Tell me about something that makes you happy - life is mostly terrible but okay sometimes


Cutest commissar this side of the segmentum
Reading a good story.

Well it can work both ways. On one hand if the story is really good with some extremely thought out characters and i'm finished reading it then I get somewhat sad since the adventures of the characters are over and I no longer get to imagine them anymore.

On the other hand I eventually get happy about it since a good story can actually give you a new outlook on life and how you perceive things. I am a big believer that reading is good for you in some way. Seeing how a certain personality of someone deals with a situation makes you reflect on your life, especially if you can relate to said character.


J'ai une âme solitaire
Like you, I have a cat that makes me happy when I have a shitty day. 12 year old Maine Coon who still has the energy of a kitten. Love that cat.

Reading a good book and hanging out with friends on the weekends for tabletop games, beer, snacks and bullshitting is a fun way to unwind as well.
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Your Pet Cat
Long car rides with my friends. There's something about the sun shining on everything that you can see for miles while laughing, talking and thinking about everything around you that makes it so memorable and relaxing.
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Death Grip

God damn God and all His horrible filthy Creation.
Flowers plants and birds. All three together are comforting. Must remember this next time I am in a funk.
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