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Plagued TERFs / Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists / Gender Critical Feministsft. r/GenderCritical, Mancheeze, Cathy Brennan, GCDad, GCdebatesQT, RadFHarva, etc

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by John Daker, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. So you're a TERF using the same kind of dumb logic we've been mocking all thread long. I'm glad we got that out of the way, looking forward to the spergy rants, the thread could use content lol
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  2. I've actually been talking to a transgender activist who got disillusioned and turned informant for a few months now so rest assured those motives aren't as secret as they'd like. I don't know if it's a good idea to blow the entire lid on their operation publicly but I can pm you if you like.
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  3. What ulterior motives are you thinking of?
  4. They're heterosexual men who want to fuck women and have some bizarre idea that in women's spaces, they do nothing but flop out their tits and show each other their pussies and talk about tampons and periods and get all wet for girl penises.

    It's a conspiracy, it's just a really exceptional one.
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  5. Thats probably true for some of them, but they never really made that a secret. That's no conspiracy.
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  6. TRAs have made their goals clear all along. It's just that the people who support them are either too exceptional to put two and two together or choose to ignore it because of various reasons (e.g. trans people being considered an oppressed minority)
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  7. Not at all.

    Well gee, slick, maybe if you had read the short text that you consider a 'long diatribe' you would understand that I was, in fact, correcting you, and explaining we have plenty of evidence.

    It's because trannies got taken over by trender fucks, who don't even need dysphoria as a reason to be trans. If there were some brain test that could prove some people are trans based on brain, it would invalidate them more than they could handle.
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  8. You just said there was evidence of ladybrain all over Google, but now you're saying there's not one that can filter out the trenders.

    There's that, plus your username. You're about doxing someone who deleted her account, no evidence that she was even lolcalf material or had engaged in lolcow behavior. So why feature her?

    Thanks for clarifying. I don't agree that conclusive evidence exists, but do agree that if it did, transtrenders would squash it, and that it appears to be transtrenders running things.

    Regarding boozebabe, she was more of a r/gcdebatesqt regular, and gc regulars on there get more doxing/stalking/trolling ops than the regular gc. During Murphy's livestream, a pro-trans person impersonated another regular there, for instance. Not saying you selected her for that reason, you can hate who you want, but am saying I'm sincerely puzzled as to why she elicited your ire among all the more obvious lolcalves.

    As an example, a recent thread, "we need to talk, GC, about your relationship with KF." There's someone in there saying that KF makes her cry. Literally.
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  9. Where do you see a contradiction? There is ample evidence of sexed brains, which could maybe be used to detect some trans people...trenders by definition would reject any test and say it doesn't matter and you can be whatever you feel like.

    I'm not featuring her. I just thought she was kind of a cunt and didn't put much thought into my username. That and I enjoy fucking with people I dislike. And I didn't expect to post as much as I have.
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    #829 doxxingboozebabe, Jan 13, 2019 at 6:18 PM
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  10. that's hot.[/QUOTE]
    QC debates is not the same forum as GenderCritical. There are many trans that post on GC and QC debates to troll, start fights between the women using race and politics. Check out Gendercynical. Many lesbian-obsessed trannys, troons and crossdressing men that stalk lesbians post there, and the whole sub is dedicated to the fetish these men have with actual lesbians.

    My Guess is, this person still a brainwashed libfem leftist that has been taught not to gain knowledge by reading anything branded as 'hate' from the same people calling this person 'a hater'. Radical Feminism is communist, and suppose to reject leftist ideas that commodity women. There are still many brainwashed libfems in that group still holding on to a dead horse, hoping the left will go back to protecting women, instead of their known hard line on putting troons first, and passing laws that put women in danger. They even vote against women's rights so the people that hate them already don't call them right wing. This is stupid and illogical, but some brainwashing takes years to overcome.

    You are not allowed to refer to a murdering, pedophile tranny as a 'tranny' on the gendercritical sub, or mention that you voted for conservatives that are overturning these ridiculous laws that cater to pedophiles and put women/kids in danger Even though, on fetlife, many of these men post under their 'tranny-names' and belong to groups that openly call themselves 'tranny', and refer to the porn they make as 'tranny-porn' and the bars they go to as 'tranny-bars'.

    I read what ever I want to, and don't fear finding the truth. If someone that says I am a hater, and makes false accusations about me, and is saying the same about someone else- I will check out the source to see if it is true instead of shunning them on command from someone lying about me- like a brainwashed sheep.

    Obviously, no system is perfect, but I am voting against any Democrats that are trying to codify into law the removal of laws that protect women. It seems like thy take a hard line into removing women's protections. Laws have to protect men using men's spaces too. The case they make for access to women spaces could be made for openly gay men too. Aren't openly gay men in the same danger in male washrooms and male prison's too? I refuse to be a victim without a fight.

    Also, I am a woman with Aspergers that did not know this place existed.
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  11. GC is pretty funny because they are proper conservative-exclusionary TERFs who complain when you post something that's supportive of their cause, simply because it was not printed by a left-wing media source. Ignoring the fact that every single major left-wing media source is pro-trans, so they would be left with the Communist Party or something for their news, by their own rules.
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    trannyfucker fucker of trannies

  12. I think part of it is because everything radfems do or say is under scrutiny and detractors will use every argument to criticize them, call them out and further demonize them. So if conservatives have the same views as radfems on a certain issue then TRAs will say "see, they are bigots", if a right wing newspaper is used as a source (because they're the only ones writing about a topic that would be considered too 'transphobic' by left wing journalists) they'll go "we told you TERFs are actual nazis".
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  13. Also, I feel that part of the issue is that nowadays, left = liberalism, which is actually centre-right at best (with a focus on individualism, empowerment through capitalism etc.). Radical feminism has roots in marxism (and a materialist analysis of the world), see Beauvoir etc. It's just baffling that now, Left = actually incredibly reactionary, individualist crap, and everyone's falling for it. It feels like the 3rd wave is actually a backlash against feminism, and the New Left is a backlash against leftism, through a turgid whirlwind of post-modernist nonsense.

    ETA: Also, hi, I'm new!
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  14. The left-right spectrum is total shit. It's a poor descriptor of politics because it's pretty subjective.

    A more objective spectrum is authoritarianism - libertarianism. People either want more laws and stronger/bigger government, or they want fewer laws and weaker/smaller government.

    Back on topic, all these people are pretty authoritarian, and to see this kind of infighting between similar ideologies is entertaining.
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  15. the trans crowd will use anything as a pretext for ignoring them, that doesn't really factor in. it's more being vigilant about why someone is agreeing with you. if we're over here saying "trans ideology is harmful because it's conversion therapy for gay kids and destroying the political classification of woman is detrimental to women's rights" and someone else jumps in and says "yeah trannies are bad because they're gross faggots!" it's like, uhhh, thanks for the support but I'll just be going over here now
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  16. A lot of people who support TRAs don't really go beyond the surface, they are satisfied with the reasoning that if the right or conservatives agree (for completely different reasons) with radfems on certain topics, that's a sign it's a bad thing and radfems are a hateful nazi bigots.
    And also because of this so many handmaidens who declare to hate TERFs don't really know what radical feminism even is. Like I've been asked, in all seriousness, if radfems where pro-life. This because terves and conservatives both agree that putting on a wig and some lipstick shouldn't grant you access to women's toilets.
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  17. Yea. I find it annoying that we are not allowed to post anything from a conservative source. You can re-post a link to leftist crap and give them traffic while they post complete bullshit and lies about us-but posting anything that supports our argument from a reputable conservative source, used to get you a ban warning. Now they ask you to make an archive link.

    I don't get the insanity of this, and would rather use all the information and ammunition we have available. I support people that support us..I don't agree with everything communist or conservative but the left basically is saying any adult guy that puts on a pink bow is a woman, and women have to play in his second life sex fantasy that he is a ten year old girl looking for lesbian sex and flashing his hard on to children or be sued. I was never political before, but I registered to vote, and am actively voting against anyone pushing that shit as a law.

    I suspect that some trannys have radfem accounts and police the group for opportunities to derail and shut down conversations using politics and race.
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  18. Reddit is a sewer and even normal subreddit moderation teams have these nasty little social justice turds controlling everything, or if they can't, deliberately shitting things up with terrible moderation.
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  19. I think /r/ShitRedditSays is where they first started becoming an actual conspiracy group to try and take over subreddits. It's a weird cabal of communist troons and orbiters, it's very insidious and quite creepy the lengths they'll go to.
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  20. SRS started as Goons from SA "ironically" laughing at the shit reddit says, then it got taken over/went out of control.
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