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In honor of the 2nd anniversary of Terry Davis' death I'm working on a game for TempleOS. I want to invite others to do the same. I've had a week or so head start so let me share some advice.

VMware is basically a requirement. Virtual Box has significant performance issues and QEMU has bizarre mouse+keyboard interactions (at least on my machine). VMware also has the best PC speaker. You can transfer files on and off your TempleOS box by either mounting the VM disk image to the host (vmware-mount, kpartx, etc) or using the Mfa utility that comes with Shrine (I've only been able to get serial to work properly in QEMU, something to do with the interrupts I think). I encourage you start with the stock build of TempleOS for a true experience, I ended up rolling my own distro that I'll probably release later.

Terry did a great job documenting everything, you'll end up spending time in the F1 menu but once you get the hang of the keybinds it's really not that bad. I encourage you to look at his demo games, maybe just start by modifying an existing one. HolyC is comparable to regular C, and terry's "standard library" includes most of the things you'll want, although sometimes things are oddly named.

Terry uses mostly DOS/Windows-style keybindings, but here's some non-obvious/important ones to get your started:
Shift+ESC: Abort+Close
ESC: Save+Close
Ctrl+Alt+X: Kill Task
Ctrl+Alt+T: New Term
Ctrl+Alt+N: Next Term
Alt+H: Tile Horizontally
Alt+V: Tile Vertically
Alt+M: Maximize
Ctrl+R: Sprite Menu
Alt+A: Autocomplete
Ctrl+D: File Navigation Menu
Shift+Ctrl+F: Recursively search for strings
Shift+Alt+A: Disable Autocomplete
Shift+Ctrl+FKeys: Jump to Definition
Alt+Backspace: Undo

There's no hard date for entries into the gamejam. Terry died on August 11th and that's when I plan to release my game.

Here's some inspiration
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