Tell the above poster your honest opinion on them -

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    NSA Press Release, "Am I vulnerable?"


PL 001

I recognize you, but I'm pretty neutral in my opinions. I have no strong feelings one way or the other.
You're a fellow fan of Jonathan Pie and that's enough to know that you're a solid dude.
You make good posts but have very weird tastes in the freaks you follow :P

You post a lot and I think it might be at the expense of other things. I'm not about to tell you how to live your life, I just hope you're okay. :)
Hah don't worry, I'm paying my bills and still have a job, so far. I'm as OK as I would be absent all the posting. Maybe slightly more so since I'm not driving my wife insane with my ramblings, just some poor saps on the interwebz.

Ped Xing

!Bigfoot! sightings please call 908-314-7784
Your avatar is likewise thicc, and purple is for Emperors.

Are you Nero?


Don't know you. That is a cool avatar. I don't like how bright the moon is, but I am a general fan of things that have to do with the evening, the moon, and winter. My computer's wallpaper is always something in this area. Though I've recently started looking at Outrun/Vaporwave aesthetics.

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