• ”Dynastia has been organising the sending of penis photos to women for harassment purposes on a near industrial scale.”
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Plagued TERFs / Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists / Gender Critical Feministsft. r/GenderCritical & related reddits, Mancheeze, Cathy Brennan, GCDad, RadFHarva, Jamie Shupe, etc

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by John Daker, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. SJWs really are creating diversity of opinion and bringing people together.

    In loathing of themselves.
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  2. Cathy Brennan is the one true goth
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    Terrorist Osama bin Ladkin

  3. I have criticized troons extensively, now I am going to criticize a TERF for a change. This video is a great example of everything that is wrong with TERFs and their legal arguments:

    The woman who appears in this video is Kara Dansky, a lawyer and one of the leaders of WOLF, the Women's Liberation Front, a radical feminist group in the US. She summarizes Title 9 for this audience claiming that it says that "you cannot discriminate against women and girls". Except... that's not what Title 9 actually says:

    No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

    —Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute (20 U.S. Code § 1681 - Sex)​

    It says that you cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. It doesn't single out women and girls. US courts have been asked repeatedly to interpret this law and they said that it was about creating legal equality between men and women, not about "protecting women as a class" like this TERF claims. Equality law is not an affirmative action program. It is about everyone being treated the same, not about giving a special group of people special rights. Muslims or jews do not get special rights because we have freedom of and from religion, they get the exact same rights as everyone else who practices a religion so that every religious group is treated the same as any other. It is extremely disingenuous of Kara to misrepresent equality law as affirmative action.

    She then claims that "Obama said that the word sex means gender identity" in Title 9. Obama didn't say that, US civil rights interpreted the word "sex" in other/related civil rights law to include gender, and did so in various cases years before Obama was elected. One of Obama's activist lawyers then issued a memo telling schools to interpret the word sex in Title 9 to include gender because of all these other cases where the courts had already interpreted the word sex to include gender. Once again, this TERF lawyer is misrepresenting the legal facts for her audience. Obama is not responsible for the word sex being interpreted to include gender, the civil courts are. The civil courts were alread interpreting the word sex to include gender during George W Bush's administration. Blaming Obama for responding to these legal precedents with that memo is really disingenuous.

    She then claims towards the end of the video that the Equality Act would amend Title 7 to include gender identity, but that's already how Title 7 has been interpreted in all of the cases that have been filed by troons and others against employers for workplace discrimination. The Equality Act isn't going to change the definition of sex in Title 7 to include gender identity, the civil courts already did that with how they interpreted that law. In fact, the courts interpreted the word sex in Title 7 to include sexual orientation, when that was not originally specified.

    WOLF needs to look at what the law actually says and what the courts have actually said about civil rights laws instead of just parrotting radfem talking points like a broken record, which what TERFs tend to do. You are definitely not going to win in over judges with this attitude. You need to go into what the judges have actually already said about the word sex in civil rights law and explain why they were wrong. Otherwise you will just come across as a dumb TERF sloganeering in court instead of someone making an informed legal argument.

    Parrotting the radfem talking-point that "gender isn't real" is not going to get you anywhere with these judges because religion isn't real either, yet there are all sorts of laws on the books that protect religion. Something not being real has never been an valid excuse for the US courts to grant it protection. This is where you end up with this "gender isn't real" argument. It's an argumentative dead end. I want to hear legal arguments from TERFs, not political slogans.
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  4. Catching up on this, I've decided I like Posie Parker. From what I've researched, that tiny woman gets shit done, and rattles the fuck out of everyone. Loved the interview with her and Adrian Harrop. She made him look like a shuddering ass. If there was a Terf to bet on, I'd back her.
    Why other Terves are bitching or creating drama over her = strategical idiocy.
    C'mon, Terves. Lefty media has basically made you into monsters. They have never given you a platform, will never entertain you for a fucking sentence. They twist all your concerns into villainy, so why the hell are you relying on them to toss you a scrap?
    If you insist on purity, you will either fail, or take 20 more years to accomplish anything. And that will be after so many Jonathan Yaniv's perv on your tampons that the Woke masses can no longer stick their fingers in their ears and live in pretend-land.
    Insisting on purity = more casualties
    They're frustrating that way. I'm not American, and realize politics is a bourbon-fueled clown car over there, but ffs. Not every "conservative" is a bible-thumping lunatic. The key for now, is to get your fucking message out there.

    - Cathy Brennan is unbearable to watch tho. Tried it, had to stop.

    - I just have to point out that CF_Farrow isn't lying about being stalked online by one or two lunatic troons. They have apparently created a website to bitch about her, and phone her home day and night to harass her. They are attempting to extort her, and have demanded she donate money to Trans charities if she ever wants it to end.

    The site is here: https://tombstoneteeth.uk/

    FYI: They deny shit, so this is some' she said/troon said' drama. I'm not gonna tell anyone who to believe.
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  5. She should call the cops if there's evidence of that, because it's a felony probably even in the UK.
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  6. She said she's contacted police numerous times, but since it's not a case of deadly misgendering, they don't do anything productive.

    Tbh, I have to look into it more to see what's going on there. I don't know if she's exaggerating, but one of the troons who could have been involved is "Stephanie Hayden". Who is a self-proclaimed tranny lawyer (unconfirmed). The same tranny that sent the cops around to Graham Linehan's home for a "hate crime" (which was a retweet of Hayden's past shady deeds). Hayden has since apparently "distanced" himself from whom ever is running the site.
    I'm not an expert on Farrow, she just seems like an uber-Christian type.
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  7. Terri Strange's last name is very fitting. It would also be fitting if her name was Terri Spills-spaghetti. Because lady can't keep her sperge in check like, ever.
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  8. +1 I love Posie, I've been following her for a while. She gets shit done because she isn't a upper middle class Radical Feminist that's spent their life sitting around trying to imagine new ways in which they are 'oppressed' by the patriarchy.

    She's just a concerned, normal member of the public who isn't swallowing the trans BS. It's a bit of a shame she's now fallen in with the radfems though, I hope she doesn't drink too much of their kool aid. The public will listen and usually agree with the TE part, not so much the RF part of the acronym.

    One thing I thought was going to be interesting when she first started hanging round the TERFs and appearing on panels with them, is that she has four kids, and I think three of them are boys, and we know how much radfems seem to hate male children for some reason (and housewives). I would advise she keeps that fact quiet around them.
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  9. I disagree. Posie is a one off. I think she is great, but you are wrong; the current rad fems aren't upper middle class at all. i mean, some might be, but there's a lot of pissed off lower middle class and much below in there. and it may be dyke central but have you seen how many of them are breeding these days? And not all girl children an i don't see them sacrificing their male offspring to the godess, more trying to keep them away from inceldom and getting them to wash their junk.

    I think you're reading Posie's position all wrong. The radfems are pissed off at her cos of RACISM (the muslim thing) and the "academics" and less extreme "we aren't transphobic we are here to safeguard and protect women's rights!! we are the suffragetes of the 21st century" lot can't associate with her bevause she rampantly misgenders people, storms washington and is happy to shout to all and sundry on national television, billboards, t shirts, hoodies that a woman is an ADULT HUMAN FEMALE and a bunch of other stuff troons and some others consider ACTUAL VIOLENCE.

    she's too "racist" for the radfems, and had linked up with the religious right in the US recently. She is unwilling to use pronouns for trans people under ANY circumstances.

    This is why both lib fems and radfems are treating her like a bad smell, not because she is a house wife with 3 lads. I have no fucking clue where you got that idea from.

    I don't think she should take the edge off herself, I think a lot of what she is saying is right on. A human being with a cock is a man and he shouldn't be in a fucking women's rape shelter. I have my own personal views about dysphoria and social transition and think pronoun usage is a personal choice and all that but she's filling a vacuum left by weak and ideologically flawed liberal feminism and chaotic and misunderstood radical feminism. I hope some miracle happens and people start listening to her because she can argue like a motherfucker.

    I also find her sexy, it's a shame I don't disagree with anything fundamental she says as I would love her to really fucking shout at me.
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  10. Only the most beserk fringe of radfems are like that, in all my time as a male radical feminist I have been bullied maybe 2-3 times in radfem spaces for being male and every time I just stood up for myself and dunked the stupid bitch into the dirt and everyone supported me wholeheartedly. If you think they're irrationally anti-male it's just a case of the loudest screechingest idiots being the most noticeable.
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  11. Here's some more bits of salt from both sides of the TERF divide.

    Julie Bindel is a terf queen.

    She named https://twitter.com/bannedfeminist as Venice Allan.

    Venice is the TERF sperg who managed to make Liam/Lily Madigan look like a sympathetic figure, with this selfie:


    Venice idk took all her husband's money after divorce or something? She makes jewellery for terfs: https://www.depop.com/madebyvenice/

    Anyway, Julie & all her fellow political lesbians (this is a movement Julie Bindel joined https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeds_Revolutionary_Feminist_Group but it includes basically most of the lesbian terfs at this point, including Cathy Brennan and others) have come out against Posie Parker, who has responded in indomitable fashion by saying 'fuck off, bitches'.

    And so when @bannedfeminist came out on the Posie side against the radical lessers, well the radical lessers rushed to dox her Twitter and have it driven off by twitter by trannies doing reports.


    Venice was also last year prosecuted by creepy tranny Mark/Giuliana Kendal, along with Linda Bellos who is a black lesbian and probably quite close in ideology to Julie Bindel.

    In this exchange, Venice makes super catty remarks in response to Dr. Nic Williams, who is begging for cash to be a full time TERF.


    The amusing thing about these comments is that Venice Allan is distinctly odd and not really more credible than Dr. Nic. I think she thinks she's glamorous though.

    This is Dr. Nic who is not particularly glamorous, but uh, isn't that what feminism is supposed to be about?

    Dr. Nic is involved with Transgender Trend, which is NOT to be confused with Gendertrender, the Wordpress site dedicated to doxing tranny cows. Transgender Trend is more boring and once produced some stickers but then they cancelled them when trannies complained that kids would use the stickers to literally murder trannies by putting them on their pencil cases or something.

    Dr. Nic also runs Fair Play For Women https://fairplayforwomen.com/ https://twitter.com/fairplaywomen, apparently on her own.

    This is one of competing anti-tranny groups.

    The moderate faction:
    • Fair Play for Women - Dr Nic (UK)
    Here's their hilarious video

    • Transgender Trend - Stephanie Davies-Arai & Dr Nic (UK)
    • Woman's Place UK https://twitter.com/Womans_Place_UK https://womansplaceuk.org/ They deplatformed Posie Parker the day before an event because she said something about Muslims or some such shit. They generally don't engage in public bitchiness, and are allied to FPFW
    The obnoxious faction
    • We Need To Talk is basically WPUK, but edgier. It's owned by Venice Allan, who was Dr. Rad Fem on twitter and remains it on FB https://www.facebook.com/DRradfem/ They are inclusive of right-wing terfs, but also have some of the lesbians including Sheila Jefferys, Anne Ruzylo
    • Standing for Women is Posie's, and she sells her 'Women Adult Human Females' https://www.standingforwomen.com/ (UK) Allied to We Need to Talk reasonably well
    It's been suggested before that Venice Allan is quite possessive about her terfery, and threatened to dox another woman for using the term 'we need to talk'. This makes the bitchy remarks against Dr. Nic above understandable - Venice is jealous.

    The US faction

    Anyway, at this point the various terfs are either

    • openly calling Posie a racist/rich/bitch, and then doxing her allies as well
    • calling those calling Posie racist/rich/bitch, bitches
    • keeping completely silent because they are scared of recriminations from the alpha TERFs
    • not saying anything publicly for/against her, but coming out on Posie's side by working with her

    Also see this article


    Some interesting points here:

    • the snark about Mumsnet being for " tips on toilet training and how to get their children to eat vegetables", which doesn't seem a very solid feminist perspective
    • You might assume from the writing that 'Sophie Lewis' is a tranny, but nope it's worse than that, she's written this:

    Gestators of All Genders Unite

    exceptional piece

    Where she uses the term black gestators to mean 'black women'.

    "Black gestators are still “three to four times” more likely than white ones to “die from pregnancy”. "

    She's in favour for killing premature babies:

    Preemies’ survival is an immense medical and financial priority. Do we have the courage to challenge this instead, to prioritise thriving? It was in Philadelphia, my city, that lambs were gestated to term last year in ectogenetic ‘bio-bags’ - research oriented, it was explained, strictly only toward the end of saving preemies. It is clear that, as far as acceptable debate currently goes, research into automating gestation can only be developed for this purpose.

    But she wants to 'liberate' very rich women by allowing them to rent the wombs of poor women (sorry gestators) purely because being pregnant triggers trannies, or something.

    The very suggestion that such technology might liberate people who simply don’t want to do the work of gestating is downright reviled. Commissioning parents who hire surrogates without being ‘infertile’, and/or who confess relief that they are not pregnant themselves, are derided with astonishing virulence in our media for their ‘vanity’. Meanwhile, “There doesn’t seem to be such a stigma in (cis) men saying that there is no way they’d ever want to be pregnant.”

    I’ve just spent a lot of time thinking about commercial gestational surrogacy and the relation of that curiously genderless industry to ‘normal’ (unpaid) gestation. I say ‘genderless’ here not simply to be polemical, nor even to reflect that fact (important as it is) that not all paid gestators are necessarily women, but because the disaggregation of mothering labour needs to be recognised as producing novel and potentially unexpected (unfeminine) workplaces.

    I’m impatient for the left to more fully embrace trans reproductive justice, a matter of life and death not ‘up for debate’. While acknowledgement that not all women are mothers is fairly commonplace, the fact that not all pregnant or potentially pregnant persons are mothers or women has yet to transform our language and conceptual frames substantively.”

    Happy Abortions powerfully transforms our conceptual frames in one sense, showing that pregnant people “are not automatically mothers”. It could also help us see that they aren’t automatically women, either. It’s eminently possible, and doesn’t preclude noticing how all of those roles (mothering, being a woman, gestating) involve partially-unconscious, not readily interruptible work which can be refused or - exciting! - re-distributed.

    Far more important than these definitional questions, however, is our willingness to undo ourselves as sexed, raced, genetically kinned, propertied and legally filiated animals. Come onto the streets with me on March 8th and educate my desire for the reproductive commune.

    Sophie Lewis is the author of Full Surrogacy Now, a book about communizing reproduction forthcoming with Verso.

    So in summary she seems to want to encourage MORE surrogacy, to make trannies feel better, but in order to solve the question of how this places a burden on poor women with few choices in life while making the rich more comfortable, she says 'maybe the hypothetical surrogates aren't even women'. Because if you are a uterus owner who identifies as a dude, then obviously you are going to rent your womb out. Maybe it can help pay for testosterone shots?

    This http://bostonreview.net/forum/all-reproduction-assisted/sophie-lewis-mothering is more of the same, where she reveals she's a tranny fucking fake lesbian:

    Speaking as a stakeholder, also boasting a trans fiancée: the mechanical and psychological dynamics of the rare subtype of lesbian sex that involves vaginal penetration by bio-cock do interest me.

    I still feel they are legitimately (not just strategically) excluded from a discussion about the specificity of the procreative timing question for trans people. The New York Times’ promotional use of the phrase “the old-fashioned way” at least mirrors, if not reflects, the prurient wish on the part of a tacitly transphobic public that Spataro “justify” Lara’s possession of a penis capable of ejaculating in the vicinity of her cervix

    So she's a cishet white who uses fake Marxism to argue that there should be a massive industry of poor women being intensively farmed (if you call it 'communizing' then you can pretend it's not exploitation of poorer women by richer ones) to produce babies for rich people. And apparently Posie Parker is the evil bigot....
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    trannyfucker fucker of trannies

  12. She has grassroots support amongst the surprisingly big and vocal group of "little people". Pissed off women new to all this who can/do not distinguish between radical and liberal feminism. They may consider themselves feminists, or may have even just been "peak transed" by an event or series of events and now get directly involved in her work via organisations that are local, linked up nationally and are more hardline that fair play for women - resisters and the like. all these twitter famous "feminists" are just the distraction PP needs I guess, fighting on the internet over whether or not it's right for a kid fucker to go to a women's prison while she and her band of aspie terfs have lit up the houses of parliament with ADULT HUMAN FEMALE and convinced david davies (the right one) to ban cock from all the ladies lav's in the uk AND northern ireland.
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  13. So the TERFs are behaving like trannies. Lol.

    Jennifer James is a mega Corbyn fan


    She raised £40k to keep trannies off the all-women shortlists that Labour uses to select new MPs.

    She makes exceptional tweets like this


    Where some family who apparently burned down their house killing 4 kids 'wouldnt be investigated if they lived in a six bed detached in Richmond.

    No, but people living in six bed detached in Richmond typically don't have six kids by three fathers and knowing that step-parents are 10* more likely to kill their kids than biological ones.

    Anyway, she's taken £7k from the legal fighting fund, for a personal emergency and she's going to pay it back in 10 weeks.

    Or not

    All the hard-up women who donated their emergency electricity meter money for keeping trannies off the shortlists are pissed off.

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    trannyfucker fucker of trannies

  14. She said that she's a single mother on welfare, but then again, that's also what UK TERF Lisa Muggeridge/Idge of Reason said, so who knows, maybe it's a commonplace amongst UK TERFs to make themselves seem small and harmless, which they arguably are for the most part.

    WOLF is Kara Dansky's group, the lawyer who wants to take trannies to the Supreme Court for making use of civil rights laws like Title 7 (anti-workplace discrimination law) and Title 9 (education & sports anti-discrimination law), with her shitty weak amicus briefs full of feelgood TERF sloganeering instead of strong legal arguments. Notice how TERFs never answer me when I point out that religion is legally protected despite "not being real"? Dana needs to realize that you are not going to win before the Supreme Court saying "gender is not real, it's cultural stereotypes, civil rights do not extend to men's sexual delusions" over and over like a broken record, TERFs. That's political sloganeering, not a legal argument, because men's sexual delusions in the form of religion are protected under civil rights laws and other laws specific to religious rights, so the fact that someone is delusional has never been an excuse to deny them civil rights. Back to the drawing board TERFs, or you will be going to the Supreme Court only to hand trannies their victory, so they can then brag about how they got their civil rights handed to them by TERFs under Donald Trump with Trump appointed Supreme Court judges:

    The radical feminists at WoLF actually sued the Obama administration over its legal redefinition of "sex" to include "gender identity" in federal civil rights law. This move "effectively strips women and girls of their legal protections by eliminating the ability to legally distinguish between males and females," WoLF explained. The group dropped the suit following news that the Trump administration would not follow the same rules.
    The lesbian veteran insisted that she is "not a fan of Mr. Trump," but she added, "Should Mr. Trump make SEX the only acceptable term in medicine and law and eliminate the baseless term 'gender identity' as being a medical and legal criterion, that would be a considerable and just thing to do."

    Furthermore, she declared that such a change "would be a huge win for women."
    In addition to lesbians being subjected to "conversion therapy" to become transgender and women being forced to admit men into women's spaces, Dansky listed other ill effects: males being permitted to compete in women's sports, crime statistics becoming skewed against women as male perpetrators are recorded as being female, and male prisoners being housed in women's prisons.

    "The implementation of gender identity ideology across society has far-reaching implications that we have not yet begun to consider," Dansky warned. "We need to take a hard look at how this ideology is impacting women and girls."

    The fact that radical feminists like Miriam Ben-Shalom and Kara Dansky would join conservatives in denouncing transgender ideology as a threat to women and girls should give others on the Left pause. Rather than indulging another anti-Trump outrage binge, The New York Times should consider that opposition to transgender ideology is bipartisan, and based on real concern for the well-being of women and girls.

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  15. Venice is posh.


    Before they moved to Puglia seven years ago, Venice Allan and Darren Howat bought an old tobacco barn on the Salentine Peninsula that they converted while still living in London. “It was challenging, not just linguistically but culturally. We hired a builder and some of the work was fine, some was not,” says Venice, who now runs a project management agency, We Love Salento, with her husband, giving advice to other buyers.

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    trannyfucker fucker of trannies


  16. I love descriptions of this where two rich people bought some shit and then hired people to do stuff to it and then they describe it as "we converted" some place.

    No you didn't. You paid other people to do it you fucking rich cunt whore.
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  17. The founding texts of radical feminism all argue for political lesbianism and rejection of marriage and reproduction. The "insane fringe" are the people who have read the most and align with women who founded the movement. They are also the most ideologically consistent. I think they are wrong, but they don't bend themselves into pretzels over simple questions about what their movement advocates like the rest. The saner group will usually grow up and stop being radical feminists eventually, while the crazy lesbian fringe sticks around and recruits more young women, and the cycle continues. The crazies are the backbone of the continued movement. I don't think they are effective, personally, because they are all about trying to secure space away from the rest of society for personal safety until the revolution spontaneously happens. It isn't coming, of course.
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  18. It’s typical for the left to eat themselves, it’s what happens when your ideology is based around pseudoscience and emotions.
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  19. It is a cult with no single leader, not a monolith exactly but they do have a lot in common with religions in general. This chart explains it upload_2019-2-8_19-3-14.png

    Mancheez is from Boston and went to Berklee College of Music for three years and then transferred to Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC (next city east of Vancouver.)

    You mean humanitarian or egalitarian. Feminists never did think men and women were equal per se but rather that both are equally worthy humans and deserve the same rights. Unfortunately a lot of people took the word 'equal' to mean 'exactly the same'. Radfems don't have the idea that women and men were the same and that they should behave in stereotypical ways but rather wish to abolish these stereotypes that hold people back.

    Probably because men don’t belong in women’s rituals. Men had their own.

    In fact they are not the same. Sex was a word with two naughty sounding meanings (birthsex and sexual intercourse) and American prudes changed it to 'gender'. First used without referring to parts of speech in the US, 1970's or so, it meant dimorphic birth sex. While we used to say 'sex stereotypes' before that, the expression became 'gender stereotypes'. Not long after that people began to blend the expressions all into 'gender'. Then they started saying that sex was a social construct, not a material reality and that gender was the real thing. Confusing no?

    Yes, they will. Men who've been castrated will still continue to harm women and others in the same way as they did before transition. But not having a sex drive does not stop people from engaging and fetishizing. Otherwise we wouldn't have so many dead rhinos and tigers, or for that matter, prostitution and porn to encourage dead libidos.

    How would HRT be checked though?
    Of course women know about this chubby poser. Not just irate trannies talking about him.

    The pussy hats were cat ears, not vulvas, only a reference to Trump's statement that he'd grab women by the pussies. Men wear all sorts of hats with peen on them for no particular reason and no one freaks out. Most women knitted or crocheted their own caps with knitting yarn, not molds. Also women are not obsessed with our reproductive organs in the same way men are obsessed with not only women's but their own. The whole world is full of peen symbols. Ha ha ha, penis envy!

    You're on the road to sanity. For the next step you might consider reading this excellent book for men who ally with feminism (even if they don't agree with every single thing about it) by Texan professor Robert Jensen (who's not gay, beta or a cuck) called The End of Patriarchy (but not the end of men!).

    It was her 2nd husband John Stoltenberg's obsession with pomo queer theory. Later she rejected this thesis. He was a gay man who called himself a 'female man' and published a lot of books on a man's point of view of radfem as well as plenty on kinks and fetishes.

    Women would rather laugh in private because if it's done online, pile ons result.

    Current radfem is not quite what is was back then, when I first learned about it as it was happening. But good points over all.

    Traps ARE gay as far as I know. All the women I know agree.

    Infected with what? Mum's opinions? How dare women talk amongst themselves, lol.

    Examples of the rigidity of radfems on gay and lesbian issues please.

    The point is that only men can be transwomen.
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  20. This thread makes me wish there was a thread label beyond "Plagued."
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