Tell me about something that makes you happy - life is mostly terrible but okay sometimes

Rigor Meowtis

Good thing I don't know how to read
The tingling of my lips when I put on my Burt’s Bees lip shimmer. I’m not allergic to anything in it, I just like how minty it is and it feels/smells good.
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heavy squat and deadlift day. Really not much else makes me happy anymore. Lost the love of my life and the trauma from it is going away but I feel myself returning back to the old me before I met her. That was just cranky, selfish, boring. It was a nice feeling to live to put a smile on someone else's face. It was infinitely more satisfying than any amount of selfishness or money or time spent on yourself.


There's this YouTube channel called Megabattie. It's run by an Australian woman who rescues flying fox bats and nurses them back to health at a sanctuary. I watch it almost every day and it cheers me up to see animals being taken care of. Batzilla the Bat is another good one. Sometimes these channels also feature videos of other sanctuaries that take care of other animals, like orphaned joeys (baby kangaroos).


Still 100% Daddy, don't ever think otherwise.
It's the dumb little things that always make me happiest. One of my birds dunks itself in a trashcan because they both fly like a potato? You bet that made my day. Old lady at the self checkout winds up scanning all my stuff to make small talk because I am a handsome fuck? Been riding high on that all day. Coffee machine at work ACTUALLY works today? I am so damn comfy right now.

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