be hit-or-miss personally. When it hits it's fantastic, though. God I love garbage television.
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