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Honestly, there's a lot of precursors to the stuff we cover on the Farms, and in a weird way it feels like most of the major lolcow categories and certain sub-forums have a "common ancestor" or well-known "Ur-Example" in the pop culture of the 20th Century.

Lolcows: The "Trash TV" genre of talk shows and TV news magazines in general, Morton Downey Jr. is the earliest example I can think of, but Jerry Springer and Hard Copy are probably the most influential

Horrorcows and Skitzocows: Mondo Cane and the "mondo film" subgenre it spawned

Articles & Happenings: Hard Copy for TV, the "yellow journalists" of the 1900's for print

Political Lolcows and "Internet Bloodsports": Again, Morton Downey Jr.

Rat Kings: Pink Flamingos

Animal Control: Fritz the Cat
Jonathan Yaniv: Dexter
this just popped up on my netflix

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They called this 'exploitative' when Fox did it with 'The Littlest Groom'! Anti-conservative bias herpaderpderp
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Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is the epitome of horrorcows, and I feel like that show is gonna be used as the common example of how brazenly children were exploited in the entertainment industry.

Of all the stupid shit people get upset over nowadays, I'm surprised that show was made in the 2010s.
The reason Honey Boo Boo hasn't gotten culturally "cancelled" is because it's entirely irrelevant now, but also because it's still "okay" in many eyes to make fun of white trash. Not to get too political, but liberal elitists look down on 'rednecks,' wealthy conservatives do too, and people that far into poverty (at least before the show made them bank) relate to them unironically, and see them as relatable, like "representation." (And most people love a shitshow.)

A nice combo of D-list celebrity mocking and lolcowdom was Celebrity Fit Club. An even trashier Biggest Loser, with the same abusive practices of Biggest Loser, with the added bonus of people you (may) have heard of looking like garbage and crying on camera.

celebrity fit  club.jpg

Flavor of Love is also, still, the greatest "romantic" Bachelor-esque show of all time. With gems like this:

Grown woman pooping on the ground for her love of the Flav

And a grown woman spitting on another woman for the love of the Flav

On a semi-fictional semi-biographical note, there's Windy City Heat, where this group of comedians pull the ultimate troll on their inept (likely r.etarded) friend by convincing him he's been cast in a Hollywood film. It's one of the funniest most in-depth trolls ever put to screen.

Full movie:

His reaction:

This is a spoiler for the funniest part of the movie, so if you want to watch the whole thing, don't watch this


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Jonathan Yaniv: Dexter
Beauty Parlor: Cosmopolitan and other women's magazines, particularly those focused on fashion or celebrity gossip. Mean Girls would be a prime movie example of this phenomenon.

Deep Thoughts: Hunter S. Thompson, William S. Burroughs, Timothy Leary
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The worst couple had to be Jorge and Anfisa. A Russian golddigger is less than pleased when she finds out her fiance doesn't have as much money as he made himself out to.

The worst couple is Brittany and Yazan, who are current. Two captagon addicts with a foreigner fetish.

But hey, I'm rooting for them.

Actually, maybe Pole and Karine are the worst.

this just popped up on my netflix

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I actually loved this program. I binge-watched it and I enjoyed it a lot.

Not to powerlevel, but it really brought me back to my time in highschool. I attended a regional school where all the special needs students in this part of the state would attend. As a kid, I misdiagnosed them as retarded or otherwise unintelligent. But now, years later, it's clear to see that they had varying types of autism and aspergers that masked who they really were.

That was so many years ago.

Prior to lockdown, I would often run into this one autistic guy I went to school with while I would take public transit home from work. He would always have these amazingly skillful conversations with me; this was in stark-contrast to how he was as a teenager. I'd always come away from these commuter conversations envious of his ability to be social and make small-talk. After watching this show, it's clear he must have had one of these coaches who worked with him to perfect his ability to be social. In the years since high school, when I run into him with a friend or whomever I'm with, they never believe that me when I tell them that this guy is an autist. But he was, and it was severe. He still is, really.

The whole concept just gives me tremendous hope. With the right resources and sufficient time to invest, most autistic people can life fulfilling lives, like my highschool classmate.

I liked this show because it had such a hopeful tone. It really put the viewer in a position to root for these people and that's what I liked about it.
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