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Terence Sanchez, our protagonist
Terence Sanchez, more commonly known as Eightloaded/Infiniteloaded, is a nefarious junkie with a god-complex. He's groomed children and camwhores into joining his cult devoted to adoring him and referring to him as god. Aside from this, he also works on numerous research papers trying to prove you can have superpowers on drugs and proving the existence of the multiverse. His purpose is simple: defeating the world's problems with his army of camwhores and his 181 IQ. This OP will document his antics.

1. Terence and his quest to save the world
There's no better way to put it: Terrence's goal is to save humanity, to erase its mistakes, to make people understand the reality behind parallel universes and what he calls Quantum Memory. In order to do this, he wants to prove that MDMA and shrooms can give you superhuman powers, cure cancer and make you access Quantum Memory. And for that, what better way to achieve this than to write an official paper about it?

You'd think that would be hard to prove and you would be right. That's why our little Terence knows a lot about shrooms since it seems he's drugging himself to extremely unreasonable levels.

That would largely explain why he would unironically write things like this.

Or this.

His papers include explanations about what Quantum Memory is for him and detail it greatly. Be careful about the pseudo-intellectual vocabulary, you might lose a few brain cells.

He developed a god-complex from this and he exhibits textbook examples of grandiose delusions, most likely initially caused by his 181 IQ.

Gotta farm those IQ points.

On another note, he's thought about using his "knowledge" of drugs to kill us all. Very reassuring.

He posts daily about these things on Twitter, so if you want to see masturbation over the multiverse, quantum memory or shrooms, you know where to go.

2. Terence and his sex cult

The cult, reunited
Remember when I said that Terence has a god-complex? This section will reaffirm this. As the introduction says, Terence has a history of grooming and brainwashing people, spanning over a decade, all for the sake of worshiping him and his "research." He spends his time building trust and relationships with camwhores, and underage children with the potential to turn into camwhores. He seems to prefer going after girls with family issues (see below), who he will sway to his side with money and drugs. He has been called out on his strange and creepy behavior many times, but has a tendency to deflect it by claiming he's just trolling, and/or simply trying to help out the girls. As Terence has been creeping on camgirls for over a decade, and the number of people implicated is potentially huge, we will stick with the two main people that Terence has effectively recruited in his little cult.

Bianca Cordisco / Lana Rain / Biitchstick
Lana is one of the top camgirls on ManyVids and Chaturbate in terms of viewership and income. She has been involved with drama in the past which will be mentioned briefly, but kept to a minimum in order to focus on her relationship with Terence.

Lana and Terence first met on MyAnimeList when Lana was 14. At the time, Lana was having a lot of family issues, and sought refuge on the internet. That's when Terence started talking with her under the username "Bloodcalibur". At the time, Terence was 19-20 years old. He created a group called "Bloodcalibur's Harem," which included Lana (Biitchstick).

At the age of 18, Lana started camming with the help of Terence, before running away to Brooklyn with him after her mom found out about her new career of choice. They started having sex regularly as Terence began helping her get into the camming business. He spent a lot of money in an attempt to create momentum for her, leading to him becoming her top tipper during the majority of her streams, even going as far as to donate 100,000 tokens.

Terence, already providing her with financial support, became her official manager. Lana and Terence later became controversial figures in the camming community, with other camgirls beginning to show spite for the pair, due to Terence's vicious attacks on anyone that would throw even mild criticism her way.

Other little fun facts:

Shane Hall
Shane is one of those camboys pandering to the gay crowd. Before meeting Terence, he used to regularly stream on Chaturbate, and quickly got the attention of HollandHouse Studios and his director Sammy Martin. They shared a lot together, including shooting gay scenes together, and became friends.

Sammy on far left, Shane on far right
This becomes relevant when Shane starts disappearing out of nowhere upon visiting New Jersey, and starts looking extremely deteriorated and ravaged. Sammy, worried for his friend, starts investigating this whole situation, and discovers that Shane has effectively been turned into a drugged up zombie that now refers to Terence as a god. Shane appears quite regularly on Lana's stream, Terence often being in the background.

Alarmed, Sammy made a few articles and a phone call to unearth this problem, before deleting them to forward this information to the police. These articles and calls concern other people involved in Terence's management business, notably a certain Scarlet here who was called over this issue to make sure she wouldn't become a cult member herself.
New Jersey Brainwashing Sex Cult - Part 1
New Jersey Brainwashing Sex Cult - Part 2
Link to the call
A few quotes from the call:
Sammy: It's almost like you're abducted by aliens and like... you're not you.
Sammy: We were concerned over Shane [...]. He cut contact as soon as he was out there. He looks REALLY bad.
Sammy: It looks like a cult to me.
Scarlet: They have a weird cult thing going on and Terence thinks he's a god.
Scarlet: [...]That's why I'm not going to do their shroom trips every two days to get "upgrades".
Sammy: Shane is a friend and I would rather not see him get manipulated like that.[...]He hasn't been himself.[...] We, as his friends, are concerned and his fans are concerned.

Needless to say that Shane got really angry over this, and started demonizing Sammy on twitter, protecting his new god. Lana and Terence also got involved, and got into a full fight against Sammy and HollandHouse Studios.

At this point, Shane has been effectively been recruited into the cult and worships Terence as a god, retweeting most of his lunatic ramblings on his own twitter.

Other facts:
3. Terence's life
Real Name: Terence Sanchez
DOB: 10/06/1989 in the Philippines.
Address: Apt. 3T 440 Lenox Rd. Brooklyn, NY (doxxed himself on twitter)
4. Links and conclusion (archive) (account disabled)
Facebook: (archive) (dead)
MyAnimeList: (archive)
MySpace: (archive)
MySpace: (archive)
Personal website: (archive)
Twitter: (archive)
Youtube: (archive)

In conclusion, Terence is on a path full of drugs, pseudo-intellectual ramblings and porn. Perhaps in a near future, with his army of camwhores and children, he'll take over the world and the multiverse too, making us all call him god. His antics are crazier as time passes, and doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. His research papers are soon going to be published, which will perhaps be the start of something either amazing either insane.
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Junkie, pimp and a pedo. His hair is a war cime all on itself. It's amazing how idiots line to follow these type of batshit insane individuals. I wonder how much money he's milking out of his virtual whores.
What in the sweet mother of shit did you stumble upon?
Pure, unadulterated autism but with a silver tongue, apparently. He is the boogieman your parents told you about.


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Apparently, Lana is one of those squeaky-voiced cosplayers. A lot of her videos are actually unboxing videos for sex toys. Here's just a sample of the videos on her Youtube:

As for Shane:

Shane said:

  • Q. Are you Straight, Gay or Bi?
    A. I don't use labels

    Q. How big is your cock?
    A. Bigger than a wamprat

    Q. How tall are you?
    A. 6' 2"

    Q. How much do you weigh?
    A. 145 lbs

    Q. What color are your eyes?
    A. Brown

    Q. Are you a college student?
    A. Nope

    Q. Do you have any special interests?
    A. I'm a PC gamer. I love dogs, wolves and anime.
I think "Bigger than a wamprat" has become my new favorite phrase.
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Pure, unadulterated autism but with a silver tongue, apparently.
That, and the fact that he doesn't mind spending his $450k inheritance money on camwhores.

For those who are wondering, this guy has been lurking around for many years in the camming community, but he was recently discovered when Lana began dating the 16 year old girl mentioned briefly in the OP by the username VeronPan. Veron would often engage in sexual conversations on Twitter below Lana's porn posts, and Terence would frequently insert himself into these conversations.

I am not sure why Lana and Terence didn't think the community would have an issue with them including a 16 year old into an adult community, but unsurprisingly there was a lot of backlash when other camwhores and members of their community started complaining about it, and making "exposed" videos, showing Lana had also been doing public masturbation videos where children could be seen playing in the background.

One such example:

According to VeronPan she broke up with Lana shortly after all of this became public, because people had started contacting her family and friends through Facebook. One funny example on the thread showed a guy in a lengthy Facebook conversation with VeronPan's mother, explaining to her what a camwhore is, and why her daughter was dating her.

Terence, as he does with anything, would insert himself into this situation and start threatening and attacking anyone who dared criticize Lana for dating an underage girl. Shortly thereafter, Terence (30-ish) and VeronPan (still 16) would begin dating. They were flirting together in tweets, alluding to their relationship, and Terence would share screenshots of sexting between what people assumed to be them, although VeronPan claims this wasn't her.

VeronPan obviously had a lot of family issues at the time, and I think Terence tried to pull the same trick he did with Lana. Get her dependent on his money, flee home, and join his harem of camwhores in New Jersey. It didn't end up working with her, and she ended up cutting off all contact with both Terence and Lana.


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For shits, I'm going to attempt to structure this cult like a Christian cult. I'm going to attempt to update this with more and more names, and more and more links because this intrigues me how shit went under the radar for so long.

But like I saw from a Tumblr cult, there is always the chapter of crucifixion, the prophecy of the rapture, and the inevitable betrayal of the deity themselves. This one looks like it's on the upward rise to crucifixion.

Likewise, we can look to Greg's cult of onions, which while it's a failure, it still gives us some insight to the growth and death.

The Messiah: Terence/Infiniteloaded
The lord, the master, the savior, big dick himself. What he says is word, what he does is law. He is a charismatic and charming individual. He sways many with his confidence, and his suspicious wealth(imo) acts as the perfect influence to acquire fresh meat that he can brand as his own. If he says jump, they ask how fucking high. If he excommunicates a member, they all must, for it is law. He is God. He is the Holy One. The Enlightened.

The Bride(s) of Christ: Lana Rain, Scarlet Loveu<excommunicated>, possible others
The concubines. These are the direct underlings of the god, his first and primary source of pleasure and self-indulgence. He may have a favorite, but he will always attempt to acquire another, and will use these women/men to get what he wants. They will groom, train, and prepare the individual for their master's trials, in which they too may become his own.

While they must abide by the master, they will have some free reign. By this, I mean they will have their own underlings/fans who will kiss their ass and feed the pyramid it's dues, so that the messiah is consistently tithed.

The Prophets and Priests: Shane, Scarlet<formerly>, potential others
While not exactly on the same tier as the Bride, they still hold some power and sway. They act as the voice of god, speaking for the master and using the master to influence others to join. They may be third on the totem, but to the Messiah, they are lessers, and only considered disciples with unwavering allegiance.

The Disciples and Students: Formerly Verapan
This is perhaps the most controversial one. These are just your standard users, your various camgirls and camboys, and various minors who to be progressive have been supportive of the sex industry. They are all followers of the Brides and Prophets, but some may even have direct ties to the Messiah, such as Verapan did to a degree. If the Messiah takes a liking, he may promote them directly to his Bride, or if they are underage will have the brides teach and train or condition the student to lay trust in the church.

Out of all the tiers, this is the more visible one. We can see some of the shadowy hands in play, but they only come across as inner jokes or friends socializing on social media. To the public eye, there is nothing to look into. It is standard.

For what it's worth, I mentioned in chat that I did used to see eightloaded a lot in Lana's streams as far back as '14. He was the one donator who could never be topped, as his donations were constantly in the hundreds of thousands. Because of that, he had a moderation perk, and Lana was more inclined to socialize with him versus all the other viewers.

Lana may have started off as an introvert, but it was Terence who took this girl and broke her down, then remolded her to his own liking. She won't agree, but she was that same otaku who had family issues and needed that friend to tell her it was okay. Terence is her idol, and as far as she is concerned she owes everything to him. All he has to do is stop donating and it's over for her.

There are two videos concerning an incident which Terence speaks about on his site, about a spat between Lana and another girl. I'm trying to find a way to archive and upload these.

EDIT: Possibly Terence getting into a euphoric slapfight with Indigo White over Lana being called a pedophile.
EDIT2: Nigga I'm on a fucking roll here.

Old Lana account, where she goes by the name Lillian Dunn. Confirmed because of facial similarities, and at this point in time Lana would have been 14, which was around the time her and Terence were getting naughty online.

Also connected to this account is Jillian Vilitina's old account, which "Lillian" was friends with, as well as Terence.
Main page: ( About( Friends(}
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Nice eye.PNG Chameleon; capable of looking in two directions at once, acts as recon

Literal anime.PNG Literal Anime; has very sharp hair, used as a spear by the other members

With their powers combined they form the Shroom Squad --or SS for short-- the only force in the universe capable of keeping the horrors of the outer realms at bay!

Semper fidelis to all are armed exceptional individuals :semperfidelis:

hoo boy a lot of people in the cosplay community used to worship that lana girl and now this :story: i cant believe that is how she got famous (actually, i can)

just a heads up, but apparently Veronpan recently re-made her twitter (I don’t want to disclose it since she is possibly still a minor, but you can find it easily with a search if you are interested or if someone wants to put it here) she recently stopped being silent and wishes to estrange herself from all that happened.
tbh she sounds more and more like a victim to me, kind of like the lana girl but im glad she managed to get out of this mess
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