Tendies/fishstick/oven fries always say to turn once -

Do you sweat and rage to turn your tendies?

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They kinda are. They're mostly marketed as just another gadget aimed towards upper-middle class housewives who have more money than sense, and already own several kitchen appliances that can do the job better. But airfryers are different from all the other nonsense you see on TV in that they can actually be incredibly useful in the right hands, those hands just tend not to be attached to the main target audience. They're ideal for students and poorfags who don't/can't have ovens and normal fryers, and I've seen creative cooks do some fairly impressive things with an airfryer. And they're one of the few convenience gimmicks that actually is convenient in a lot of circumstances.
I mean, I'm a pretty accomplished amateur chef. I know my way around an oven and a fryer. The air fryer isn't exactly either*. For some things, it's better than either. For others, it's crap, no matter how much they swear it can do it.

Still, I like it well enough that if it ever dies I'll probably get another one. If nothing else, it's quick and doesn't heat the kitchen up like firing up the oven does.

I could see one being nice in a drom room "kitchen", if you had the space for it.

*Yes, I'm aware it's basically a tiny convection oven, but that's not what most Americans have in their kitchen.


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What you do is get two racks and put the nuggies in way so that both surfaces are exposed. The bottom rack has a tray to prevent mess.
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